Big Android BBQ

Get together with thousands of like-minded Android nerds October 10-12

It's that time of year where tickets become available for the Big Android BBQ, the top yearly gathering of Android hackers, enthusiasts, friends and families. The BBQ returns to the same Hurst Convention Center, outside of Dallas, as last year but runs a little earlier in the month from October 10th to the 12th.

Tickets start at just $55 for general admission, and there are $100, $175 and $250 ticket levels as well if you want some extra perks with your BBQ experience. You can check out all of the details and buy your tickets at the link below.

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Reader comments

Big Android BBQ 2013 tickets now on sale!


Some would say if it's not Lexington, NC (or Pork, etc) that it's not BBQ either.
ME, I have never had Kansas City BBQ, but I have had some great BBQ in Texas, NC, Memphis, etc. I don't think I can get down for this one (finances, etc.) but I'm sure it's gonna be a GREAT time!

Most of the BBQ in KC sucks, but there are a couple joints that are very good, forget the name, but this one guy who sells wood to all the restaurants cooks his in a little smoke shack and is the best I had in Missouri. Other than that place, KC is a pretty bad place, looks like a Giant East St.Louis. It looks completely dilapidated

Can't wait! So glad this stuff isn't in Florida, California, or the North East because I can actually go.

I really wish this event was still in Austin, so I could hit up Franklin's Barbeque and get some of their brisket. Still thinking about going, though :-).

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