Classic pedestrian-masher now available on Google Play, and you can get it for free if you're quick

Over-the-top driving game Carmageddon has finally hit Android today, following a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to mobile devices. The Android version, featuring pedestrian-mashing, cow-crushing gameplay across 11 environments, looks every bit as ridiculously violent as the 1997 PC original.

As a "thank you" to Kickstarter backers, the Android version is available for free for the first day, so grab it while it's hot at the Google Play link above. If you want to support the developers, the full paid version is also available, priced $1.99 or £1.49.

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mcgowan398 says:

Great I guess first comment

G2 owner says:

Second is best comment!

Thanks for the heads up Alex. Downloading now. Not familiar with this game, but should looks fun as hell. <--- see what I did there ;)

Scatty69 says:

you are younger than 25?

LL HUGH J says:

Fourth Comment!!!

Trixz_D says:

Got it this morning for free and so far it's great. Theres nothing more fun then running over bystanders and cows (Not to be taken seriously, I do not do this in my spare time)overall great driving game and lots of fun :)

scaots says:

110mb for this? Then what is it extracted? This is why 16GB is inadequate. Hope Google announces 32&64GB N4 next week.

benurd says:

I was thinking the same thing!

MC_A_DOT says:

YES....brings back childhood weekend fun is sorted.

ZimLanfire says:

Great nostalgia, though I don't remember it being this hard to control the vehicle. A bit frustrating, no matter the setting. Needs controller support. Past that, good memories. Good game. :-)

+1 It's okay, but gets damned frustrating trying to control the car.

Suntan says:

So is it a free version of the full game? Or is it just a version that will play for free today and then become useless tomorrow, asking you to pay?


This is a very good question, especially when the description has "promo" in the title.

BigDinCA says:

My understanding is that the free "promo" version will remain playable but not receive content updates.

If that's the case, I won't be keeping it much longer. I probably won't be keeping it in any case. Too damn difficult to control the cars. Ain't nobody got time for wonky steering!

Ethere says:

Absolutely loved this game growing up. I think I still have it on a CD somewhere.

ConTejas says:

Good looking out AC! Fun as HELL! Who cares if you don't have it tomorrow? It's free now/today. Ungrateful SOBs lol.

Scatty69 says:

if anything else,there is always old 486 in the attic :D

jozjonlin says:

Looks like it's no longer free.

cmscritic says:

It sucks, controls blow and the steering is terrible.

KTMKTM says:

^ This. The game is not fun at all with these floaty, on-ice controls.

SoggyTempura says:

So --- how is this different than the iOS version with "in-app purchases"?

rp.1971 says:

I already uninstalled it: steering is too jerky :-(

fasnic says:

Lol... For those complaining about the steering, you obviously never played the original. It's not a racing game... Takes time and skill to get used to the driving physics. Runs perfectly smooth on my GS3 and Note II