HTC Flyer

Best Buy has the exclusive launch of the WiFi only, 7-inch HTC Flyer tablet covered, and now they've announced their pre-sale date as being April 24. If you simply must have the HTC Sense-loving, 1.5GHz-powered Flyer, then you'll want to hit up Best Buy on that date and let them know you are more then willing to give them $499 in exchange for one. Personally, we're still wishing it was being launched with Honeycomb but some of the HTC added enhancements such as the built in Scribe technology do counter that a little. Anybody planning on a pre-sale order? [Best Buy]


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Best Buy pre-sale of the Wi-Fi only HTC Flyer starts April 24


No even worth considering when you can get a dual core Tegra with 1GB RAM, 10" 1280x800 display and Honeycomb for $399 starting on the 26th.

will be pre-odering for sure... I've been itching for a truly mobile tablet with a stylus and palm rejection since i bought my Ipad.

Its amazing how many people will jump to a nice device that is running last years hardware and last years OS. Look at the thunderbolt...*yawn*

not to mention it certainly aint cheap

well last year no tablet hardware had a stylus with palm rejection, and to my knowledge a 1.5ghz processor. Everyone is salivating over dual core, but if you aren't planning on playing games and such does it really matter? I think the most important thing is that the device meets your specific needs. I'm and architect, and designer. So i do a lot of sketching, note taking, and sketching over existing photos and images. I can't think of a single tablet on the market that fits this need as well as the Flyer. I could care less about playing games or watching movies on this thing. But to each his own...

Amen to that brother. I'm an artist / designer and caring around an electronic sketch book - that also does normal tablet stuff, has been something I've been waiting for for quite a while.

I hope they continue to develop this product, a Wacom type sensitivity level drawing surface and a Painter type software would be PERFECT.

To each his own it true. Most people here, it seems, are only geekishly interested in the STATS of these gadgets and crave after the newest tech only to kill zombies. They don't realize that there are people who actually use this as TOOLS for WORK.

Uggh...Look, I get it, you like the pen and everything as much as I do. It opens doors to a lot of things creatively. I have a pro wacom tablet and understand the capability you'd like to see. What you're not seeing is that by greatly expanding the capability you also greatly increase the demand on the OS, RAM and CPU. Getting Photoshop on there and doing a bunch of really nice graphics work is NOT easy on a cpu guys. Thats why anyone who knows what they are doing has a nice machine. Being able to that portably without last years tech is where you should be looking. Again, I didn't say anything that wasn't true in my post. Lets get real here folks...this thing is TOP dollar and under powered except for casual users (non-graphics). If you say dual core isn't all sir are an idiot. Look at the PC world. Especially once Ice Cream drops soon enough.

At first, this was my choice for the tablet, regardless if it's last years OS (Cynogenmod anyone?). Now because of the price, I'll wait for the rumored Nexus Tab. If not, until tablets prices lowers down. So NO!!!!!!!


Here's why: The pen.

Name me another device in this form factor that I can write on.

There simply isn't one.

The Flyer promises to be the best long-hand note-taking tool since the Newton 2100, and of course, much better. Many professionals, students and others still have the need to take handwritten notes. Needless to say, the ability to record and sync audio to those notes is a huge plus.

I don't care how many HTC sells. I don't even care if the Flyer is a success or not.

What I do care is that the Flyer works, and that it lasts. If it does last anywhere as long as my Newton has, in another 14 years or so I'll be in the market for its replacement.

How dare you be so level headed and make so much sense?!? This is teh internetz! But you hit it right on the head. HTC Scribe, if it works even half as well as advertised, puts this one in a complete different category than the rest.

Could not have said it better myself. I'll be returning my Xoom to Best Buy and exchanging it for the Flyer. It simply fits MY needs more as long as it runs smoothly (which it wouldn't launching with honeycomb).

No no no no no no no no.... I LOVE HTC but this is a release fail.

Here's why:

$499 for a 7 inch tablet (This is like a 7 inch Xoom minus 3.1 inches of real estate and no Honeycomb).

No Honeycomb... WTF? Why?? Why?? PLEASE tablet manufacturers STOP releasing half finished products.

HTC Scribe... great idea but if it doesn't recognize handwriting and transcribe it then it's pretty useless for note taking. Hell, even my old HTC Touch Pro did that.

I was hoping HTC would release a winner early on. A large (10") dual core tablet with Tegra 2 and some innovation like a dockable keyboard. Oh wait Asus did that already with the Transformer for $399. Can't wait until 4/26!

This tablet is clearly not for everyone - THANK GOD. As the tablet market matures, I am hoping for even MORE diversity in this line of products.

People who only look at size and price aren't looking at the product.

But this is the 16GB version and the 32GB will probably cost another $100 or so. If the $500 price point was for the 32GB model, I could see a smaller capacity version that sold for $400 doing well, but that isn't the case. I <3 HTC and have for years, but for this price there's no way I'm picking this up.

Although I love htc this tablet reminds me of a bigger version of my phone, needs Honeycomb and to be slightly bigger. I'll pass and get the G-tab 8.9...nice tablet though.

I want it on sprint but what happens to text messaging when its upgraded to honeycomb? No text in honeycomb right? I want this to be my smart phone minus the phone. I have a dumbphone and a Tab now and its very useful for me. This seems better but I still want texting/SMS.

Naahh.. for $499?? Thanks but I'll pass... I'll just wait till the tablets prices will be the same as netbooks.. $300 - $340 not more than that...

Not sure why everyone is referring to this as half-finish because it doesn't run Honeycomb. Honeycomb seems like the half-baked thing. That's why they're not releasing the source code. As someone running CM7 on a NC, I can tell you that Android 2.3 on a 7" screen is perfectly fine.

That said, the $499 price is unrealistic and disappointing. I'd be considering trading in my NC if this was $350. No way at $499.

I don't really see 7 inch screen as a tablet. Its either a huge phone, or a fancy e-reader. Like, i thought the Galaxy Tab was big until I went to the Samsung store in NYC and held it in my hand.

I can't wait for this to come out!! I like 7" tabs better since they feel better in my hands. I played with the Xoom and didn't like the size at all.

I'm interested in this tablet, but probably not interested enough to pre-order. The lack of OCR is my primary hangup. 7" screen is about right for me, after having handled the Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry Playbook. Asus EEE Pad MeMO is my only other option right now, but I'm not too thrilled with the looks of the tablet or the stylus.