Ugly ass phone?

So it's starting to look like the idea of an LG built Nexus device is true. Of course, nothing is ever final until it's final, but all the evidence points towards us seeing one in the near future. New Nexus -- awesome, right?

You would think so. But across the Intertubes, I'm seeing something that's got me scratching my head. People are mad -- not just figuratively, but really upset -- because they didn't want anyone except their favorite phone manufacturer to make the next Google reference device. It's a bit ridiculous, because not one of the people complaining has used or even seen the supposed LG Nexus.

On the Internet, people who swear allegiance to a company or brand are labeled as fanboys. It's a good, descriptive term. When you don't consider how anyone else but company X can do anything better, you're a fanboy. It's always a load of laughs to make fun of the fanboys, especially when it comes to smartphones. Words like Fandroids and iSheep make for some legendary blog comment threads.

It's all getting a bit ridiculous. These companies that feed on consumer loyalty worship don't deserve any of it. Google, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Microsoft and the rest need us more than we need them, and buying into the mindset that nothing is better than a <insert device of the month> here is bullshit. Corporations need to work to earn our money, instead of us lining up to throw it at them. The people behind those fancy desks don't know you, nor do they care about anything more than how many dollars they can get from you. That's how a successful business works, no matter who is running it.

Bring on the LG Nexus I say. In fact, I don't care who makes it, as long as it keeps furthering innovation in software and brings new features to the table. The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store. You might think differently, and that's OK -- as long as you're thinking. 


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On brand loyalty and blind hate


Lg Nexus fine idea 8gb of internal storage '' Is not pushing innovation at at all'' This is a bate article at best brand loyalties are deserving why because if someone sticks to that brand it's for a reason. Case in point Samsung top these past devices if you can Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Epic touch 4g, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy 10.1 sounds pretty good to me. Another thing my current Galaxy S3 has 80gb of internal storage that's what it's all about plus features. We won't get into this Stock Nexus vs Skinned devices debate but features wise the current Galaxy S3 and upcoming Galaxy Note 2 pimp slaps any stock Nexus device from a feature standpoint and I had the Verizon Galaxy Nexus which was nothing special that's for sure..

Why? Because he disagrees with you? He's simply stating that some manufacturers are more innovative than the Nexus devices. ESPECIALLY in this situation when you have an underwhelming Nexus from LG compared to powerhouses like the One X or S3.

I'm not even 100% certain that the Nexus devices are even supposed to be "innovative" outside of the software provided. This is just Google's way of giving the customers the AOSP experience, even if 90% of people have no idea what that even means. At the end of the day, they only provide the software and the rest goes to the decision of the OEM (within some obvious limits).

I'm in agreement with NYC here. Aren't Nexus devices basically just a test vehicle for development of phones that become the flagships of each of these companies? How do we all actually know what agreements are already in place between Google and the respective companies regarding Android development? It's been a practice for many years that there are provider agreements in place regarding who can release a phone and when. If a model is created for AT&T and Verizon, they generally are not allowed to release them at the same time. On one device, AT&T gets to release first then on the next one, Verizon gets it first. It stands to reason that some of the same back door agreements could have been made with phone makers. Makes sense that Google would want to rotate through different devices to completely encompass all of them. You can't learn anything by developing solely around one device unless you only sell one device(Apple). Google is smart to choose different makers each time and learn from each development. If it's not your favorite, don't get your panties in a wad, it's for the greater good of all of us and your turn will come:)

And how is the LG Nexus underwhelmed, because it has only 8 gigs of storage? Every other spec on the phone except maybe the camera blows the S3 and One X out of the water. The LG will be a powerhouse as well it probably wont be as popular but who cares, its a development device.

@NYCHitman I brought up the "innovation" cause I am referencing Jerry's original post.

And a severe lack of storage is a HUGE HUGE achilles heal in today's tech world. At the very least, there has to be expandable storage. Otherwise you will be limited in what you do with the device as files become increasingly large over the life of the phone.

Facepalm. Obvious troll is obvious. Supoose you don't remember RaiderWill either?

Richard Yarrell is the biggest fanboy on this site, and possibly the internet. He flip flops like he's a politician. He gets a new device, then proceeds to use all caps and state how whichever phone he has now "PIMP SLAPS" every other phone, etc.

Best to move along here.

And you've missed the entire point of the article. I doubt you even tried reading it. What a f*cking joke.

Can we get this guy banned already?

+9000 Unfortunately, we can't ban Richard because we need him to remind all of us how awesome the Galaxy S3 is lol

I'm not wanting him banned because I disagree with him, I want him banned because he is an ignorant, fanboy-to-the-max, moron. He was banned from this site once before, 4 times from Phandroid (because he couldn't take the hint the first 3 times), at least once from Android Police, and those are just the ones I know of. Doesn't that tell you something?

Let's see. it appears you are stalking him. Otherwise I don't think anybody would have known how many times he was banned from various forums.

WHatever you said (ignorant, fanboy-to-the-max, moron) also applies to you. You are not different. Infact you both are same.

I'm sorry, I didn't know the history of this guy or anything and if he's really a troll or something of that sort who dishonestly brings up irrelevant issues consistently just for silly reasons, I can understand the point of banning... and this would be the site owner/moderator's decision based on the rules. However, in this particular instance (which is the only one I know about), this guy's comment seems pretty reasonable to me given that Samsung is fairly good and LG hasn't been particularly good when it comes to smartphones. While I don't really tend to judge things like that, I can understand why some people do. So, even if this guy really deserves to be banned, this comment should not be the reason for it. Maybe this guy has learnt his lesson by being banned earlier and perhaps he has now become more reasonable... we don't know that. I think users should be given the benefit of the doubt and should be banned only if they are proven guilty of violating the rules.


My brain hurts after reading what Richard believes to be English.

And to Richard: You know, I wouldn't think you nearly as incompetent and uneducated had you typed with proper English.

Contrasting proper English sentences is such an underrated value, it seems.

How is a top of the line Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad-Core processor, 2gb RAM, LTE, and a 4.7" LED IPS display, along with super thin profile, and supposedly running stock Key Lime Pie inferior to any phone on the market? Aside from the internal storage, this is the best phone probably on the market.

The Snapdragon S4 Pro quad is WAY better than the Exynos Quad in the Note 2.

Oh definitely! I know that I sure hate having storage in one or two convenient locations. It's fun logging in and out of 5 different cloud storages trying to remember where you saved that document. Very good point.

For you, it will be a helluva hurdle for you.

I am not sure we should judge how "innovative" a phone is by how much internal storage it has. Not to mention Nexus devices are and have always been about the software, hardware takes a back seat. This is pretty easy to understand and is the norm.

From the benchmarks we've seen so far the S4 Pro Quad is only a small step up from the Exynos 4412, which is a 32nm process on an A9. That's not actually all that impressive. Just wait until the 5250 Dual comes out.

What?!?!? The GS3 is great. I don't have one and probably will not get one but it's a great device. The Galaxy Nexus, at least on Verizon, is right up there with the Thunderbolt as one of the worst devices ever. It took Samsung 2 years to figure out how to make a phone with a working GPS! There is nothing to brag about with TouchWiz. Samsung still has to prove themselves as far as being good with updates - where is that 4.1 update for the GS3 in the US?!?!?

Moto still can't figure out how to put a BSI camera in a phone for some reason but at least they have a clue when it comes to battery life. You can also count on moto releasing a product with radio's and great build quality that doesn't look or feel like a child's play toy.

HTC is getting a clue when it comes to battery life now (the DiX will probably have a 2500mAH battery - yeah!) but they've been using good camera's on Android phones longer than anyone else. In fact, now you can count on them to have probably best audio, camera, and better display than anything else out in the US now display!

Sony has really turned things around in the last few years. They were on of the first if not the first to have an official ICS update out for a phone. Just wait until the TL hits in the US! They have great hardware, possibly the best or at least one of the best camera's, and what also may be the best or one of the best displays out there.

Acer has been better than anyone else with Android updates for their tablets I think. I'm pretty sure ICS was out for the Transformer Prime before it was available for any other device. They've been doing incredible things with tablets! If you don't think so you probably haven't used one of their latest.

LG is pushing the envelope in all kinds of ways with the LG G. They've got sweet new display tech that should be as good as or better than everything else and probably uses less power. They also have new camera tech and a battery that will last longer (more charges, not per charge) than any other Li-polymer.

I'm very glad we have lots of companies making Android devices now and I thought the article was very good!

"The Galaxy Nexus, at least on Verizon, is right up there with the Thunderbolt as one of the worst devices ever."

That's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen written in the comments section on AC. Good Lord.

I don't really understand all of the intense Thunderbolt hate, I really liked mine, but it's a common hatred so I'll let that slide. The thing that perplexes me is you calling the Galaxy Nexus "one of the worst devices ever". Are you kidding? I LOVE mine! I will gladly go the full 2 years with this thing.

Those special features are usually what cause the delay when doing major software updates. Will be remembering this statement, at this point in time next year, when you still don't have the next big iteration of Android and my Nexus does.

As for brand loyalty, it's a good things, there are even people out there who swear by LG for lots of things. I'm not one of them, but I don't have any particular brand loyalty for smartphones/tablets. I love my Samsung Nexus, I made myself love my Moto Bionic, and I loved and still love my HTC Incredible to this day.

What does upset me about the new LG Nexus is the storage, if 8GB is the baseline, I'm sad.. my Droid Incredible came with 8GB of storage, and SD support. I don't want SD support in the Nexus but I want a credible amount of internal storage, 16GB should be the minimum for any device nowadays with no SD card.

Google does the specifications for the size of storage not LG; and I think a quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM is pushing somethingm, maybe not innovation but until a 3-D holographic display that can be manipulated without actually touching the glass comes out on a phone no phone will push innovation with hardware.

You realize that the final device won't ship with only 8 GB storage, right? The Galaxy Nexus prototype also had only 8 GB. That's the thing, it's a prototype, it doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

Ok.. WALLOFTEXT!!!11one!1

Richard, please work on your punctuation, spelling and grammar. Most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) have a built in spellchecker that will help as well. It is difficult to understand your argument when not properly written out.

As to what I think you are trying to say; That Samsung is the world's premiere handset maker and that Google should stick with them due to their reputation, I suppose there is some merit to that idea.

However, many other handset makers ALSO make excellent and very high quality phones. Why not give them a chance at making a Nexus phone? Google has also shown that it wishes to allow multiple handset makers the opportunity to make a Nexus product, and I think they are not unwise to stick with that idea.

As for my own opinion, I love my Samsung GNex. However, were it an LG Nexus or an HTC Nexus, Motorola Nexus or even a Nokia Nexus, I would likely STILL buy it. Why? Because it is a NEXUS and I know I will get the very cleanest and purest Android experience possible outside a custom ROM. And that's really what I want as an Android user.

Samsung, just like Fony in the past, has become complacent and greedy. I for one welcome some diversity.

Also as the article's author says, none of the whiners has even got hold of the device in question yet, and still they sound like the sky is falling.

Bring it on :D

"People wanted their favorite manufacturer to make the nexus"

I just didn't want my least favorite manufacturer to make, "LG"

+1 to you as well.

Partly because you award 9000 points (9 is my favorite number).

And partly because you referenced Leinenkugel's, as I'm drinking Shandy at this moment.


Oh yeah it made me say "damn...that was an epic way to give a clue to the hordes of mindless drones", or fanboys if you will

I think people may be upset more so because of LG's reputation in the space than fanboyism.

