Just three financial institutions remain on-board with Isis trials

The future of Isis as a nationwide mobile payment system just got a little more unsure as one of the four payment providers, Capital One, has dropped out of its early trial stages. According to reports, Capital One has dropped out of the Isis mobile payment trials, which are current ongoing in Salt Late City, UT and Austin, TX. The payment processor apparently has collected the data it needs to make a decision on the service, and that decision is to no longer participate at this time.

In the end its not all that surprising that a payment provider would leave the trials, despite support from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile on the carrier side. After taking drastically longer than expected to get the infrastructure up and running in just two trial cities, the NFC-based mobile payment system just hasn't gained the traction some had hoped. Competing services like Google Wallet haven't really held onto any meaningful mobile payment market share, and niche services like Square and PayPal are still working out their own models.

Only three financial institutions — American Express, Chase and BarkleyCard — remain on-board with the service at this time, with trials expected to end and push nationwide by the end of 2013. Capital One is seemingly keeping the door open to the possibility of returning to the Isis payment system in the future, but right at this moment Isis is down to just three oprators.

Source: GigaOM

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Deke218 says:

Here's hoping the other 3 drop out. T-Mobile is forcing this on it's users. I'd much prefer Google Wallet.

kill4food says:

You said it!

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Erckul says:

same here. Miss using Google Wallet, but love my HTC One. It's a catch 22

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icebike says:

What I don't get is this statement from the Article:

"After taking drastically longer than expected to get the infrastructure up and running in just two trial cities, the NFC-based mobile payment system just hasn't gained the traction "

Question: What infrastructure? There is NOTHING the carriers have to do to make this work. Nothing. Its ALL just DATA, over an SSL connection. Nothing new here.

I still want to know why the carriers get a vote on limiting any legal use of their network.

SlappyMcgee says:

I believe "After taking drastically longer than expected to get the infrastructure up and running in just two trial cities, the NFC-based mobile payment system just hasn't gained the traction " is meaning that ISIS has been taking longer then expected to get the infrastructure working properly.

Agreed. The carriers should simply give up on this garbage and let their customers have what they want: a choice, Google Wallet and anyone else that wants to compete in the market. The FTC should look into this anti competitive behavior on the part of the carriers. They may be building a case as I write this.

Malik Nash says:


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Notajediyet says:

methinks the system didn't yield cost/benefit ratio enough. Maybe this will all crash and burn before it even starts.

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waj2278 says:

I wish I could use Google Wallet. I live in SLC and I see adds everywhere but the Isis app doesn't work on any phone I've ever had..

Edit- I stand corrected, it actually does work on my Droid Maxx now. I see tons of deals for using it, so maybe I'll actually give it a try.

Dirty-Bird says:


NexusKoolaid says:

Couldn't recognize the tune... could you hum a few more notes?

NoNexus says:


The more that drop out off isis the better. I would rather have Google wallet then be any more firmly placed under the thumb of carriers

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vansmack says:

They're still trying ISIS? I thought they were so far behind they had all given up....

khelek says:

Good, I hope ISIS and its supporters suffer in the deepest circle of Hades.

Had the ISIS consortium been more interested in competition in the mobile payment space, I'd feel differently and believe we'd be in a better position. But because the carriers threw their lots in with ISIS and cut off anyone else wanting to be in the space, progress is limping along and Capital One has dropped off. So that means the carriers will continue to fight against Google Wallet and others and try to replace it with an even worse alternative.

Nobody wins.

The carriers basically want to be these guys Instead of taking a cut of the money from Google wallet. It is kind of silly when you realize that Google really cares more about the data for targeting ads than they do the money from the transactions.

n3rfh3rd3r says:

Google will draw way more revenue from targeted advertising than the money they pull from the transactions. Google also, in turn, builds a better profile of who you are as a user and what your exact interests might be. I'm sorry, but I would rather not have that much information, anonymized or not, available to Google.

brendilon says:

Die, Isis, Die!!!!

technomom says:

I have only this to say about this announcement.

HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breathe) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

F you Verizon and Visa!

Johnny Z says:


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Dimez4Nickz says:

+9001 good day sir

rudyy50 says:

Financial institutions should go with Google Wallet for the same reason that Internet Explorer got so big: It can be included by Google on all its phones free as Microsoft did on all the computers that have Windows.

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Synycalwon says:

IMO, mobile payment systems won’t really challenge current payment methods (debit/credit cards and cash) for quite some time yet, if ever. As ubiquitous as smartphones seem to be, not everyone has one and those that do don’t necessarily see a big upside to use it over existing methods to even warrant messing with it. Also, many don’t fully trust smartphones with such financial information.

icebike says:

If the carriers got out of the way all your objections and observations would evaporate.

It would be ubiquitous.
It would be faster than cards.
It would be easy.

You can already remotely kill your smart phone, faster than you can kill a credit card, and you WILL miss your PHONE Immediately when it goes missing, unlike one card going missing out of your wallet.

Raylz says:

Im glad the nexus 4 has Google wallet and I don't have to use this Isis crap on tmo

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Mo007 says:

It took a while but finally its happening. Thats the reason I love my nexus 4. I can do whatever I want and executives from the 3 carriers have no say on how I use my nfc. Perhaps Google wallet will gain more momentum now !!!

kreinartz83 says:

Awesome... may isis burn in hell... it is about the only thing that i miss from my days with sprint, have sense moved to att... and google wallet is sorely missed. htc one is amazing, but att handcuffed one of the cooler uses of nfc. cant wait for the next nexus...

hodan says:

I hate Capitol One and

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"Google Wallet haven't really held onto any meaningful mobile payment market share"
How does google stand a chance when carriers block it

zanoodi says:

Pretty sure its been unblocked with the most recent update. I even got a prompt to update on my VZW GNEX. running the newest version and have my Capital One card on it also.

zanoodi says:

Just tested a coworkers phone, S4 Active on ATT, and the Play Store allows it to download to his phone as well.

But does it support NFC payments? If not, then it's really just a rewards card holder, and a different method of paying in the Play Store.

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cheburashka says:

yes, i think that that's all it is right now - a rewards holder and play store payment alternative :-/

smeghead4269 says:

What's in your wallet? Not ISIS, apparently.