Future Samsung Galaxy Tab and Huawei Ideos Tablet S7 owners can get one step closer to their device today, as Best Buy Mobile has just began preselling these slick new Android tablets.

Although Verizon Wireless and Sprint are launching their Galaxy Tabs a few days apart from each other, you can lighten your bank account by $599 today at your local Best Buy. 

If the Galaxy Tab's price tag and data plan are priced out of your price range, the WiFi-only Huawei Ideos Tablet S7 will also release sometime in November as well, at a much more affordable $299.  [Best Buy]


Reader comments

Best Buy Mobile begins preselling Galaxy Tab & Huawei Ideos Tablet S7


im more interested to see how an android OS more geared toward this form factor and screen size will do (which froyo was not designed for). other wise i feel to pressure no purchase.

The Tab and Streak do have market access, but larger higher res tablets (archos 101) will not. I dont think the Tab is DOA, i just think froyo and apps in general were not designed for say hd (720p+). If I read your comment correctly there is nothing lost on a 7", but above that size i'd say the experience requires a more optimized tablet os and google loosening the certification requirements for the market. IMO of course.

I just think 7 inches is not enough for a tablet. I am also surprised we have not seen more manufactures wanting to release before the holiday season. I mean it is November in one week.

Carious if more people are looking at these 7 inches or they want larger?

I agree with admiral70. Seven inches for media consumption is on the small side. I think the Ipad got that right at about 10 inches. I'll probably hold off until some slightly bigger android tablets arrive.