Even if Google is doing the software, they can't fix buggy hardware.

Hardware can't be buggy. In all computers (smartphones included) no hardware works without software, and when the software "matches" the hardware, things work, if it doesn't, things don't work.

Yes it can. Look up the origin to "computer bug". It pre-dates software. Not only that but there have been many hardware only computers designed and built over the years with varying functionality. Modern computers/smartphones obviously don't function that way but to say hardware can't have bugs and that you can't compute without software is false.

I have used LG Androids. In fact, I work at a software testing company where I get to work with every single new device that comes out to the market, and LG by far are at the bottom of my list in regards to software stability and UI innovation, only above Huawei and ZTE (not counting Chinese knock-offs).

While LG have a reputation for making great screens (which I can definitely agree with), their software customization is one of the worst I've seen and their support is horrendous. They won't even update the Optimus 2X - the world's first dual core phone - to ICS, so it could actually make use of its second core... At least on that end it's not up to LG as it would be running (hopefully) pure Google code.

Regarding the new specific hardware - again, LG makes great screens and they're going to use the new Qualcomm Quad Krait with an Adreno 320 GPU, right now the best SoC on the market. I just hope they won't skimp on the other components.

In conclusion, I definitely agree with the survey results - HTC are my favorite with Samsung coming in second, not because of "fanboism", but because they actually make quality products (mostly) with quality software (mostly).

P.S. on buggy hardware - Asus Transformer Prime. First hand account for the lousy NAND memory, even after the update to JB, not to mention the GPS debacle.

So my first and second Galaxy Nexus from VZW didn't have hardware issues? The first one stopped charging the battery at a certain percentage, and the second ditched 4G signal the moment it was connected. Buggy may not be the appropriate word, but I assure you, it wasn't the software ;-)

Well seeing as Edison wrote about bugs in circuits long before software. Not to mention the the old moth in the circuits story never mentions software running on the moth, you may be incorrect there. (
I am excited for a new nexus and nothing against LG (I've enjoyed some of their work), just worried about non removable battery and no sd. I love my gnex but I would love it more with an sd slot. Hoping for multiple nexi or I may grab a note 2.

I am open to LG. Samsung was never huge manufacturer before and i trusted on Nokia always. now everyone seems to love Samsung. One day everyone might love LG too.

yeah, I'm a bit sour from the craptastic LG Dare i had before the Droid 1. That said, LG does make good screens so with Google controlling it, it could be a good device.

Everyone loved the idea of Asus making a nexus tablet because they already had a great reputation in the space. Coming out with updates quickly and already making near vanilla software and top notch hardware. I don't think LG has a good. reputation but maybe they can build 1.

Asus does NOT make top notch Android hardware, it's hype perpetuated by the Android community. Much like HTC's. Asus quality control is sub-par, at best.

Correct, Asus had a good rep for tablets at that point in time, and it was new territory for the Nexus program.

LG's reputation is the root of this issue. Since their biggest struggles relate to software, it shouldn't be an issue outside of the lack of storage.

Samsung has traditionally the best hardware out of all of the Android OEM's. And this is coming from someone that has all Apple products in his home.

Wrong. Samsung = plastic. HTC makes the best hardware for Android, and just look at what they did for their new Windows Phone.

-- HTC Fanboy

HTC uses plastic too. Almost everything these days is made of either metal or plastic. You've bought into iSheep language. The plastic that Samsung uses doesn't break or scratch easily. What more do you want from it?

sorry but plastic doesn't necessarily translate into bad hardware. I'll take cheap plastic exterior over aluminum outer shell and cheap innards anyday

-Asus Tab user

Have you held the HTC Evo 4G LTE? Yes it uses metal....and yes, it's sharp on your skin in the palm. The metal edge around the phone is annoying and not one bit comfortable.

Metal is more durable, sure. That doesn't change the fact that it is annoying to hold... Just being made of metal doesn't automatically make it better.

I will just quote: "The most expensive cars use plastic bodies (yup, carbon fiber reinforced polymers). Aluminum is cheap (the most abundant metal on the earth's crust) used for soda cans and reynold's wrap. And glass--well, that's just processed SAND. Nothing fancy about these two"...

I have 0 problem with LG making the nexus. What I do have a problem with, however, is this giant leap backwards google is doing if these spec rumors are true.

-- 8/16gb with non expandable storage? No. Just, no.
-- Non-removeable battery. What?!
-- Glass back (making it shatter prone). Okay, now this is really starting to feel like an iphone. An older model at that.
-- Tacky silver rim. Take it or leave it.

Besides the rim which is entirely subjective, those 3 points alone will make this device an instant failure among android fans. These features are *exactly* why android is better than ios, and it is inexcusable that a nexus device is being launched with all of these limitations. It has nothing to do with LG. It has to do with generally piss poor design choices.

-The 8GB is too small. 16? for a cloud focused device this is fine. I use more than 16GB on my current Gnexus, but only because of Rom Manager backups. Without that? 16 would be more than enough.
-A non-removable battery typically means they can put a bigger battery in it (see Razr Maxx) if this is the case, I am 100% for it. I swap batteries now, I HATE doing it. I would much rather just have a battery that goes all day.
-From the rumors I've read, it's not a glass back, but a special finish that makes the device reflective. I'm not a fan of the back either, but then again, I never look at the back of my device, so I don't really care about it.
-Rims are Cool! If the Doctor could have a Rim, he totally would. ;)

Umm... Can we please get off this "I don't need more features than this because I haven't used it ever" thing? If you've never had a phone with 80GB storage, you are not qualified to make decisions for those that have. At least think of what you could do with that much storage and how going back to say 8GB from that would feel.

Point 1: Galaxy Nexus was the same, and you didn't hear anyone complain about that. Fact is, Google is ditching sd cards. A "leap backwards" certainly doesn't sound right here.
Point 2: Only valid point, though the Nexus 7 has the same, and nobody has a problem with that. You can long press the On/Off button to hard reset the device. Only other reason you can think of is switching batteries, and you can't complain about that, since you don't know what battery is in the new Nexus yet.
Point 3: No, the rumors don't say it is a glass back plate. It says it's a new kind of LG material, same as used in the LG Optimus G that LOOKS like glass, but is just some kind of plastic.
Point 4: Like you said, totally subjective.

Are you really going to make Jerry beat the "non-expandable storage drum" again? He mentioned this with the Galaxy Nexus: it's confusing for the end-user to have two different mountpoints where apps are supposed to look for files, and it's better when it's all one partition handled by a FUSE file system.

Thank you! Echoing exactly what I'm thinking.

1) absoutly nothing wrong with LG as a company. They have a bad track record with updates, but so do most companies. Good hardware though. My old LG Vortex could take a beating.

2) WAY too little storage. I require 32 GB, preferably 64. Unless I have that I need an SD card - I have a lot of files I want/need to lug around, including 30 GB music . Also, as an on-the-side IT guy, keeping some installers for basic tools (ccleaner, defraggler, MS security essientals, AVG, WUBI, ect) is invaluable. I'm rocking a 64 gb SD card, I literally cannot downgrade to less storage.

3) non-removable battery is a PITA, not because of swapping (though that is really nice) but because smartphone batteries only last so long before they won't hold a day's charge. And btw, that lifespan is a lot shorter than a two year contract.

4a) ubershiny glass/sheer plastic back on a phone = scratch magnet, smudge magnet, and shatter magnet. All the worst parts of the iPhone 4/4s's hardware design, coming together on a nexus? Hell no. Plus, its just iTroll fodder.

4b) my sister has a purse and a matching top that have the EXACT same glitter/sequins/bedazzled whatever's look that the new nexus has. This phone is more feminine than the HTC Rhyme.

5) chrome rim.... Retro is not cool people! Chrome plated everything is neither pretty or futuristic. The only good chrome is the browser.

Great article. Reading so much LG hate about this leaked device.

Biggest complaints of this LG test phone that I'm reading is 8gb storage and no sd slot. As far as I can tell, it's a TEST device, you know, a PROTOTYPE. What would the point of LG adding 32gb storage on a test device be?

And I agree about this brand loyalty nonsense. It's getting ridiculous.

THIS. This a thousand times. Same thing for people complaining about the screws on the bottom, this isnt finished. Prototypes are meant to be cheaply made to demonstrate or test an idea, the final version will be more polished and with (hopefully) more storage.

This x a million. Don't care who makes the phone as long as it's well made and doesn't have ridiculously small internal storage.

Haters gonna hate Lol some will probably end up buying this device if it succeeds hehe. Love me a new nexus I say :)

I do agree with your article. I would have prefered the new Nexus device to be "LG Optimus G." It just looks better.

One point where Google doesn't understand: you need to keep the brand name simple and homogeneous. When you change manufacturer, you also get a different product code name.

This is not true... Nexus 7 builds brand name as Asus is not involved in naming whatsoever. Seeing as we dont know the name of the device, how can you say changing manufacturers will hurt Nexus brand name?

HTC Nexus One > Samsung Nexus S > Samsung Galaxy Nexus > LG Nexus 4 (?)

For people who have never used a Nexus device before, I am pretty sure 1/2 of them won't know which Nexus phone is the latest one. You need to be consistent with the product name. It's purely marketing but that's how you sell phone.

Nexus 7 is completely different. It is the first tablet produced by ASUS for Google.

Google not the manufacturers named the device since they are part of the Nexus line, so if there's any issues with naming it's still Google that did it

Not true. The name for a Nexus device is set between the manufacturer and Google. Here's an example: Samsung Nexus S. The "S" comes from the phone serie Samsung Galaxy S.

So you have have 3 phones with about the same name. Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S. Go ask to an average person which NEXUS phone is the most recent one. 1/2 will come with the right answer.

I agree! To me, Nexus is about pure Android experience. As long as the specifications of the phone are good, does it really matter who makes the device?

Agreed but

"as long as it keeps furthering innovation in software and brings new features to the table"

how can that be possible in a device with only 8GB (and that includes the OS, so it's actually a lot smaller) of hard drive space?

Well said Jerry! Down with fanboyisim! I never owned an LG phone but this is gonna be my first if in fact this is going to be the next Nexus device. This might well be the best phone I have ever owned but I'll never know unless I give it a try. Anyone else who's bashing LG, hold your judgement until you have actually bought this device.

I have no brand loyalty whatsoever I like HTC I can bear samsung (I have a galaxy nexus) and I respect LG my first feature phone was the original rumor which was a good phone, the reason I was turned off by them making googles flag ship phone was because of their previously hideous designs ( Literally just a Black rectangle half the time) and their poor track record lets hope this nexus doesnt suck

From what I understand about the Nexus program, all the companies compete and Google picks one. Obviously LG won for a reason and Google hasn't had a bad Nexus yet, so I think this phone will be just as good as the previous ones.

My Galaxy Nexus is my first Samsung and probably not my last. If LG is the only Nexus Phone I'll go with them. Of course I won't be first in line or anything, I'll let others take those first steps.

As long as a company has decent specs, who cares who makes's a's going to be great....unless a certain carrier gets their way (cough...vzw). That is the part Google should forbid.

Remember that Google is opening up any company to make a Nexus device. So your favorite manufacturer can make one if they want. In this case LG is out the door first.

That turned out to be just a rumor. Android and Me gas since admitted that their source was full of it after the source confessed to Android Police.

