Taking BlackBerry Messenger cross-platform will make a lot of Android users happy. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to see it.

BlackBerry Messenger, the one killer feature that keeps a lot of folks from ever leaving the house without their BlackBerry, should be available for Android in September according to BlackBerry India managing director Sunil Lalvani. We've known that the messaging service was headed to Android since CEO Thorsten Heins announced as much last May, but at today's BlackBerry Q5 launch event in India we're getting a little more information.

The service is coming to Android this summer. But summer as per North America, where it remains till September.

When asked for clarification that this means a September launch, Lalvani replied that yes, that is correct.

We know plenty of folks will be happy to see BBM for Android, and we hope the programmers at BlackBerry do a great job and give us an app we will want to use. Hopefully, we'll know more in a month or so.

Source: IBNLive; Via: CrackBerry


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BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android in September, says BB India managing director


I;m sure we will try it but Hangouts is working for me. It's been so long since I've been on bbm I don't remember anything about it.

Second this. Was excited when they first announced it, but since then Hangouts has become my go to app.
I might still download it, since I've got a few BB diehard friends, but I'm not waiting with baited breath. In fact I'm not even holding my breath that we ever see this, seeing how BBRY has been with goals and deadlines.

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Does anyone even care for this anymore in the US? well other than the folks over in crackberry. Most people jump into other services when they jumped platform

I don't think anyone cares. This is just another (of very many) messaging services available. It's already painful enough to get people to all agree on just one service to use.

I consider September to be Fall and not Summer. Not that it's a big deal or makes much difference. Figures BlackBerry can't even do something this simple correctly. Par for the course I suppose.

Most people are able to read the quotes in the article and comprehend : "The service is coming to Android this summer. But summer as per North America, where it remains till September."

And this is true...the fall equinox is Sept. 22, 2013 in the USA.

Sticking with good old texting & hangouts. BlackBerry should have released this in 2009, people in the U.S. might still care.

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BlackBerry does one thing to include people on other phones and these are the comments it gets? If you guys didn't care about the headline, why bother reading it? Such a waste not give things a chance . It's no wonder why they call android users immature. Shame. World would be a better place without so much negatively.

Is it good that Blackberry is including other mobile platforms? Yes very, but it doesn't change the fact that it is already too late. People moved on from Blackberry and on to iOS and Android. BBM isn't going to have a chance because of all the other available services that the people are already accustomed to. Also, I have never heard of anyone calling an android user immature. You are just too optimistic in something that will most likely fail and calling android users immature won't change that.

The comments on here are always like this. Its a competition of who can act the most unimpressed.

I'm an Android user but not immature. I welcome BBM because all the knock-off messaging apps just don't work for me. The saddest day was when I lost my Bold...

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It's a bit too late... There will also be no way to monetize this for BB as rivals are offering services for free... Unless it comes with something revolutionary built in...

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Looking forward to this!
Seems like I am one of the few though. Maybe it's still because I am only two weeks new to Android and still have some BlackBerry blood in me.
I still have people that I will talk to on BBM, and frankly, I haven't found anything even close to a great messaging app such as BBM.
If they do a good job on it, then I think it will do well. Use the fake BBM app that we created a few weeks ago. It had 100k downloads in the short time it was available before it was taken down.
Obviously there are some other people that are looking forward to it as well.
Fingers crossed....

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I would use it.
I have family that still love their CrackBerry devices and won't switch.
They use them because their companies will not switch to anything else.

Blah to WhatsApp, Kakao Talk blows it OUT OF THE WATER. It's like a harmonica up against a symphony orchestra. I will never use anything but Kakao Talk and if a friend doesn't have it, well he just doesn't talk to me....

I'll give it a try, hope it has the video call and voice call feature then maybe i can delete certain other apps.

If it'll also be available via any browser (like hangouts) and also have a Chrome plugin, then it might have a chance

Oh come on, it's been a week since I parked my BlackBerry Curve 8900 and got an android phone. Now Whatsapp is crap. Come on people admit it BBM is the most powerful mobile messaging platform all around and when it's released for Free it will do well. Can't wait to have it on android.

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It may be crap, but way too many people are using it and it would be a challenge to get people to adopt to a new service when a similar one already exists.

Try Hangouts - it's really good (this is coming from a former hardcore bbm user - 8900, what a great phone, loved mine)

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Every one on here screaming its too late , no one would use it blah blah blah. face the fact bbm will be a success, its the only messaging app with video calling , voice calling, and you even share screens When you all on here download it and your friends using android devices you all can communicate better and the world a better place. You know also whatsapp is free for a year after which you pay subscription.

it won't have these at launch on android and ios, which makes it even worse that they're launching all the way in september. hangouts is free on both ios and android, and it has video and voice calling, and is supported on the desktop... sharing your phone's screen sounds gimmicky to me. hardly needed.

Not really, skype desktop got that feature, its pretty useful. I have a z10 and the bbm is way better than what it used to be ,just saying

BlackBerry should just go bankrupt and sellout to another company (Apple/ Samsung maybe). I was a diehard BB faithful. They've been on life support for much too long. It's time to let go.

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the problem with blackberry is that they say things that build up so much hype, and then fail people by delivering late. i get that september is still considered summer in north america, but when you get at your keynote and proclaim "BBM FOR ANDROID AND IOS THIS SUMMEERRRR!" i'm sure the mass majority of people are thinking that this will arrive sooner rather than later. september is the end of summer; pretty much fall.. the hype that was around bbm is quickly fading, and they have given whatsapp and hangouts legs to stand on by allowing them this long period of time to get their act together. as much as i would like to see blackberry succeed with this, i really think they're gonna be dead in the water. good luck, blackberry. you'll need it!

I used to be a soldier for Blackberry and BBM. Now I don't even remember the experience

This may be something for the Asian and African markets where people still use blackberry, but for the US market is irrelevant.

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I still miss the D/R from BBM. Hangouts has become my goto recently and it is an acceptable messaging client. I will check out BBM and see how it works on Android.

You gotta love the states. Just because BB is not the first choice here in the states doesn't mean its dead everywhere. I welcome BBM over texting or anything else for that matter.

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I'm still BB because I have a Torch 9810 that I love. Yes, I'm upgrading in August to an Android phone, but I will still frequent Crackberry, mostly because I have made quite a few friends over there and also because I will always be a BB person. It was my first smartphone and I've been with them ever since. The only reason I'm coming here is because all of the apps out there that would be useful to me are on iOS and Android...and I hate iOS. Nobody releases apps for Blackberry too much anymore.

I'm using blackberry 9800,its not easy for me to change my blackberry handset because of recently i unlocked my handset to use any simcard worldwide....