Whether you're just 'in it for the commercials' or you're cheering on a team, you can watch from mobile if you have to

We can't all be comfortably seated in the best spot in the living room with a huge plate of wings and a threatening glare toward anyone who dares to even think about touching the remote control this Sunday night. For reasons passing understanding, Super Bowl Sunday is not a national holiday yet. As a result, you may have obligations that put you somewhere that doesn't have the big game playing. The good news is there are mobile options if you're able to watch. The bad news is, if you want to watch live, there's not a lot of them.

Basically your options for live streams come down to whether you have a tablet and whether you're a Verizon Wireless subscriber.

If you have an Android tablet, the NBC Sports Live Extra app is what you want. You can set a reminder in the app to drop a notification at you when the stream is about to begin, and through this app you'll be able to watch the game.

Even though the app is for both phones and tablets, the game is only available on tablets. For phones, the only live streaming options is NFL Mobile. As has always been the case, this app is only available to Verizon Wireless subscribers. If you have a "More Everything" shared data plan, the app is already set to stream the game for you. If your plan does not currently include NFL Mobile streaming, you'll be asked to pony up $5 to gain access.

hulu adzone

If you really are one of those folks who just watches for the seemingly endless parade of typically impressive ads, your best bets are going to be through Hulu and YouTube. Hulu organizes the ads in the order they will be shown during the game, and lets you watch them as they become available through their "Ad Zone" section. If Hulu isn't your thing, almost all of these ads will show up on YouTube as they are being broadcast. There's currently no clever organization system in place for these ads, but these ads are usually heavily promoted as they are broadcasted so locating them is usually not hard to do.

Speaking of YouTube, the shiny new NFL page on YouTube has a ton of content for Super Bowl XLIX already, and the expectation is highlights and the halftime show will be added to the channel quickly. Subscribing to the NFL page on YouTube is probably the best way to get access to extra content as it becomes available.

Where will you be watching the Super Bowl this year? Bonus points if the answer involves a Football Leather Moto X.