I always enjoy Jerry's articles - well written, well thought out he always raises good and valid points. Unfortunately, I'm still still a little disappointed at the storage space. I've never owned a Nexus device (HTC Hero > Evo > GS2) and was really excited about maybe upgrading to my very first Nexus device, but as it is, I'm using close to 12 GB of my 16 on my GS2. That's it, though. I'm not angry, or pissed off - just a little disappointed that I'll have to wait another year to have my very first Nexus.

"The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store."


"Corporations need to work to earn our money, instead of us lining up to throw it at them."


"On the Internet, people who swear allegiance to a company or brand are labeled as fanboys. It's a good, descriptive term. When you don't consider how anyone else but company X can do anything better, you're a fanboy."

Seems to me that you are not taking your own advice, and having blind loyalty to the Nexus brand. Maybe i'm reading that all wrong, but the mixed signals come off as hypocritical.

The "blind loyalty" to the Nexus brand is because Nexus devices are the only ones that:

1.) Get updated in a timely manner.
2.) Don't come loaded with Cancer from the very moment you turn it on (Sense, Touchwiz, Carrier bloatware)

Let's not forget the Nexus development/romming community is second to none. Not even a close second. Keeps your phone fresh about as long as you want to keep it.

On that point, it's only stock users that will ever complain of Verizon's LTE nexus "not being a nexus" or they "ruined it." It's an AOSP supported device = a nexus, and it's on the largest provider in the US. I've never envied a gsm nexus and never will unless VZW doesn't get another. I'd be surprised if they don't, because VZW makes money off of plans and not off of losing customers (however small some might THINK that'd be).

Fanboys ALWAYS have their reasons why their favorite device or brand is best. I didn't ask why people like the Nexus, I stated that Nexus Fanboys can't really slam Samsung Fanboys and pretend that they are innocent. Regardless of why you love the Nexus, Jerry started off with a great argument of why fanboys can be irritating and sometimes stupid, and then he undercut his own article in the last few sentences with one fell swoop.

I find this hilarious considering the attitudes of most people on here towards anyone who owns Apple products, although I do totally agree with the message. I love Microsoft, Google, Apple, LG, whoever else, etc.

I'm a fan of technology, not a fan of a company. I happen to own a lot of Apple gear because that's what my job requires, but that doesn't mean ... well, anything, really.

If you're going to condemn fanboys though (and just as fair to condemn them of any brand), then maybe condemn the people who think anything non-Android is stupid garbage. Js.

Well said. I for one am going to give any nexus a shot no matter who makes it. Will the build quality be as good as a Samsung or Motorola or HTC? Who knows, but there is only one way to find out and that is to try the device first hand.

I saw this article coming. Lol Sorry Jerry. This is not going to make people change their mind. You can spin it how you want. For me, its about the 8GB(rumored) and the non-removable battery. Really? Nice try though.

Yeah...Jerry couldn't care less if you and I buy it or not. He was simply trying to bring reason to two opposite groups of unreasonable people.
I'll say to you now: Nice try though.

I don't really hate LG, but I do find them boring. If you look at the other high profile android manufacturers, you can see clear design styles. Sony with its hardware buttons and clear focus on that area. HTC with their somewhat curved design with usually a metal back. Then you see LG which looks like all they could do is copy Samsung (or is it the other way around?). Also, I don't think they really upgraded any of their devices, so software is also their weakspot. Their skin is like a worse version of touchwiz. I'm just glad that this phone is supported by Google because I do not have much confidence in LG's software department.

The sincerity of your post (or lack thereof) is demonstrated by adding: "The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store." You have just said that even a useless piece of garbage would be better than what you see on the shelves. That either conveys that you own a phone that is worse than a useless piece of garbage or that you are being hypercritical of the phones most people buy. Perhaps you might want to look up the definition of hypocritical. BTW, most of the comments I have heard are not because people want their own favorite to make the next phone, but that they do not like LG based upon peoples' own personal experience. Such statements are not fanboyism, they are expressing a consumer sentiment.

Other phones aside from the Nexus brand often are the ones innovating. I think that's where the confusion comes in. Being a true fanboy of innovation means you would consider an S3 over the Nexus IF the Nexus was a Casio with a 5 pound battery in a bag or whatever. Not that you would just assume the Nexus was better regardless.

Please show me this "innovation". Almost everything that I've seen worth having outside of a pure Google experience was thought of by modders before these companies created their own version of it.

Latest "Ooh-aah" was the Note II Split screen app functionality (Can't recall Samsung's term for it). This has been around for QUITE A WHILE as something known as "Cornerstone".

Same for sliding notifications out of the way, which was Originally introduced by Cyanogenmod.

I have yet to see a manufacturer modification to the Android experience that isn't either ideas taken from modders or just pure cancerous crap (Touchwiz, Sense, Old MotoBlur since I haven't had the chance to try out the new version yet).

There is a ton of innovation in OEM skinned devices and not much in stock Android, which tends to lag them. Folders were in touch with before stock Android. Sense has slow motion video recording since 3.0,that's nothing stock Android. Do you not remember how terrible the pre-ics android Ui was, and what sense/touch with did to make it palatable? Third party service integrations? Never mind the hardware improvements in their flagship. The galaxy nexus launched with worse hardware than the galaxy s2 barring the he screen...

You're an idiot. To me, stock-fanboy is no better than any other fanboy. Even if you argue that stock has always been the best, there is no guarantee that it will continue to be so. About the features, I hope you've been using the "cornerstone" thing you mentioned, or was it an unusable piece of shit? Talking about skin, HTC sense is pretty fucking awesome. I wish I could have it on my S3 but I like Touchwiz too.

How about floating videos on the new Samsung devices? Where you can have something similar to a "Picture in Picture" experience on your device? Or what about the Note 10.1 implementing the Wacom Digitizer with all of the S Pen apps?

I'm not trying to argue that one company is better than another, i'm simply trying to point out the foolishness of saying that the Nexus is automatically the most innovative devices out there. 8GB of internal storage isn't very innovative. Motorola was innovative in putting a 3300 mAh battery into the MAxx, yet that wasn't a Nexus. Hardware innovation AND software innovation is not limited to one brand or line of devices. Not Nexus, or Droids, or Optimus __. Neither is it with Samsung, Moto, HTC, LG, Sony, Apple, or anyone else.

I just think if someone is going to viciously call fanboys out for blind loyalty, they probably shouldn't be blindly loyal themselves to anything, including the Nexus line. I don't have any issue with LG, but I personally prefer Moto and Samsung. Not because they're the best, but because I enjoy the user experience and interface more than LG, HTC, Apple, Microsoft.

A lot of times I think people just call others fanboys if they disagree with an opinion. Fanboy is overused in the tech world because as soon as it gets tossed around, all logic and common ground flies out the window.

"A lot of times I think people just call others fanboys if they disagree with an opinion. Fanboy is overused in the tech world because as soon as it gets tossed around, all logic and common ground flies out the window."

+9000 It also seems that as soon as you express your disdain with a particular brand, manufacturer, etc., you are automatically labeled a fanboy of another brand, even if you haven't disclosed said brand that you do actually favor. For example, if I say that I dislike the iPhone 5, I am automatically labeled a fandroid, even if I am a fan of the iPhone 4s, or a fan of Windows Phone, or all of the above. Or if I say that I like the iPhone 5 more than the S3 (which I have and love), I am automatically labeled an isheep, even if I have an Android tablet. The line between consumer preference and fanboyism has been severely blurred.

My fanboyism, as such, is for Android, and the pure Nexus iteration thereof.

I'll wait to see what LG does, hardware wise, and that's where I employ my thinking cap. If the low storage and odd form factor hold true, I'll soldier on with my GNex till an acceptable device comes along.

No hate for LG, just not accepting less.

I say give LG a shot and wait for the release of the actual phone before knocking it. It's a nexus, so most likely it is going to rule. People need to remember there are other players in the game. We aren't stuck with just one manufacturer that makes our favorite devices. Change is good.

+1. This is a pre-release prototype. Not everything's gonna be perfect. Besides, it looks like LG is now the second biggest smartphone manufacturer ( They can't have gotten there for nothing.

I'd actually like to see it come out in 8, 16, and 32 GB versions. All the people who need their storage space can get the 32 GB, all the people on a budget can get the 8 GB, and people somewhere in between can get the 16 GB. Will the 8 GB one sell very well? Probably not, but it would be nice to have it in there anyway, kind of like Apple sells the 8 GB iPhone 4 and 16 GB iPhone 4S at the reduced prices of ~$0 and ~$100, respectively.

In this case, I don't necessarily think it's a simple case of brand loyalty. When I read people hating on LG, it's because they have been burned by them before. If I kept buying Ford's and they kept breaking down on me, it's going to be tough for me to switch back to a Ford later no matter how good their new car may be. In this case, the Ford has a tiny trunk and I can't add a bigger gas tank which is the other major turn off more so than the maker.

I also admit suck at analogies but I think you get it.

Great analogy +9000 Point proven: Consumer preference based on experience is not attributable to blind fanboyism

Here I am posting from my (dare I say it) iPhone.

There is one other thing that these fanboy wars get into which is just plain stupid. Say if you prefer another device over the Galaxy S3 or the latest iPhone, and you still roll with what you have, the most common attack these trolls get into is the "ur poor" comments. I don't like the iPhone 5 for various reasons and despite being on T-Mobile, I prefer the HTC One X over the One S and my current Android device is the Galaxy SII (not a bargain phone by any means when it released).

I prefer smart educated decisions as opposed to burning my money on something I may be unhappy with. My Galaxy SII was great but using my iPhone now due to a bug in the Tmo 4.0.4 ICS update causing phantom files of ALL the media on my phone upon a simple reboot. Very annoying and currently shelved until I find a fix.

I agree fanboy arguments are just a plain waste of time and space and can vary from phones to game consoles, Mac or PC... Just about anything that someone has a product they like and have complete disdain for without even using it. It boggles the mind really.

+9000 And it's a shame that we do have trolls that talk down to people because they prefer cheaper handsets, or that can't necessarily afford the latest and greatest. And don't be ashamed to say that you use an iPhone. Use what you prefer, point blank period

I have no problem with the LG Nexus. If it's the only Nexus phone released this year I'll most likely buy it, but if HTC puts out the Nexus 5, that's what I'd get instead. I say that not because I like HTC more than LG, but a 5" display appeals to me more. To me it's all about what I want, not who makes it.

So your advocating to think differently yet you want us to stop thinking at the same time?

Yes it is important to have brand loyalty. For instance samsung makes a quality product, and is rightfully known for doing so. Google is know for making the best mobile OS. In fact both have one awards for each achievements, thus making them known for "being the best". So its only natural to want the two best to come together in a marriage that any tech geek would drool over. I mean the Galaxy Nexus is still known as one of the best phones a year after it was released, I cant name one LG phone that people would hold that opinion over today.

That being said it makes you wonder why. Well it comes down to how Samsung makes their products and how LG goes about making theirs. Samsung is more of a powerhouse that can negotiate to keep price down. LG however cannot do the same and yes, their products suffer greatly because of it.

Now im willing to go check this phone out the day it comes out; but i wont hold my breathe for the miracle you suggest will be taking place.

