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Our pals at CrackBerry are in the midst of testing a recently leaked version of the Android Player app for the PlayBook tablet. And guess what: It's running a newer version of Android than some 80 percent of you guys out there. When last we looked, some 18.6 percent of Android devices were running Android 2.3.x. (Honeycomb devices made up less than 1 percent on top of that.)

And RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook? Why, it's running Android 2.3.3, while some 59 percent of you out there are still officially stuck on Froyo, and another 18 percent are on Eclair.

Food for thought.

Source: CrackBerry, @bla1ze


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BlackBerry PlayBook has a newer version of Android than 81% of you


Rim is one manufacturer ..... with ONE device that supports android, and the feature isn't even live yet... its silly to make a comparison

The Playbook may have a version of Android some 80% of us don't have, but some 97% of us won't be buying it regardless. I do like the industrial design and size, but RIM's tablet strategy mystifies me.

I just bought a Droid Charge running 2.2 while other phones and tablets are coming out brand new running higher. What's up with that?!

(just kidding)! I'll have to pop over to Crackberry later and see how the fanboys are reacting to this news; you can never tell these days!

I just jumped to Android from BB too on the phone, but I have the PlayBook and it's awesome. Being able to run BlackBerry and Android apps will be very nice. There's no way I'd consider swapping it for just an Android tablet (for function and size reasons). Planning on loading the leaked Android player this week and trying it out.

Love my Android phone, but I do miss some of the great functions I had on the BB.

That's like asking if the folks here will stop bashing RIM and Blackberries. You already know the answer to that.

No matter what, people are gonna have their allegiances. That's not gonna change.

SS >__>

What about someone like me, who has an Android phone, an Android Tablet, a iPod Touch and a 8130 floating around.

You, like myself, represent a minority that can be very "device-atheist" and have genuine love for all different tech from different places. I'm just explaining it for the "fanboys", pretty much.

SS ^__^

i still use my bold for BBM and i have an itouch(barely use it, though) and i have an android tablet and phone. i like all OS' but i like android the best. and blackberry the worst.

Same here. Samsung Charge, XOOM 3g (lol), TBolt, Storm (ROTFL), ipod touch nano, MacBook Pro, Mac, Toshiba Satelite, oh and Google TV. Think its time for Betty Ford, no?

isn't there a 'leaked' version of 2.3.x for pretty much every phone? and given this is a tablet, isn't the right comparison to 3.x?

Lol why are people here so whiny? Be glad the playbook runs android. Now hopefully more people will develop quality programs. Granted they will be intended for playbook use but maybe they will port to the rest of android. Or we can hate and bash and a bb fan boy can say screw all other phones and dev for playbook only.

this is a great move for RIM, it should've launched with the device. I guess once it's released, we'll be able to install an email client like Gmail?

This is a sad day for RIM.
Bragging about how their brand new tablet runs the latest version of Android for phones.

How SAD...

Rim didn't brag about it. Crackberry did via Androidcentral. I get your point though. I think it's sad. If blackberry wanted to be an Android OEM ,they should have done it like everyone else. I feel a little diaguated that a non Android device is running Android Apps.

It's not sad. I think it's awesome. Not because of the Android apps but just because it shows how powerful the BlackBerry Tablet os is. Android 2.3.3 runs on the PlayBook like it was a fart app. Lol think about that. You can open and close it with a push of an icon or swipe of a finger. Android and iOS aren't capable of that. I mean do you think Android 2.3.3 could run the BlackBerry Tablet os in a sandbox?

Its fine to be an Android fan, I'm one also. But lets be realistic here, Android isn't nearly as capable as QNX. I seriously wish Google had bought QNX instead of Android. Because as of right now RIM has the most powerful mobile os there is and this leaked app pretty much proves that.

Just think to Tablet os it is just a leaked app. Not an os just another app. Android os is an app. That's incredible.

Having owed both Android and Apple phones, I will say that is one area where Apple is steps ahead of Android. When an OS update is available, everyone gets it right then. There isn't a 6 month waiting period for some users while others get it right away.

How is that different than android? If you have a pure android phone (Nexus S), everyone gets the update right when it comes out. Comparing ONE apple phone to 1000 android devices is comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended). If you compare iphone to nexus s than that's a fair comparison. Same goes for vanilla honeycomb tablets.

Well depending on what RIM can do with qnx, they may have doubled their potential. If android users could run iPhone apps what would we need the maket for? A bunch of you guys laugh and scoff at RIM and RIM may have made some mistakes in the past but they may be able to recover now. Think out of the box. RIM did and now they have the power of qnx and android at their finger tips. What do we have? Eclair and froyo and a few gingerbread crumbs.

first smartphone experience was with the tilt. then a bb curve 8900. for all their flaws, BlackBerrys are awesome for what they're meant for. i switched to android because i loved the idea of it just being a platform and the user making the phone whatever they want it to be. something blackberry's only skim the surface with, and iPhone can't even touch.

and the issue with waiting for our OTA updates vs the speed at which Apple releases their updates is that they only have 1 piece of hardware to update. Android has 3 steps. Google releases the update to an OEM. the OEM adds their layers. then the carrier has to check it on their specific hardware all the while trying to see what bloatware they can squeeze in.

Let's not forget about all the customization that service provider put on too....Think of the Espresso version on the my touch series, motoblur, and others....

That is the inherit problem here, and the benefit of android at the same time. AS with any piece of hardware/software....the more opportunity for customization, the longer to get updates.

That is not a bad thing for Android, but the average user does not know/understand it so they think that android updates are slow. At this point, IMHO, it is much more the fault of the provider, than the manufacturer or even google. Even with my BB8900 before on T-Mo, there were updates to the software that T-mo never pushed out to us users....some benefits in antenna reception and coverage, but T-mo never bothered. And the same is true with my G2....It's been released going on 8 months now, and still have not released a matter of fact, the device is already obsoleted in T-mo sales lineup....

Interesting to see what the hackers can do with this maybe we can get two tablets with one perches.