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Hey everyone, it's your favorite video correspondent on Android Central, Ashley Esqueda -- this time, I had the pleasure of heading to Austin, Texas, for the Big Android BBQ on Sunday, and if you didn't make it ... well, you missed a great time. Not only did I get to meet the greatest editor in chief of all time, Phil Nickinson, I also got to hang out with the coolest people on the planet: Android fans, celebrities, and community champions!

If you're not familiar with what the Big Android BBQ is, the name says it all: it's when Android fans from around the world collide with OEMs, contests, conferences, and delicious, delicious barbecue. Aaron Kasten, founder of AndroidSWAG and the Big Android BBQ, organized the first event last year, and it was such a success that he (and some very incredible and generous volunteers) planned an even bigger get together for their second event. I guarantee next year's event is even bigger, better, and full of all the excitement and energy the crowd brought this year.

Over the entire BBQ weekend, lots of events and activities commenced: a bar crawl in Austin for 21+ attendees; a full day's worth of Android-centric conferences including CyanogenMod, HTC, and XDA Developers; a pre-BBQ pool party at the official hotel of the event; a scavenger hunt on Sunday; and the BBQ itself, featuring giveaways, merriment, and even a marriage proposal!

Check it out!

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vinny jr says:

I'm hungry looking at the food. Yikes.


I love how that guy in the beard is cramming his eyes down SassiBob’s tight gay shirt. Take a peek at 43 seconds into the video. One word… temptation.

CaptainYoshi says:

Yeah, what's with the creepy guy at 44 seconds???

Gekko says:

the lesson here is - always wear your sunglasses when you're creepin'.

LGiusti84 says:

Yeah, specially if you are holding a pair of them on your hand!

jean15paul says:

No pool party shots? :( I definitely would have like to see Ashley at the pool party. ;)

Gekko says:

nice job Ashley.

sandplasma says:

Those chicks are hot! how come you guys didnt invite WTF!?

Raadius says:

Why don't you host this in LA? Hosting it in the same place every year seems kinda mute IMO.

Los Angeles is a HUGE market, a huge mobile market, im sure there are TONS of Android heads there that would attend. I guess im mad because I live in LA lol.

TGoblin says:

Yeah but the bbq's better in Austin