Exactly. After all, it's a developer device. It only serves as a baseline for what is to come. They market it to normal users because hey, why should they not. But remember, Google will never cram in all the latest features in a Nexus phone ever because they want to keep the costs down and most importantly allow all other partners to keep selling their phones. :)

I don't think it is LG. Seems more like the specifications. Smartphone enthusiasts love storage and Android enthusiasts really love removable storage and a removable battery. Personally I could care less about the battery. I understand why OEMs are moving in that direction. Fine. But I need some storage. The cloud is not always reliable and just is not as "on demand." It was cool with my Nexus 7 because I don't use it that much for storage. But I store tons of music on my phone, and even movies to stream to my big screen tv. Streaming music from the cloud is not a great option when I am in my gym that is like fortress with barely any cell signal and no wifi. Or streaming music is not a great option when I am 30,000 feet up and don't wanna pay for subpar irline wifi.

I see a lot of comments saying that it does not look all that different than the Galaxy Nexus. Personally I have never been a huge fan of the Nexus line. Only nexus device I have not returned is the 7. I wish these device manufactures would offer a special edition/order of their flagship device with vanilla Android. I would love a One X/GalaxyS3 with vanilla android out the box. But I know that might not happen anytime soon.

I don't care who makes it, as long as it's good and usable. I'm not sure a non-LTE, 8GB phone with a fixed battery is usable at this point in time.

BUT, we have to wait for the official announcements. Hopefully an LTE 16GB or even 32GB will be announced.

I'm not angry or hating on LG. I am underwhelmed by what I see so far in LG's Nexus. I own a few LG products and like them, and recommend them. I was quite intrigued when I saw that LG has a rumored Nexus. But looking at the pictures and specs doesn't make me want to rush out and buy one. Your article states correctly that:

"Corporations need to work to earn our money, instead of us lining up to throw it at them. The people behind those fancy desks don't know you, nor do they care about anything more than how many dollars they can get from you. That's how a successful business works, no matter who is running it."

LG has to entice me to toss my hard earned cash at their Nexus device. If this is the only Nexus device this year, and it only has 8/16GB of memory and no way of expanding it then that device WON'T earn my money. My 32GB GNex has over 20G of space used on music; I like having a lot of music on my device. The desk jockey's you refer to obviously don't know what us Nexus users want if those are our 2 options for on-board storage. And remember that all of us don't have unlimited data; and if we did then streaming our files we can't put on our phone will just drain our battery faster. Which brings me to:

No removable battery? I could buy into that IF the battery lasts a ridiculously long time. If I could unplug my phone and use it tons and get through 10-12 hours with say 4 hours of screen on time I think I could live with that. But on heavy useage days as it is I'm seeking chargers quite a bit or swapping batteries out.

No there no hate or fanboyism on my part; but I do want good tech that pushes the bounds of what phones do today. To me, that's what a Nexus is for.

It's not really about the manufacturer, it's more because it appears some brain dead idiots at Google and LG decided that a phone with only 8gb of non removable storage is all we deserve. WTF!
I say make it 16gbu,32gb and 64gb, make sure the battery is stellar and go with the 13MP camera and the number of people complaining will pretty much dwindle down to nothing.

For now, this phone in it's current rumored state is absolutely unacceptable. Whoever buys a phone with only 8gb of internal storage will likely not enjoy it for long. They will run out of storage very quickly unless of course they don't really use the phone.

I find the current specs very insulting.

wtf? Have you even read comments? It's prototype, why would they make 32/64gb prototype? no specs were confirmed yet.

That's the blind irrational hatred part rearing it's head and not allowing a little bit of sense creep into the conversation

I don't think the author of the article really gets it. Sure fanboyism can get stupid, but most people jeer at the idea of an LG Nexus on the pure fact that LG's track record for producing quality smartphones is, I can argue worse than even Huawei which is not well known in the average household.

People are worried that the quality of the Nexus line of device would be tarnished by having LG as its manufacturer. Unless LG can prove us otherwise, you will see people, including me loathing the idea that there's an LG Nexus coming around the corner.

Personally, I would rather Motorola or Sony to build the Nexus instead. I love the Nexus line, I have a Nexus S which is a Samsung made Nexus device and I would hate to see the reputation get tarnished because of LG.

You make a good point about quality of the Nexus line. But it seems that most people complain about lack of storage, non-removeable battery and design choice, before official specs...and THAT's ridiculous.
Sony Nexus - i like that idea.

If you owned a buggy LG G2X you might have a different opinion of LG. I would not be
first in line for a LG phone. Lets see what the forums say about the quality.

I been a member of android central for a while and android lover for years. I want to start of by saying that samsung has been my main choice, have owned the captivate, then atrix, then gs2, galaxy nexus, one x, and gs3 currently, while samsung makes great phones ,i love to see good competion. not just against apple, apple will always control part of the market. I dont want it to be samsung vs apple as it currently is. the more differnent oems improve the better it is for everyone. my friend had a g2x and i was not a fan i thought it was awful. but i am incredibly excited for the lg nexus. they make amazing hardware unlike sammy, and google is over the software , so i think it will be amazing. the 8gb of storage is more than likely cause google wants to sell it directly for about 400 dollars, which ill be very happy about. people are all pissed about non removable battery and sd card. but you have to understand, i would bet jerrys awesome beard, those are google requested specs. i again cannot wait for the lg nexus, its a nexus it will be amazing, and better for competition that someone else makes it. we can all agree we are happy that companies such as htc and lg are around. they may currently not make better phones than sammy, but they continue to compete and innovate , which is great for us users. those people that are angry , you need a hug, there are a million other phones, you can choose from. no one is making you buy this one. i am so excited lol, and i think the design is googles too, there is a reason the design looks like the previous nexus. the specs are amazing, and hopefully it can be bought cheap off contract. regardless lg please take my money, im excited to see what you have to offer, it will be better for everyone. i love the the site and awesome podcast. if i see anyone from the site, im buying them a beer. again the beauty is there are so many choices, we can all have what we want =)

Who cares who makes it? It's not like it's launching with lg ui. I actually like the phone. I love my nexus. I think this is a worth upgrade. I just hope it has a good camera. just because it's by lg doesn't make the device run any different than a stock Android device. Might be better with 2gb of ram and the processor

ill save my "blind" hate for apple :P

I dislike LG due to my experience in the past and their rep now for having bad quality devices. I was really hoping for a MOTO Nexus this time around, but maybe LG can redeem them selves and make a high quality device with a nexus branding. I just dont know... but since I just got my Gnex not even a year ago im not even in the market for a new phone. so it doesn't really effect me, if anything it helps because in another year when im looking for the next nexus if lg is making another I will know already if its worth it or not :P good luck to those who do get the LG nexus I really hope it can earn the Nexus branding.

I see you are joking about blind hatred, but I think there is a lot of blind hatred for Apple products. Blind hatred is a manufacturer of irrational reasons. Do you really care if your front camera is 1.3 mp and not 1.9 mp? Do you really care if your phone has metal or plastic casing? I think android fanboys are reaching the final stages of monkey-banana-ladder-water-spray experiment (look it up if you haven't). Everybody hates Apple but everyone misses the point. It's not about specs, it's not about features, it's not about battery life or screen size or camera quality.

In an ideal consumer market, if you are a good consumer, you will look for the best product (for you of course) your money can buy. If you follow this and end up buying an Apple product however, you will no longer be able to do the same. That is because Apple uses non-standard ports and software. In fact, they always push non-standard technology as much as they can. The reason behind this is that people have to get Apple compatible accessories and software which are not compatible elsewhere. This way, once you go Apple, it is very difficult to go elsewhere because if you buy something else, you will have to throw all your accessories and software and buy new ones. This makes getting out difficult, not because they actually continued to make better products, but because they have you locked in. We don't understand that this way when it's us. We try to justify our position by belittling other products... by picking up on issues that don't really make any practical sense. We become idiotic sheep (iSheep) who will stand in lines for the technology that has already been around for 2 years elsewhere. They turn good sensible consumers into idiots just because they were ignorant once.

From the track record, we can almost be sure that Apple will never play fair and it is always safe to avoid Apple. However, we should be able to tell when somebody else is doing the same. We should always be able to question our love and hatred for things. Is the feeling genuine or did we just manufacture it based on what people like us do or because of the need to supress buyer's remorse or a bias that we have because of some other reason?

Luckily Google has more sense than Fandroids. They probably chose to go with LG because they're the major manufacturer that isn't embroiled in a patent dispute yet. Last thing Google wants is for their next Nexus device to go to battle in the court room.

Solid point and one that's definitely overlooked by the majority. Not to mention Google "awards" (if you will) the Nexus branding to a manufacturer based on what they bring to the table. I'm curious to see what exactly that was from LG. So far the new "multiple nexi strategy" seems to be a misunderstanding based on new nexus tablets being thrown into the mix. I speculate the wireless charging, screen tech, and LG's new battery tech did it for Google. Other than the rumored lack of storage, this LG Nexus is an absolute beast on the spec sheet. I never hear anyone complaining their 32gb nexus is lacking storage, and I'm confident this LG Nexus will have a 32gb version. Those of you that "need" 64+gb will likely never own a Nexus device. Sorry.

Personally I don't have a favorite brand, I'll go with whoever offers the most for the least amount of $$. I've had problems with every major manufacturer, Asus(my first nexus 7 didn't have sound so I had to exchange it), HTC (OG EVO 4G screen was separating and had to be returned during the 30 day window), Samsung (Galaxy S1 GPS was downright worthless and the radios on the S2 were horrendous), and LG (Optimus V would often times not send texts or when it did they would start receiving them at 3AM!!!). The only one I haven't experienced is Motorola; subpar cameras, Motoblur and brick like looks...bleh.

I really hope LG has stepped up their game, the sample camera photos on the Nexus 4 look like total crap, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never used a OneX or S2-S3 camera; or they're just blind and won't be convinced otherwise. After having a 8gb N7 I've realized I'll never buy anything with less than 16gb, especially if they're no external storage options. The removable battery is sorta w/e, but I'm always near an outlet or USB port. The screen does look washed out in most of the shots I've seen, although it could have been the angle or content on the screen that caused it .

I'm glad you'll buy a 5 lbs. battery in a bag if it were the next nexus, because it might end up being a better option!

I personally dont like LG's phones due to very poor past experiences between my family, friends, and myself. I have nothing against LG as I think they may excellent HDTV's and other products.

However, my biggest gripe is yet ANOTHER Nexus phone that lacks a microSD slot. Also the non-removable battery is also a serious disadvantage to many. If I wanted those features on a phone i'd get an iPhone.

I think to end all the arguments, Google should let any manufacturer develop a Nexus phone any time they want with the only stipulations being that it's 1) A high end device and 2) Certified by Google themselves. I would love to see another Nexus phone from HTC.

I must say I agree with a lot that was said here . I ha an lg device and it is bad real bad but it is mine . And although I have a love hate relationship with it. I am glad that they are making the next nexus think of what this could do for the mobile phone program if this phone sells well for them.and then that makes all phones better. Just my 2¢

And I thought it was all about:

-NO Removable battery
-LOW on board storage

I'm all for the LG Nexus based off the Optimus G, I actually think the leaked photos are not half bad minus the flash hump but that's my take on it. Would they have been my first choice based on what I like in current market phone designs probably not. I happen to like this leaked phone retains the Nexus look and am interested in seeing this in person.

I am also in the camp of it does not really matter who makes it because the software is the real reason I want the Nexus. If I felt I liked touchwiz or sense or whatever better I'd put my dollars there. Having my Gnex since April I have realized my taste in software on Android is with stock Android and unfortunately the only way to get that is via a Nexus phone.

