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Box have been on somewhat of a roll of late. They've been offering out free storage to LG and Sony Ericsson owners by the bucket. Today they updated their Android application bringing with it some new collaboration features, and for a limited time only free 50GB worth of storage for everyone who downloads the app and logs in before March 23. I didn't get an additional 50GB, so we'll say that it probably doesn't apply if you already got 50GB free out of them before. 

One of Box's stronger features is its collaboration tools, and now right from within the app you can invite people to collaborate on your files. They also put in support for commenting on individual files too. Pretty nifty. 

The UI also gets updated, and now makes use of the standard action bar. Another useful addition is the ability to batch multiple file uploads at once and the app will now support being moved to the SD card. 

Box are definitely going big, and while Dropbox is preferred by a good chunk of the market -- free desktop sync helps -- 50GB for free is too good to turn away. Hit the download links below to help yourselves.

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Do we get 50GB more on top of the one we tricked the app out of a month or so back?

mustangboy88 says:

For the people who just read the headlines and look at pictures.

"I didn't get an additional 50GB, so we'll say that it probably doesn't apply if you already got 50GB free out of them before."

"I didn't get an additional 50GB, so we'll say that it probably doesn't apply if you already got 50GB free out of them before." :) 

Limits on upload sizes make cloud storage pointless, IMO.

lfnsr says:

agreed! what good is 50gb of space when the limit is sssooo small! this is why i continue to use dropbox - even with less space. just easier to use...get rid of the upload limit and it would be my number one choice going forward...

neo3d says:

I agree, they need to get rid of the upload limit! DropBox has no stupid 2GB upload limit! 2GB is barely 10min of 1080p video recorded from my phone!

commonplace says:

Already had my 50GB for the TouchPad, but it's the upload limit that kills it, unfortunately. I'm using Minus. I have 50GB there (by invites) and it has a 2GB upload limit. SOLD! The interface could use some polish, but they keep improving.


banzaiwolfe says:

I'm fine with Box, I got in with the Touchpad early enough that the file size limit was still 1GB.

fathom39 says:

I'm tired of these apps wanting to read my contact information with no obvious and compelling reason. This is a new requirement for the upgrade. If I want others to collaborate on my files, I should be able to send them a link or just give them a password.

El Jefe says:

What is the file upload limit?

I would check the site myself but I am @ work & the firewall won't let me through. The reviews on the Market app aren't clear. I have seen everything from 1GB to 25MB.

arturox says:

I have read on the page and for free users the size limit is 100mb

Just enter and you will get that information

neo3d says:

This article is misleading.


mhans311 says:

The article says that free desktop sync is an advantage for DROPBOX

"Dropbox is preferred by a good chunk of the market -- free desktop sync helps"

vicw926a4 says:

Box, combined with Box for Office has solved my frustration with Google Docs, trying to manage synchronizations between them.

I love the UI - not totally perfect, but pretty darn good. My only concern is the apparent lack of encryption on transfer an storage, unless you have an expensive enterprise account. I'm not putting anything that I need to secure on it for now.

My personal account settings show 50GB, with a max file size of 100MB , upgradeable to 2gb at $15/mo

arturox says:

Already create my account and get the 50gb, thanks

worwig says:

The 100MB limit sure does ruin it for me.
But, hard to complain too much about free stuff.

Why does it need to read my contact data? That stopped me.

Nimocone says:

"Contacts Permission: We only use this permission to quickly retrieve email addresses when you want to invite collaborators, and do NOT store any contact information on Box's servers."

fldude99 says:

Is the 50GB free just for the first year? Suspicion tells me this is a teaser..

eerongal says:

Upon activating it and logging in to the app, it says something to the effect of "you have been rewarded with a lifetime free 50 GBs!"

I don't remember the exact message, but it most definitely said "lifetime" in it.

joewyno says:

Just got my free 50 gb!!!! YES!!!! Awesome!!!

Kid1da says:

Ive been using this for quite sometime. The upload limit is frustrating.

teffects says:

If Box wants any respect and usage from people, it will offer a desktop sync option to all 'Personal' customers, and not just the Business customers. It needs to figure out a different value add for the Business customers - maybe upload speed or limit. IMHO, without desktop sync, Box is a non-starter in the Personal space and Dropbox will forever be the app of choice.

how do you get the 50gb if your already a member i only have 2.25gb