Carbon for Android

We've been kind of down on Android Twitter clients of late. Sure, the "official" Twitter app has gotten a lot better, but other favorites seem to be dying off. Tweetdeck was purchased by Twitter, so it's no great surprise to see it languish as a standalone app. Our old favorite Seesmic hasn't been updated in months (though they do say an update is on the way), and there's still a dearth of really good tablet-designed Twitter apps.

That's why we're pretty excited to see webOS-favorite Carbon getting into the Android game. As we first told you last year, developer dots & lines is bringing the popular Carbon app to Android (and Windows Phone). And last night, UX director Saleh Esmaeili gave us a sneak peek at how things are going. Of course, still (black-and-white) images only show you so much, the clean lines are very much piquing our interest here. 

Stay tuned for updates, folks.

Source: @dot1ne; more: @CarbonAndroid


Reader comments

Carbon for Android Twitter client gets a sneak peek, on Twitter, natch


Alphascope is really nice and the developer told me that it will integrate Google+.

And I still can't believe is in ALPHA stage.

Too many issues with Alphascope, but I'm hoping that they will be fixed. Needs timeline nofity, larger text size, better saving of your location in a timeline. Using Plume until it's fixed.

I loved tweetcaster until it stopped connecting with my facebook account. It always gets stuck on the facebook response "success" message when trying to connect my account.

I think all android apps should have a black theme to save battery or at least an inverted color option, which I what I thought the picture was. I guess it's just a black and white image.

When this gets released, I'll be one of the first to download it and make a review on my blog! Have high hopes for this :) I'm forever a fan of black themes!

Nice, but the twitter app that needs to make its way from WebOS to Android is "Topics on Twitter". I can't believe it, but there is no similar app to it on Android... it’s the best use I have for my Touchpad.

I'm all for trying a new twitter client!! I've tried almost all the current twitter apps available in the market and can't wait for this one.

Looks similar to Twicca, which is a damn strong client. It's missing a few features but overall I like it the best after I ditched Plume.

Agreed, Twicca is a really good client. The UI is the most aesthetically pleasing one I've seen on Android, and all the features are very functional. My only quip is the lack of multiple accounts support (perhaps even a deal breaker for some), also mute feature can be more intuitive.

Looks like they are following the guide lines with this app. Will definitely give it a shot when its put on the market.

Allot of Good choices out there , but for some reason I can't Stop using the MotoBLur Social Networking app\widget for Twitter !

Carbon was pretty bad ass for webOS. I used phnx mostly, but carbon was a close 2nd for me. Can't wait for it's debut.

Still don't understand why plume is not more popular. Especially now that it can remember your location on your timeline while using multiple devices, it seems like a no brainer.