My only frustration has been with this 8GB phone leak. My son has a 8gb iPod touch and I constantly have to delete stuff. Put one movie on there for traveling and all your space is gone. That said I probably got a little worked up for nothing because at the end of the day I would never buy a phone with 8GB of storage and I would just have to look elsewhere at the many other great phones available. I have no doubt there will be other sizes available though so it's not a big deal. I think the lack of LTE on the GSM model is a miss on Google's part especially since almost every phone has it now. I'm with Sprint desperately waiting to use LTE on my GNex and should they release the next Nexus I have no doubt it will have LTE and more storage just like my current Nexus.

I am very interested in the S4 pro chip set should it be in the next Nexus. Give me that with a slightly better screen, camera and 32 - 64GB and I'm handing over my money. I guess I also need a decent size battery since it appears to be going sealed too. If not I really can live with my GNex for a lot longer.

I'm quite certain that LG, like every other manufacturer, makes good "flagship" phones and ok/crappy everything else. GS3 is great, Samsung Replenish is a notch above total garbage. LG did make some craptastic pre Android phones, especially their qwerty side flip phones. But now, they make a handful of good/great Android phones. My wife used an Optimus S the first half of the year and had no problems outside of it being a bit dated. Everything worked well. So I'm excited to see what LG's final product will be. I plan to buy a pair of these (unless a 5" Nexus comes out this winter) early next year, and my only worry is that I will be let down by the camera (my E4GLTE camera is all I use currently and I love it) but worst case scenario I buy a point and shoot with all the money I'll save switching cell providers. Let's just hope this baby sells for <$400 through the Play Store.

At last someone brave enough to actually say this. Kudos to Android Central. All this Fanboy stuffs are getting more ridiculous day by day.

In the past, there has always been a reason to move on from one Nexus phone to the next. My question this time isn't about the manufacturer... it's about the "why?".
What features of this device are a draw from the Galaxy Nexus? None, that I can decipher. I'm not a big Samsung fan, by any means. And, I generally buy a new phone every year. This year, it looks like it won't be a Nexus. And, it has nothing to do with it being an LG. It has more to do with the fact that this year, Google appears to be giving us a Nexus4s. Sure, I hope it draws more new users to the Nexus way of life. But, it's certainly not tugging at my wallet like Nexii past.

There are several things about this that are hefty bumps over the GNex I think:

1) LG's IPS screens are well regarded as great panels.

2) Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor is going to severely outperform the OMAP4.

3) 2GB vs 1GB RAM

4) Camera will depend a lot on the software, but it'd be hard for it to be worse than the GNex's camera.

Yes the Galaxy Nexus will still be great device when the new Nexus comes out, especially when the OTA for the new version of Android comes to it, but that doesn't mean that the new Nexus won't be an improvement.

1) Marginal difference, at best.

2) Incremental difference. I don't live and die by the Quadrant score.

3) Agreed.

4) Mostly agreed... although, I've managed a few spectacular shots with my Gnex.

My line of thinking was more like... Nexus One was, of course, the original. Nexus S gave us screen size and a big bump in Android software. Galaxy Nexus gave us MORE screen size, on-screen buttons, and another HUGE jump in Android software. LG Nexus appears to be giving us "tuned-up" internals (waiting patiently to hear capacity numbers) and an incremental bump in Android software. Just not much to write home about.

Again... not disparaging a new Nexus at all... I just want Google to avoid the "4s" syndrome that plagues that other mobile OS.

And in other news, Google officially announces the new LG NEXUS and launches at 16gb/32gb options with OS 4.2 OMG.. but seriously there's reasons NDA exist. Devices shouldn't even be leaked, and this is why, formal opinions. The device isn't official until that Hardware revision tag is cleared from the back and Google officially shows whats going on. Just like the entire thing about the Gnexus and people getting pissed how one carrier got the 16gb vs the 32gb version (points at sprint). If its got a internal battery, so be it. Its what I pay my warranty irregardless for, to help ensure it stays intact and sprint will service me like any other day of the week. I'm personally excited to get my hands on it down the road and form a opinion of it. I'm on my first nexus phone, own a nexus 7, and sold myself on the idea of "nexus". I've owned 3 Samsung phones (Galaxy s2 sprint, epic 4g sprint, and now my gnexus), 1 htc phone (evo3d POS BTW), Motorola (droid x, x2, droid 2). In my entire time owning a android phone my moto has been my favorite, despite my anger towards the development community, it was my best experience. Now that I've had my nexus its exactly what it is, CUT and DRY, no frills, no strings, plain android, and it runs as intended. What more could you ask for?

that's my rant.. people sometimes are over critical, and its dumb.

My anger, or disappointment, has nothing to do with who is making it and is because of the supposed limitations: 8gb and no SD card slot.

I'm mad because I was hoping that the 'new' Nexus would be my next Sprint phone given how much I like my Nexus 7... and now if those specs are real, it's NOT going to be my next phone...

No internal storage offerings are confirmed.

The phone will never have an SDcard no matter who makes it.

The phone will likely either not come to Sprint or come to sprint several months late (based on previous Nexuses).

John Rettinger posted his Rettinger Rant this week on the topic of bias. It was a pretty good rant on bias in tech journalism as well as in tech random. He made the interesting point that people get so personally wrapped up in their technology/brand of choice. It's ridiculous. Great post Jerry.

Last year I bought a LG G2x from T-Mobile. For about six months it was the worst mobile device experience since my fist phone in...well, a really freaking long time ago. Multiple unexpected resets per day, unreasonable battery drain on standby, odd freezing, sometimes the device would be powered down with no apparent reason, and other issues. Every time I called T-Mobile or asked for help I was told that it was a "known issue" and therefore they could not help. They asked that I call LG, who almost without fail left me on hold for 5, 10, 20 minutes, or transferred me unexpectedly to another person. Sometimes they even transferred me to T-Mobile! No resolution was ever found for me or most other customers with the device. Sure, there was a software update, but many issues persisted.

I will not buy another LG until they have proven that they can do better overall. Problems occur, but the response matters, and my experience with LG in their response to problems they were responsible for was abysmal.

That is MY reason for being disappointed at the thought of an LG Nexus. I am not completely closed to the idea, it may be the best one yet, but I will wait to see how it goes for those who buy immediately. Remember, the G2x was stock Android, as would be expected of a Nexus device. They couldn't even get that right...

What is the purpose of a Nexus? Isn't the purpose for Google to work closely with a manufacturer to build a device as a reference to showcase the abilities of the next version of Android?

Since it is "reference", doesn't that mean by definition it doesn't have to be a "flagship" level phone? 8GB and no SD card is perfectly acceptable for "reference". If there was something in the next version of Android that required more, it would be there.
I think the problem is that people thin a Nexus phone should be a top of the heap device. Perhaps Google doesn't think so.

The G2X is not the only phone LG ever made you know. They may have failed miserably with that phone but some of their phones are actually good. The Optimus One is one of the best Low-mid end Android phone during its time. The Optimus 4X HD were reviewed with high marks, and the L-series are also decent good phones.

But it is the only LG phone that I dropped $500 on and that's what matters most to me. It was sold as "stock Android" and their failure at that TO ME makes them persona non grata for the Nexus program.

i have had 3 or 4 LG phones, not smart phone, but the env2 and the vx8300 were awesome. in fact, i have used my vx8300 as a spare, and it's worked great.

i think lg smartphones haven't been great, but i'd be willing to give LG a chance and hopefully they won't mess this nexus phone up.

I don't view it as hate because of LG it's hate because of the rumored joke that they call onboard storage with no option to expand.

You seem to miss the point, entirely. Personally, I've had my share of crappy phones produced by LG in the past. Not only phones, but my family owns several appliances by them, and they've not proven to be all that reliable. I pretty much stay away from LG products these days. I've never owned a Samsung anything, so I'm open minded on their stuff. Motorola phones have let me down in reliability, too, so I'm not eager to buy from them again, either. We're not even getting into people's biases based on support or lack thereof, locked bootloaders, and lack of upgrades or whatever, some of which doesn't matter on a Nexus device, but still puts a bad taste in the consumers' collective mouths.

So there are many who've been burned enough times by Brand X, but Brand Y has served them well. So, why then, wouldn't they want to see their own favorite brand chosen as the Nexus producer? Personally, I suspect there is more to Nexus development than innovation - as in boot licking, payola, etc...

I'm not open-minded at all about LG. I refuse to own an LG phone again.

I really just dont like the look. It looks like an galaxy nexus with an glitter back to me. And if its really 8gb(which I highly doubt), theres no way in hell I would be able to use that phone

As long as it is vanilla Android, and helps raise THAT bar, I don't care who makes it. I think it is either surprising or Google is trying to ensure they keep an agnostic hardware position that it isn't a Motorola device, and unless it's a quiet before the Motorola hammer takes over, I think it's great!


Back with the Nexus One- it was a flagship device. Nexus S was less about flagship and more about updates 1st... but then CDMA with the 4g Sprint reared it's head and people learned Nexus had exceptions. During both of these phones life - high end phones weren't that far off the Nexus mark. However, the Galaxy Nexus was dusted almost immediately in many cases since it's launch. With CDMA and Verizon updates- to poor wifi and antenna problems, to battery issues and a screen that was no better than phones already out at the time- the only thing it had going was 32gb of unified storage.

Now? There's a good number of phones I'd rather have- they all have ICS- and JB updates are not all that necessary IMHO. HTC One series, Samsung GS3 and Note 2, Heck even some of LG's high end announced devices all sound better than this LG device unless they pull some rabbit out of the hat.

I had the Nexus S- it was not much of an upgrade to my Galaxy S Epic 4g- other than it had a more vibrant ROM community. If you're not rooting- I REALLY don't see any reason to own a Nexus. The email app phone dialer camera and lack of decent social integration are reasons enough to stay away from stock IMHO.

I'll look at it like I do all Nexus- but I do feel LG has a lot riding on this- to screw it up could spell the end for them.

I had to dust off my login info to post this comment considering its been so long. I've owned every Nexus device and Absolutely love the Android ROM/Kernel scene(XDA/Rootz)
But its this simple.......After your brain absorbs the pathetic -"NO SDHC
-NO Removable battery-LOW on board storage"

Last LG Flagship = G2X #Epicfail or #POS

I wont be buying an LG Nexus. HTC One X+ or Stay w/ my GNex.

C'mon though Google LG? Though?! SMH

I think the only gripe with people is that it supposedly only has 8gb of storage. If it had 64 gb of storage then I think everyone would go crazy for it, regardless of the fact that it's made by LG.

If the only changes are that it has a more powerful CPU/GPU and has less storage, then I think people have a right to be disappointed.

I think I'm a decent candidate for someone who isn't biased based on brand loyalty. I've had three Android devices: Motorola Atrix 4G, AT&T Galaxy S II, and AT&T HTC One X. About mid-cycle through my Galaxy S II (my One X is a replacement for it due to a couple of issues), I decided that my next device was going to be a Nexus device. I had already purchased a Nexus 7 and I loved (and still do love) it.

