Camera MX updated with new filters, video, geotagging, and more

The Camera MX photography app for Android has been updated to version 2.0 with a bunch of new features, such as fresh effects, video handling, and geotagging. Here's the full feature list:

  • New effects: HDR, Tilt-shift, Little Planet, Color Glow, Kaleidoscope, Drawing
  • Customize effects
  • Textures, borders and picture effects
  • Record and trim videos
  • Random effect feature
  • Save effect combinations as templates
  • Design and add subtitles
  • Video support in the media manager
  • GPS map: pinpoint photo locations on map
  • Hide music folders

We're big fans of Camera MX, particularly since it's free and they offer a chunk of cloud storage. The usual sharing options to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are there of course. 

Which photography apps are you guys using this summer? Any in particular leaping out at you? Does Camera MX have what you need, or is there anything more you're looking for?

Download: Camera MX (free)


Reader comments

Camera MX updated with new filters, video, geotagging, and more


I use HDR Camera Pro, for multi-exposure HDR and Camera Zoom FX, for good full frame auto focus and Pano for panoramic on my Galaxy S II.

How does Camera MX compare to those?

Yeah I'm not sure what this offers (that I'd "need") that I don't get from Camera Zoom FX. What I really want is a good basic replacement for the AOSP camera app with increased performance and hopefully image quality. Is there a barebones, fast and great camera app replacement or are them all mobile FX studios with the ability to take pictures from within the app?

I'm using Camera+ for the iPhone this summer, I have a Galaxy Nexus for my Android but the camera is less than ideal for anything of importance. I will give this app a try though, I also like Vignette (early supporter).

Once upon a time I loved Vignette, and it's still a great camera app. Now though, I take pictures with the stock app, and use Pixlr-o-matic when I want to do post processing. I use Paper Camera for fun, and it's a super slick camera app!

Just downloaded the app on my GSM Gnex and it keeps telling me the app has stopped anytime I try adding an FX on a picture.

No tap-to-zoom like on my default. Uninstalled.

Nice app though. I like that it lets you control JPEG compression levels.

Shutter Sound does not turn off on the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS. The best camera app so far is Camera360(V3.3). The shutter sound does turn off on the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS.