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Droid Incredible 2 white

Rumors of a white Droid Incredible 2 have been floating around for a while now. And it looks like Best Buy -- no stranger to exclusive color schemes -- will be peddling the pale paint job. Our tipster is seeing an "in-stock" date of Aug. 21, but that might or might not mean it'll be available for purchase this Sunday.

The good news is the price still looks about right -- $149 after contract. One more pic is after the break.

Thanks, anon!

 Droid Incredible 2 white


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Best Buy to sell white Droid Incredible 2


@gatorboi352: I would agree. I love mine. 4g data would be nice for sure, but the 3g speeds on this let me stream netflix clearly in my 17" laptop without a hitch, so I'm good. Plus with all the problems that have been reported with the TBolt, for example (battery and network issues) I'd rather let the 4g phones go to second generation and the network mature before I take that jump. The 4g phones are great, don't get me wrong. But for overall reliable performance, responsiveness and smoothness, I do believe this is one of the best phones out there. It can compare well with some of the newer dual processor phones out now, and that says a lot, especially with the battery life it affords, too.

Wow really people would care so much on the phone color when most likely they will put on a case that you will never see it? Well at least smart people put on a phone protector case in any color, but white phones just look so tacky anyways.

I'll put it this way. I had originally got a black Samsung Fascinate last October when Best Buy did their free-phone fridays. Loved it, well, that was short lived. However, the plastic on the back was very scratch-prone, so I ended up buying a case for it. Fast-forward a bit, my phone bricks during an OTA, I take it back, and get the white one, which I was kind of apprehensive about, but as it turns out, the white plastic doesn't scratch like the black/grey/chrome. No need for a case any longer. It was unique, I haven't seen anyone using a white Fascinate in the wild still, I'm sure they're out there, but not as common as say, a white iPhone. I would love to rock my OG Dinc with no case, but I have this fear that my little chromed plastic letters will fall out, and I don't want that, so the TPU case stays.

Well it's a start at least... I'm on the "give me colors" bandwagon today. Black and "oooh it's white now" just isn't cutting it for me. If I could get a red flip phone six years ago why can't I get a red smart phone now?

Seems like a major regression in design aesthetics. I hope it ends soon.

And no - a case/cover isn't good enough. Some of us don't like them.

Last time I checked though, isn't the Inspire 4G a dark chocolate color? Also, the BB Torch comes in red. Just sayin.

I doubt I'll be going back to BB for my personal phone any time soon, but I *love* their red phones. The color is really nice and bold (pun fully intended) without looking gaudy.

Me too.. they're getting there though. If they just had a feature set like most modern Android handsets, I could be sold on BBOS 7 or eventually QNX. They make really, really good hardware. I miss my full qwerty so much sometimes.

I didn't know about the inspire being brown so that's ok I guess but a Torch? Come on now... you're making my point for me.

I do think a silver DInc2 would be nifty. Even more nifty had they kept the red highlights.

Why is it so hard for manufacturers to create a real "white" phone? Look at the HTC Evo white, its only the back!, Now look at this, its not all white? I dont get it, does Apple have some kind of patent that avoids everyone else from making a true white phone? I am just saying... anyways getting tired and bored of Android, I am taking a break I will be back in Jan/Feb when the real next generation phones come out... Hello BB Bold 9930!

I think it might just be more difficult than it sounds. Remember how long Apple took to get the white iP4 out? I think I remember TiPb saying that it was hard to get the white case made so that it didn't leak light. Maybe that's a challenge for other manufacturers, too.

Because I don't know if you've ever actually used a white-faced phone like the iPhone, light leakage, and it makes viewing content on a bright screen kind of bleh in the light next to a bright white background.

Would you go to a movie if all the walls were white like screen that the image is projected on? Making the back/sides/bezel white is probably the best we'll get. I'm ok with that myself, as I want the screen surround to be black. I would like more colors though for them, maybe silver, blue, red, cocoa.

Exactly. Even the flip phones had a black border around the screen itself. Given that the most of the front side of the phone is screen real estate I don't expect much change there. But there's no reason the side bezel and battery cover couldn't be a bit more colorful.

Last Christmas BB offered the DINC with a white back. It looked very nice,especially with the red chrome around the camera lens. The White Fascinate was unique and very modern looking as well.