But then...the rumors. LG? What is this? And then I looked at the initial proposed specs (those of the Optimus G) and I was sort of impressed. I put the fact that I've never been impressed with anything I've seen by LG aside and simply accepted that they probably just made their first breakthrough device and it might end up being the Nexus 4. Well, apparently I was wrong. The specs turned out to not be those of the Optimus G and instead are appearing to include disappointments such as 8/16gb of storage with no SD card. Let me just say that I didn't expect an SD card option. I honestly don't even blame Google for getting rid of it. But the fact that there are no options beyond 16gb is ridiculous. And, no, I'm not getting into the cloud. I pay $30 a month for data on top of everything else and there's no way in hell I'm increasing my data plan just because Google won't give me options (ya know, the whole reason we use Android anyway). Otherwise, I'm just really uninterested in the rest of the features on the phone. The leaked pictures taken by the camera look awful compared to any high end smartphone from the last year and a half. The backing isn't attractive at all. There's little for me to like about this device.

So I'm rethinking this whole Nexus thing. I'm for sure getting a new phone in November. I've been saving for a while now and that won't have been for nothing. So I thought "Why not the next best thing?" And that next best thing is the Note 2. I can't even believe the things it's capable of. It's against everything that there is on the AOSP experience, but god is it enticing. It's not for everyone, but I could definitely benefit from that extra screen real estate. Unless Google can actually surprise me and release a phone with an acceptable camera, storage options, and a design at least as good as the Galaxy Nexus's (which wasn't very impressive, though not hideous) I'm going to continue getting skinned phones. Though the TouchWiz launcher is pretty atrocious, no one can say there aren't some features in TouchWiz that are absolutely amazing. Nobody. So if I can't have a pure Android experience on a good phone, I'll be going for the next best thing.

Lack of SD card support is most probably Google's decision. Not LG, Google already explained why they don't like expandable memories. And the 8GB variant are probably for those people who are very tight on budget(somewhere between $350-$400). And how can you even tell that there will be no 32 or even a 64GB option.

I'm well aware of it being Google's decision and I completely understand it (as noted in my previous post). So far all signs are pointing to 8 and 16gb variants. If it comes in larger models, then I'll maybe start looking into it. So, no, I'm not saying that there won't be larger variants. Just no leaks have indicated that there will be. It's worth remembering that everything we're seeing here are rumors and, in reality, they could all be completely wrong. I'd actually like that at this point.

Otherwise, my comments on a mediocre camera and ugly design (which is subjective) are still standing. I haven't decided which device I'll be going for yet and won't until the Nexus is released. So I'm not saying that I will be buying the Note 2, but I am saying that compared to these leaked specs, it's much more likely that I will.

Bring on the innovation! I use a BB Torch 9800 with a BB PlayBook as my daily driver. My wife has a magenta L900 and a Acer Iconia A500 (whch use to be mine before the PlayBook). Then my daughter has a Vizio tab.... Point is we buy on what suits our needs and we use it for how it is designed... And appreciate all the different choices out there. The only manufacture we do not own is Apple, and that is just because we do not like the software or the company practices, their hardware looks great. Point is we have a lot of choice, and i do not stick to just one company, i respect some and disrespect some but choose based on my need.

Great article Jerry!

It's funny you mention the BlackBerry. I myself, carried a Bold 9700 and PlayBook combo. I loved that phone as it did everything I needed out of a mobile phone and the battery would last for days. It died oddly enough and had to buy a new phone. I picked the T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

Things were great for the first couple months and was excited that this phone would be getting the latest update only months away. Then the problems began. Games stopped working, odd crashes, and then another update. Since then, media on my phone would end up with ghost duplicates that were a pain in the rear to clear up all due to a single media cache app that happens to be part of the OS.

Got tired of having to delete the cache file almost daily and wished my old Bold 9700 never failed me. In the end, beinga Mac owner, a unlocked iPhone was the obvious solution until Jelly Bean makes it to release.

I still use my PlayBook as it was an awesome glimpse of what a future BlackBerry could be. It's a great 7" tablet despite it showing it's age a bit. On my other hand, I still have my iPad 2 and a few other Android based models.

My point in all this is what works for you is the best tech for you no matter what others say or boast. I still have my Galaxy S2 and personally think it's a great phone but just botched with a poor update. I like my now "old" iPhone 4S as well and have never confused one for the other. ;-)

Your article is nice, but it does not negate the fact that LG does not build good phones. Over the years I have had a few: Chocolate, Envy,, envy II, Optimus S. None of them were even decent. I can only imagine that any phone LG makes will suffer the same fate. I like HTC, they make quality phones... I like Nokia, of the phones I've had they have excelled at battery life, call quality, least amount of dropped calls, Motorola used to make great phones, but their android devices seem to be flaky, and their PC integration leaves a lot to be desired.
But, LG does not do phones well.
You call foul all you want, but those are the facts as I see them.

Google doesnt just randomly choose who will build the nexus... They looked into everyone and chose LG, so any hating you do is hating on Google. and thats not cool.

I'm not mad that LG is the next Nexus manufacturer but given their "credentials", I would have preferred they chose another manufacturer. I think Google had to move away from Samsung because it's not in Samsung's best interest to make the Nexus the best phone they can make. I would have liked to see Motorola or HTC have a go at it (Heck, I would've loved to see Nokia try it if they hadn't sworn an alliance with Microsoft.) Regardless, I won't hate LG, Google or the next Nexus if I don't have a reason for it yet.

Bring on the LG Nexus I say, but please make 32GB of storage an option. I don't even care if it's not gonna have a microSD slot and removable battery. The rest of the leaked specs look good to me.

Reading comments here, and other websites I have always wondered (especially Apple websites/blogs) , "do these people really exist on earth? I wonder what they are like?"

It is ok to be fan of tech, but so many people take it to an eerie next level. It is disturbing how some people talk about products or companies and the discussions/arguments that ensue to defend anyone badmouthing their fav company. Some people write about companies and praise them like if they are talking about a blood relative or something and treat them as such. It is really amazing stuff.

I say give LG a shot! Nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the new nexus. Anyway, even if it is a flop, thats STILL a good thing. Google learns how to improve their nexus next time, and LG will want to make a better, more innovative phone!

Oh and I can see this is in response to how people have reacted to an LG Nexus. But you more than anyone should understand that people are NEVER HAPPY. Especially on the internet. PEOPLE ALWAYS COMPLAIN. Atleast a large majority of course. ALWAYS. Sometimes it is like people just complain to complain to add a little e-drama to their internet browsing or something. If its not the screen it is the company who makes it, if not the storage, if not the screen resolution, if not the graphics chip or quad core thing whatever that is haha, or removable battery, PEOPLE ARE NEVER HAPPY. People are contrarian but alot of people are also Buzz Kilingtons. They feed off it and these people exist in the real world because I know people that ALWAYS COMPLAIN.

That's ridiculous. People are pissed because LG sucks, not because they want their specific manufacturer to make the Nexus line.

And if you really wanted a phone that weighs 5lbs and has a battery in a bag then you're seriously insulting technology and all of your readers if you think we're a bunch of morons who think this way.

First article I've read on here that's pissed me off. It's probably the worst article I've ever read on here because it's utter crap.

I am not going to post something that has not been said, but the one thing people are all up in arms for is that LG is making it. if it were Motorola, Casio, Pantech, etc. I would be disappointed. This is simply because they make crap phones. HTC And samsung are the best choices! Motorola botched the originial droid and the xoom, they already had their chance. The Nexus One was awesome, as was the Nexus S. Galaxy Nexus, an incredible phone. But before that, HTC had the Droid Incredible, which was the best Android phone before Samsung came out with the original line of Galaxy S. LG got in the act and sucked it up.
Ultimately, though, I am blaming Google on this one. I am all for Nexus devices, but no one wants to say it, but 7 inches was too small. Asus had already been very successful making 10 inch tablets and my guess is that Google said 7. Now going with LG, taking away micro SD card, taking away the removable battery, all of it is what Google wants, which is very unfortunate and it actually scares me for the future of Android!

I am not going to post something that has not been said, but the one thing people are all up in arms for is that LG is making it. if it were Motorola, Casio, Pantech, etc. I would be disappointed. This is simply because they make crap phones. HTC And samsung are the best choices! Motorola botched the originial droid and the xoom, they already had their chance. The Nexus One was awesome, as was the Nexus S. Galaxy Nexus, an incredible phone. But before that, HTC had the Droid Incredible, which was the best Android phone before Samsung came out with the original line of Galaxy S. LG got in the act and sucked it up.
Ultimately, though, I am blaming Google on this one. I am all for Nexus devices, but no one wants to say it, but 7 inches was too small. Asus had already been very successful making 10 inch tablets and my guess is that Google said 7. Now going with LG, taking away micro SD card, taking away the removable battery, all of it is what Google wants, which is very unfortunate and it actually scares me for the future of Android!

i completely disagree about the nexus 7 being too small. I find its size to be super portable and literally have no complaints about it at all. The device is near perfection. There are several 10 inch asus tablets such and the TF700 and other models. If you are looking for a high end 10inch i suggest looking there.

The nexus 7 has a non removable battery but it had a beast of a battery that lasts extremely long. No issues with it on that front. However, in a year or so i might be singing a different tune.

Everyone needs to remember, "Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.". -- Robert C. Gallagher.

I say give them a shot, lets see what they can do... Its a bidding process... They won...

"The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store.” And whose the fanboy? You realize the tern "Nexus" itself is brand. You realize term irony in this quote right?

I don't have brand loyalty. I treat all companies with a certain amount of contempt.

I'm a geek. I don't get hung up on brands. I get hung up on track records. What's your hardware like? What's your support like? What is community support like? What is the quality like? Etc.

I didn't think the issue was one of simply brand loyalty alone but hey ho.

I guess this wouldn't be an issue if LG hit the mark.

What I find upsetting or let's say disappointing is the state of android phone design as a whole is being neglected and this year's releases have been a sea of bland looking phones. Part of it is the fact that there are so many phones manufacturers for Android compared to WP7 - 8, blackberry and Apple. Samsung has WP8 phones with metal features... I'll WTF! HTC has made nokia clones for WP8. BlackBerry smartphones... Have their own style but at least they aren't bland.
Don't get me wrong there are a few out there that make their own mark in phone design like Sony and HTC but they are to few for my liking.
That said HTC have the clear crown for good looking devices but maybe the nay sayers are right as their profits haven't improved for the better of such efforts.

It seems a shame that this should be Google and LG's time to shine as they have control over hardware and software to wow consumers away from competitors.

For LG's part this should be an opportunity to gain new fans from other brand fanboy's but this phone seems void of any desire to do so. A manufacturer not fussed about new sales is unheard of so maybe this isn't worth more effort than what they have put in. Maybe they have done the sums (as they all do) anf figured Nexus sales compared to there own flagship sales will be world's apart so why bother?

The bottom line is this phone, and if we buy it will be part of our lives every day for the next 18 to 24 months so it should be a joy to use and look at.
No one buys clothes without wanting a particular appeal. The TV you watch, car you drive, nexus Q, food you eat, hair cut you get, the partner you chose to be with in some way or another you looked at and thought... That's the one for me.

Jerry this is the first time I have ever disagreed with something you said. I know they exist, but for me and most I have seen it is some of the spec and design of the phone people are upset with and not that fact that LG is making it.

While I agree LG's reputation is in the tubes right now, I am fully ready to declare them my new favorite OEM if they make an amazing LG Nexus. However, If their phone has the best specs in all areas, except it has a paltry 8/16 GB of ROM, non removable battery and lack of 4G LTE, I would no longer be able to say that the latest Nexus is a best phone on the market. I know this is a prototype and the production model may be different. But the amount of evidence is making me nervous that most of if not all of the specs are accurate. This would be extremely frustrating as the last VZW G Nex was up until very recently the best phone on the market in my opinion. The SIII, One X/X+, and iphone 5 have impressive specs but do not run the best mobile OS on the planet, stock android.

