AT&T International Wifi

You'll need to already have an AT&T roaming option on your plan, though

Boingo today announced a deal that will give the former access to the latter's Wifi hotspots at locations worldwide for no additional charge. AT&T customers already have access to Boingo hotspots in major international airports; this expands the coverage even further.

There is a slight catch, however, as you'll need to go through AT&T's Wi-Fi International app to get access, and that requires you to have one of AT&T's international roaming plans. The 300MB plan runs $60 a month, or you can get 800MB for $120 a month. Then you'll get up to 1GB of Boingo Wifi data on top of that.

Reciprocally, Boingo customers traveling in the U.S. will be able to use AT&T's Wifi hotspots while they're here.

Source: Boingo PR


Reader comments

Boingo, AT&T sign deal that gives access to Wifi worldwide


Wow that's not a deal. I hate you ATT and when that htc one hits tmo I'm packing up my sh*t. This is one over priced carrier and their data plans are the worse.

My phone bill is 200+ every months and it's because they wanna charge me up the ass for date along with everyone else. Spectrum and bandwidth can not be that much of a problem. All android phones do is suck up data.... Even when you are not using them.

Now the have the nerve to charge for wifi?? Seriously I want what ever drug they are using. I get that this wifi company would need to make a profit also but those prices are ridiculous.

Please tmo and htc hurry up and save me from this ratchet carrier.

This is INTERNATIONAL Wifi and it's used to augment the international data roaming plans. This is for when you're travelling and you don't wanna bother with getting a new SIM card in every country you visit. It's convenience mostly but having access to the Boingo hotspots means you don't have to use your roaming 4G data connection allocation as fast. It's a good thing., that's only NOT in America. This is INTERNATIONAL roaming, for when you are traveling abroad.

And what do you need this hugely expensive Wifi dataplan for when Wifi is free everywhere outside America nowadays?

Rather invest in some VPN provider to use public free wifi in a safe way (about 5 Euros a month).