Well, what do we have here? It seems like Motorola wants to keep pushing hard on the mid-range Android market with this portrait slider, which looks like it will get Verizon's "Droid" branding (or at least the red eye). This could point to some serious hardware, as Verizon has only given it's high-end Android devices the Droid name, while leaving the mid-range phones to fend for themselves (see: Moto Devour, LG Ally). 

The device remains unnamed and unannounced, and has a form factor similar to the Palm Pre. It also looks like it will come with a full QWERTY keyboard, which should provide physical keyboard fans with an alternative to the Droid 2 or Sprint's Epic 4G. It would be no surprise if Moto was gunning for Verizon's legions of BlackBerry users who might be looking for a change from their Bold or Curve.

Check a short and very blurry walkthrough of the device after the break. [via Android and Me]

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MowDownJoe says:

Would be awesome if it were true.

paa79594 says:

Such a pointless video.. hopefully we hear more about this one soon.

ak110707 says:

ugly. looks like the blackerry slider

Verizon to become the Droid monopoly..

eric.atx says:

Looks took much like a blackberry. Its ugly.

Gunner says:

I'm thinking that's the point. To draw in the Crackberry users who like that form factor.

hotkoko says:

of course its a blurry picture and video

oscarahj says:

Of course.
What a weak attempt at a "leak" by marketing.

dcdttu says:

Only high-end devices get the Droid name? Like the Droid Eris? Um....

prestonr83 says:

Droid eris was released by HTC though not Motorola

maddmatt02 says:

yes but the article says "devices", not "motorola devices" and the droid incredible is one of their "high end" phones, and its also HTC...

I guess way back when the eris/hero came out, it was somewhat high end...

NickF227 says:

And wasn't it the Droid Devour?

And that is so the BB Slider.

WarER4X says:

That's just what I was thinking: that's the BB slider made blurry so that the photoshopping of various details wouldn't be so obvious. Though, Motorola seems to be trying as hard as they can to make an Android phone in every form factor they can think of, so maybe it is real.


alexnaoumi says:

it looks like the palm pre and DROID went out on a date, had sex, and nine months later, this popped out. lol, of course this is going to verizon....(kinda wish this DROID goes to sprint).

hoosiercub says:

Not my taste.. but I would like to see a device of this form factor with Android on VZW to compete some of RIM's customers away from their Crackberries.. I am a convert, and I never looked back.

hotkoko says:

i love slider up phones. hopefully itll be a good one