If Google / LG botch this device by giving it unforgivable weaknesses like the memory, battery and lack of 4G. When it comes time to replace my G Nex, I may be forced to use a skinned version of android, or even worse, a different OS all together. I highly doubt google would want their loyal fans feeling like this. Stop trying to make your top of the line phones / tablets affordable or at least have a version that has the absolutely top specs w/ stock android, that is all i ask.

If one more person judges this device like its the final product or treat the specs like anything more than they are "Rumors" I'm gonna lose it. For this to be considered the "geek" community a lot of people don't seem to bright. Get a grip people. Not even the rumors say the back is glass some complainer just made that up cause they saw a picture and were to lazy to read. People have good points here about why people feel the way they do about LG, but the overall message of the article should not be overlooked either. Stop treating this device like it's out and on sale with a max of 8 gigs and a 1500mah battery cause it's not. As of yet we KNOW nothing. Sheesh

I agree with everyone (including Jerry) who is saying it's stupid to judge a device that you haven't even learned the final specifications of yet, let alone seen or used.

More importantly, though, am I the only one here with a massive case of déjà vu? Two years ago everyone was saying that choosing Samsung over HTC would be a disaster, lamenting things like style, build quality, and lack of a solid track record (remember, this was just a few months after the original Galaxy S hit the market). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

For me this comes down to preference. Build quality and feature sets vary by manufacturer and I think people are well aware of what their favorites are in this arena. I have not yet been compelled to purchase a Nexus phone due to the fact that I have been underwhelmed by them in general. I am on my third Android phone and they have all been HTC EVOs. EVO to EVO 3D to EVO LTE and I have been very satisfied.

For me the build quality of HTC and features sets (camera, Sense etc.) have been excellent for my needs so I have purchased those phones. There were times I considered the Nexus but felt I was losing in comparison to the phone I ultimately chose. When I read that there may be a new OEM for Nexus I revert to my past experiences in choosing a device manufacturer and have found that HTC, Samsung and occasionally Motorola have been my favorites. I have NEVER had that feeling with LG phones.

I realize that Nexus is the vanilla Android experience that should also ensure future updates but since I root my phones this has not been sufficient to tempt me to Nexus. I'd love to see HTC give it a shot, maybe I would change my mind. As for LG, they have not made a phone that has wowed me yet so until that changes it is a meh for me.

Based on past performance it is no surprise to me that LG is the last OEM people are excited about making the new Nexus. I mean really, what ground-breaking phones have they made? Samsung, HTC and Moto can claim such a place in peoples hearts and wallets. LG makes great TVs and Blu Ray players though....

jerry sure gets his panties in a wad. his maturity level isnt that high when it comes to certain things. he is one of the last people that needs to talk negatively about fanboyisms. we have all seen him get in a tizzy when things dont go his way.

he is the only 50+ year old bearded man that writes a blog because a bunch of ten year old kids get involved in the comments of his beloved nexus.

Don't mind that LG is giving Nexus a try. May not buy but I'll try in store n make my descion then. Using both the Nexus S 4G and now the Galaxy nexus I'm comfortable with Samsung making the device. However I don't wish that there will be 50 Nexus Devices floating around n each one isn't made clear to being a true succeeded to the current Galaxy Nexus and the like. I sure hope we don't see Nexus with touchwhiz or Nexus 4.5 or something as such.


Nexus has always been bare bones pure android and I certainly hope it stays that way.
I was thinking how nice a Nexus would be with Gorilla Glass n Kyocera Build quality. That would be very nice to keep all current specs or improve n add those features would be sweet.

I had the LG Shine back in the day. Loved that phone. And it's nice to see a new player in the Nexus race. TBH though, I'd drewl over a Nokia Nexus, but that won't ever happen.

EDIT-Didn't mean to just reply to this comment. Sorry!

I think it's a little deeper than just blind hate. Although it's true that no one has seen or used the LG Nexus, the fact still remains that LG has always made inferior devices when compared to HTC and Samsung.

"Brand loyalty" doesn't make me not want LG to produce the nexus. Years of subpar hardware makes me feel that way. Engineers have a "trademark" style just like musicians or other artists do. Unless they fired all of their engineers, we are going to get a similar design philosophy.

Honestly? LG has always been a second tier, massively inferior electronics brand in my eyes... we bought an LG LCD tv a few years back which broke down after TWO days. I've had nothing but bad experiences with LG products.

I'm really surprised Google went with them. I'm glad I bought a SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus 4 months ago... cause it means I can skip the quality problem that is LG. I'll just sit here and hope that by the time I'm up for a new phone, someone other than LG will be making it.

Best case scenario is if we can help steer away from the idea that there is only one manufacturer awarded the "next Nexus". Baloney. Google should release the guidelines required for *any* and *every* manufacturer to make the next Nexus. If some new manufacturer wants to take a shot at making the best Nexus possible, go for it, but they will get disqualified quickly if they try any shenanigans with skins, etc.

Every manufactuer ALREADY DOES get the chance at making the next Nexus....LG won this time.

Most of you supposed "tech geeks" don't have a clue, and that's because smartphones are everyday mainstream devices to at least 1st world people. You're not tech geeks, you're princesses who need the best of everything so you can post to facebook and play music and games. Other than gamers, 95% don't need any of these specs except storage. Of course, that's why you're all up in arms on a leak. "I don't like this. I'm taking my ball and going home." Good, go.

A lot of you want the "Nexus" line to be Androids iPhone. It's not and it was never meant to be "the cool kids' phone." Deal with it.

Note only the first sentence was directed at you, bas!

If LG made cars they wouldn't be Hyundai or Kia... they would be Suzuki.

Just like ASUS and the Nexus 7. Not up to par with Samsumg or HTC devices.

Good news is that LG will get fanboys soon.

Didn't Google say the next Nexus phone could/would be made by several manufacturers?

They may be just doing this so it hits the Google Play Device Store on day one at a low price. Then you get to deal with alltheir crap when it breaks.

Brand Loyalty is to be expected, and is probably the reason Google has been sharing the "Nexus" brand around to the different companies. I imagine that there is a sort of corporate Build-Off competition between them all to earn the right to produce the next Nexus, with those who don't win, likely still producing the same handset they pitched under their own brand. (HTC 1X+ anyone?)

Perhaps Google made a mistake when they selected Samsung as the Nexus brand two years in a row, creating some extra loyalty to the Samsung fan nation, but if Samsung submitted the best device, you can't blame them for going with it.

I've come to enjoy trying different kinds of hardware, just like driving different kinds of cars, but that experience not only builds a little Brand Loyality for those that perform well, but also generates not blind hatred but Brand Hatred for those who consistently under-perform.

Take Motorola for example... before the DROID and the start of Moto's entry into the Android revolution, Moto made some damn crappy phones. They made some good ones too... but in my personal experience, they had some of the most user unfriendly phones I've ever seen and I stayed way clear of them. I would tell others to stay away from them when asked for my opinion. However, Since then Moto has improved greatly, and not only have I considered purchasing one for myself again, I've influenced some others to make purchases.

In the case of LG... well... like others have said, I would rank them at the bottom of the heap, down with the likes of ZTE and Huawei. In fact, due to my own very poor experienced with past LG phones, I would rank them at THE BOTTOM and would roll the dice with almost anyone else rather than purchase an LG Nexus. In fact, if offered the choice between a free LG Nexus or a iPhone 5, I think I'd try the iPhone.

Is this blind hatred? I don't think so... but if I'm going to pay good money out of my own pocket and be tied to a two year contract to a new phone, I know I promised myself "never again" when it comes to LG, as I've played that game before.

But that's just me... and if LG has fixed their problems and really produced the best Nexus phone that could be made at this point in time, then great for them. If they can prove themselves to the world with an LG branded Nexus, then perhaps that would change mind and I might consider an LG again in the future after all.

One more item though... I do have to think that most people were expecting the Nexus 4 to come from Moto this time around, especially after Google's purchase of the company, and what seems to be a lull in new hardware from them as of late.

Nice scolding... except people aren't generally upset about the phone brand, but rather its FEATURES. Non-removable battery and anemic onboard memory are the biggies.

You said you don't care who makes the Nexus "as long as they keep furthering innovation." Suppose you tell us, where this innovation is in this product from what we know today? Wireless charging? Come on, Jerry.

What's the opposite of a fanboy?

Personally, I'm glad it isn't being made by Samsung. I've owned two Android based Samsung phones (The Moment and the Epic 4g) and both were nothing but trouble for me. I've since owned Android based phones from HTC, LG and Motorola with absolutely no problems.

Well said Jerry. To be honest when I got my Droid X I would never have purchased a Samsung anything - I'd had too many of their products crap out on me in the past. But they innovated and improved their manufacturing (and QC) and here I am rocking a Galaxy Nexus.

If LG can make a Nexus phone that passes Google's standards (assuming Google's standards remain high) I have an annual upgrade I'll be looking at very hard, assuming it comes to my carrier.

I'll be honest in saying that I was taken back when I heard that LG was making the next Nexus... I guess that I was just expecting Samsung or Googarola to make it, maybe even HTC. But LG!?

Having read more about the specs, design, and similar/recent high end LG devices I am beginning to think "LG... Why not!?" It's designed well, it's got top specs, and it'll be running vanilla Android. That's exactly what we all wanted!!!

If I had to complain, it would be about the smaller memory capacity. I've got 32Gb on my VGN and I am currently using more than half that memory for my apps and offline Google music. I also REALLY wanted the next Nexus to retain a curved display...

As long as I actually see this phone on the shelf at Verizon, I'm fine with LG. Otherwise, maybe the Note II if it comes to Verizon.

I like all of these neat compact devices by all of these companies.
It is the device owners that I have issues with. :)

Sorry but I don't remember the last time I read that much bullshit. Have you looked at the Specs of the Phone? It's a somewhat(little bit) pimped version of the GNex. This is bullshit. 8GB internal Storage. Bullshit. LG made it. What does recent history show? LG is bullshit.

And I am NOT gonna give this phone a chance. Because it's bullshit.
If this phone is priced over 300 bucks it WILL NOT sale! The GNex already didn't sell very well despite it's price. Do you really think the SAME thing made by one of the shittiest big phone companies(And almost everybody thinks that way) will sell? No it won't.
Good night Nexus.

"The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store."

Seriously? Isn't this EXACTLY what you're railing against? Isn't this just Nexus Worship? So it's okay to dis on someone because they're loyal to a particular brand, but a product MODEL, well...THAT'S DIFFERENT!

We don't need a break from brand loyalty or fandom. What we need is objectivity. Nexus is not a magic incantation that automatically makes a device better anymore than the words "Apple," "Samsung," or even "Google." For now, we're blessed that the Nexus devices tend to be more open and Google more responsive to updating them. But that could change at any time for any reason. Like you said, these companies are driven by money and the market and legal landscape could change at any minute. We need to be willing and prepared to simply choose the BEST PRODUCT, regardless of the labels slapped on it.

Whenever you blindly buy any item based solely on "brand loyalty"... this is what you are really doing:

Encouraging that company to make MORE product like those... no matter how awful the product really is.

Causing financial hardship for other companies that really DO make far better products.

