Nexus One car dock

Not that there's really any doubt that a car dock (and desktop dock) is on the way for the Google Nexus One -- after all, we've see it at the FCC -- but it has its on support page. We're still waiting to see exactly what the dock will look like, and exactly what functions it will have. But the Google support page for the dock offers a little hint:

"The first time you insert the phone in a car dock, a dialog asks whether you want to use the dock as a speakerphone and whether you want to play music and other audio on the dock's speaker. Your setting applies only to the dock you are using-you can have different settings for different docks. You can also change your dock audio setting any time the phone is inserted in that dock, as described in Sound & display settings."

That's it. Still no word on when it will be available, or for how much. [via Slashgear]


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Car dock shows up in Nexus One documentation


Is it plaged with issues or is this all media hype from android/google haters? The media mentioned that a forum full of 300+ users were complaining about 3g issues.

Let me do the math: if the nexus sold 20,000 units and 300 had 3G issues , thats only 0.02% of people who bought the phone had issues.

This is normal of any device. I own the Nexus one and have not had any issues and it's the best phone i have ever owned. (I had an iphone prior)

We've got one guy here at our office that got a Nexus One, and he's not diggging it due to three things: the 3G issues, battery life, and the fact that my 2.01 DROID has the 'corporate calendar' but his 2.1 N1 doesn't.

The battery thing has improved, btw, since he's switched to using wifi while at the office (which stops the 3G/edge flapping, and therefore seems to conserve battery life).

And, he's worked around the calendar thing by sync'ing his Exchange calendar with his Google calendar (probably what Google wants him to do anyway).

He's considering going back to his iPhone, specifically over the 3G thing, but will give 'em some time to see if they can work it out.

No haters here, just accurate reporting (and an admittedly small sample).

I have the Nexus and it's 3G is intermittent but it hasn't really gotten in my way. I havent posted on the forums about it because I know twitter will light up when a fix is announced. I also use touchdown which has full exchange support, have for about a year, and never used the native exchange app. Never had a problem with the battery, it lasts a day on average which is fine.

Nexus is awsome, support is weak, and the issues will eventually get worked out. Just like every other new product release from anybody else.

I imagine the "clock app" will be called up in the Multimedia station (when it appears). On Android 2.0 (with DROID), you can use the "Dockrunner" app to force the phone into multimedia mode. From videos, the Android 2.1 "clock app" looks like an upgrade of the DROID Dock mode.