Getting yourself stuck with a poor product since you didn't check into any of its features, price, usability, size, shape, power, speed, value, etc.

When you buy a low-MPG USA made car *ONLY* because it was made in the US, you are *hurting* the US car industry. They think you WANT more awful low-MPG USA made cars.

[off subject]
Why hate on US made cars? You apparently have some brand loyalty to foreign made cars. Probably a Honda fanboy.
I just bought my wife a US made car that gets over 30 MPG, has over 300 horsepower. Is fun to drive (unlike most imported front wheel drive crap). And it is very reliable.
Point is, the USA can make great cars with the MPG, HP and reliability numbers we are wanting. But many people appear to be stuck with this fantasy that it can't be done just because years ago manufacturers gave people what they wanted, the big obnoxious box on wheels. Times have changed, the manufactures HAVE changed.
[/off subject]

This is a complex issue! I, for instance once swore-off any future HTC devices; this came after my worst smartphone experience so far, in the the form of the Desire HD, however - I am now the very happy owner of a One-S.

I do have some slight reservations about LG, I owned the Optimus Black P970. The hardware itself was gorgeous, the screen in particular was great, but the updates - non-existent!

How could that even matter if Google is responsible for pushing vanilla Android updates to the Nexus, how could the hardware be any issue if the past Nexus branded devices are to go by - the truth is, until we use it and abuse it, nobody knows - but we all hope!

Bottom line, can't have a major phone release without the AC editors playing all superior and scolding the users and calling them ungrateful. Don't all major tech blogs do that? Oh, right... they don't. So much for professional journalism.

Hey Jerry,
For shits and grins, you should open up a contest for a free LG Nexus when it's released and see how many LG haters change thier tune. ;)

What would be really fun is to have the contest be "Tell me how much you hate LG and why you'll never use the LG Nexus when you win it." :p

Jerry should go through these comments and mark every single fanboy as an example of what he's talking about. I'm bored with the whining about the the 8GB. Yes, it's ghetto storage, but we all know that it'll come out with a choice of bigger storage. You don't have to buy 8GB if you don't want to, but there may be people out there who don't have money to pay full price for a phone and who are not power users, and the 8GB option is going to make the device cheaper and accessible for them. I wouldn't buy an 8GB device, but we know that there will options, so I don't lose sleep over it like some of you are. And, if somehow you need 1 Tera of storage because you are a "power user" and you have to carry your entire movie, music, game, and picture collections with you everywhere you go for some unknown ridiculous and stupid reason, CARRY A DAMN LAPTOP!

I agree with you. The one thing i have *never* understood why so many people on the AC site have to carry so much music and movies with them... I just do not get it. I use my phone as a communication and organizational tool, and my tablet is more utilized as my for fun device.

A reduced device price due to specs may open a Nexus device to more people; overall isn't that what Google would want? More devices running their latest software and needing their services?

This is so incredibly true, and speaks to the entire human condition since you can remove every mention of mobile device and replace it with sport, sport's team, political view, or any number of any other topics. Too many people end up with a narrow mindset and refuse to see anything but their own view, and discard anything that doesn't match their view.

Just pointing out a little something, your media blog is fueling the "loyals" and crazies as we speak. Each time you publish leaks & rumors it's just enough to get people riled up to start threads and comment with blind fury.

Humans want to be heard, they want to put their little 2 cents into everything. They don't know how to operate otherwise on the interwebz.

If I'm the buyer who plans on purchasing a full retail smartphone ($600+) I want it to be spectacular, I want to love it and take it to my room and talk dirty to it and read it a bedtime story. I want it to be functional and improve my lifestyle. More importantly, I want it to be an extension of myself. That's the beauty of free enterprise, I don't have to buy something I don't like.

So, go on and post more leaks of this perpetual tangible god-like of a device. I vouch for the legacy to continue and you know we could be wrong and it'll end up looking like ambrosia with 128GB of storage, a 6-core system on chip and a LTE that could give you a full bar signal 50 meters underground in the can.

The point of the Nexus line is and always has been the software, the hardware is merely there to show off the latest version of Android and offer an untarnished device to house Android. While the specs might not be overly impressive TO ME that doesn't mean they won't showcase Android well. If the phone is well built and has few problems I don't really see the issue, yea I won't be buying it but it will be a nice upgrade for Nexus S owners.

"Bring on the LG Nexus I say. In fact, I don't care who makes it." - Really? Would you not care who made the next iPhone? Or the next Air Jordans? Or the next Gallardo? Hardware matters just as much as software, and until LG proves that they are a top-notch manufacturer of smartphone hardware, I'll have my doubts about the next Nexus. If you're just concerned about the software, then maybe you'd like my old LG Optimus S with CM installed.

I dont have a problem with LG.. i say give them a shot. However, i think google f-d up BIG time if this is the ONLY nexus we see this fall. Nexus brand needs to mean QUALITY and timely updates.... the best of the best... and LG just hasnt proven themselves yet.

I will wait to pass judgement til i get to see and touch the phone but my issues are with the specs that have leaked so far. However, i REALLY doubt that google will go with ONLY having an 8gb option. Just seems like they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Other than that, the ONLY thing that i dont like it the glass back. Lets not try too hard to be like iPhone mmmk?? Seriously though, glass is just dumb. Barring the storage issue (which i dont think will actually be an issue) the glass back is ALMOST a deal breaker for me. I drop my phone a lot, but do use cases, still just dont like the idea at all.

My loathing of LG is not blind, nor uninformed. I type this reply on my beloved Nexus 7 rather than my shambolic (5th) G2x. I have had an absolute nightmare working with LG: terrible support, a pledged update timeline that was never met, frequent battery pulls and mailing my POS back for warranty return after warranty return. I pledged to never buy another LG because of my (craptastic) phone and pledged to only buy Nexus products because of my (wonderful) tablet. I am ready to replace my handset but I am sitting this one out.

Holding grudges & waiting for Nexus 5 (apparently).

samsung didnt get a lot of hate because htc was #1.

they got hate cause they put out !!ty phones and they claimed they couldnt update it. they put out phones they they know that couldnt be updated so they can relese phones with the newer version.

check the behold 2, check the moment, check the first galaxy s phone.

Thank you for this article, nice work.

I've had good luck with HTC, I think Motorola make a solid product,but is stuck in the past, like Nokia and Sony.
I haven't owned a Samsung or an LG Android yet, but I'm looking forward to someday, IF they turn my head.
It is about the product loyalty it's just up to you how far you want to take it.
I like Android over IOS, I like free over paid.


LG Nexus is fine with me but give us some descent hardware. I don't think the so called fanboys are pissed at the brand as they are the quality of the hardware. 8gb of int storage and some poor ass quality camera, that is shit. Just like the I-Phone, they put out one phone a year, we rip it apart and allot is the hardware, why can not the Nexus step it up and give their loooooyal customers some bad ass hardware. I heard Phil and your explanation that the Nexus brand is more the software, I disagree, we pay for the entire package not just the software. I am just sick and tire of the Nexus phones always lacking some major function, the last Nexus phone comes out with a lousy 16gb of int storage and a lame ass camera that everyone was saying how good it was at the opening event. Google needs to step it the hell up and show us a phone that is nothing but top quality. I will never buy another Nexus phone that is not all it should be and I have bought them all. IMO the best Nexus phone was the Nexus One and I still use it every so often. Give us a Nexus One shaped phone but bigger and kick ass specs. Give us something we can be proud to own, not something put out there just for software, that is just a waste of time and effort. There is NO reason or excuse to make a phone today without all the bells and whistles. Step up or get out.

"Corporations need to work to earn our money, instead of us lining up to throw it at them."

Ummm, and thats why I'm bothered by LG making the next nexus. LG makes shitty quality phones, I've owned 3 of them. Within a month, the phone will start to creek. Within 3 months, random reboots and freezes and within 5, dinks and scratches all around the chrome trim of the device. It all Gets worst with age too. Honestly though, I love HTC. HTC, Sony, or Motorola should have made the next Nexus. What has LG done to deserve to be the Nexus? Besides "FIRSTieees" to the quadcore s4. I always though Google based their picked on the company who made the highest quality product at the time. I thought they had to somewhat compete to be the next Nexus. I think thats the real reason why people are upset about LG taking the role. Corporations need to work to earn the nexus badge.

This article is a joke. This comes down to being pleased too easily. Jerry just wanted to write this article and come off as the perfect Android fan and have everyone on this site bow to him. No. If you don't criticise and critique every device that comes to the table, the devices are going to become worse and worse. 8GB of storage instead of 32GB (just an example), Jerry says this is fine. Someone who wants to push the limits of technology and wants innovation will say this is bullshit. With an attitude like Jerry's these devices are going to become pure shit in no time. Very frustrated with this article. DON'T SETTLE.

When it comes to LG Android phones, I personally never owned one but couple friends of mine shared their opinions on quality issues one was the infamous G2X (which I almost bought but waited for the HTC Sensation), he was on his third replacement and he is also a hardware/software engineer with skills far beyond mine as I focused on game development.

That being said, the G2X looked like the perfect choice with the Nvidia Tegra chipset and vanilla Android on the device. When it came time to upgrade, I just didn't like the feel of the phone itself and I don't plan on leaving T-Mobile anytime soon (especially now that they are supporting the iPhone on their network). The HTC sensation was the phone I decided on due to its amazing design and top end specs for it's time. That was one great phone aside from the case design not allowing for a larger battery. My current Tmo Android is my Galaxy S II. Stuffed with a 32GB class 10 micro SD card. I love that Samsung but have one issue of why it's shelved for the moment. So I'm using my iPhone 4S for the time being.

Back on point of LG phones, a close personal friend who is on Metro PCS bought the top end phone they had and she loves it. She let me have a good tour of it and compared it to my Galaxy and I was rather surprised on how WELL MADE it really was.

I don't recall the model number but it had a wonderful 480x800 LCD display and it felt solid. Call quality was excellent as well as the camera and it's other features. I was rather surprised to see such a nice phone on Metro PCS and it has not failed her at all (I'm her tech support).

Thinking of the new Nexus entry. Perhaps we ALL have become a bit spoiled since Samsung made a wonderful device. The Nexus phones IMO were never intended to be "flagship" devices as even when the Nexus One was on sale, phones already on the market had similar specs other than the higher resolution Pen Tile OLED display. You could hop on over to Verizon's retail outlet and pick up a similar but less stylish beast.

Lets face it folks if you don't like it, don't buy it and hang onto your Galaxy Nexus or whatever mobile you're using and are happy with. If the Jelly Bean update fixes the issues on my Galaxy S2, I may get a micro SIM adapter to fit my card in and love that phone even more. Sure there are newer phones on the market but I like the T-Mobile version of the S2 just as much as my factory unlocked iPhone 4S. Heck, I even have a tiny Samsung Dart! As small as that Dart is, it makes for an amazing backup phone or even a daily driver.

When you think about it all, there's a lot of hate for a phone that isn't even out yet. If that bugs you, grab a Gnex or whatever may meet your wants, needs, or desires in a phone. A year ago I was using a BlackBerry Bold 9700. It was old but it did everything I needed on a mobile phone. If it didn't kick the bucket, chances are I'd still be using it now.

"....The next Nexus could be made by Casio, come with a battery in a bag and weigh five pounds, and to me it would still be better than most other phones I see on the shelves at the AT&T or Verizon store....."

I can't even respond to that type of logic.