Best Android games

Another 30 days, another batch of excellent new Android game releases

We've gathered up yet another collection of the very Android games to come out over the last four weeks. Whether you're looking for a twitchy action title, or a slow, methodical strategy game, or a light, bite-sized puzzler, we've got a bit of everything. We've only got five to look through, plus we'll have another round-up for non-game apps. As always, our community tends to dig up some great finds too, so be sure to swing by the comments to find more.


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Best Android games of June 2014


Really? A slideshow? BS! Yeah, I see the "ALL" button, but it's easier to read an article when it defaults to a list. The site redesign isn't all about user friendliness, I see. You're treading on thin ice, Android Central...

Man, am I exhausted from hitting that "ALL" button. I mean it took me about .5 seconds to locate it and another .5 seconds to get my cursor to it and click. And finally another .5 seconds for the page to load. Damn AC I demand my 1.5 seconds back!

I assume it is to get a new ad to show up each time which is kind of annoying. I use adblock though so I don't mind too much.

It most certainly is for that reason. More and more ads all over AC recently. Even the podcast.
Gotta pay for the Glorious Leader's new office and all those plane tickets and Hilton suites all over the globe..
It sure adds up quickly when you want to personally attend all those events while living in Pasadena!
Business is good at AC.
Cant say there is more content than before, though.

Hilarious how a site dedicated to Google, who makes all their billions on ads, can't make money on ads... how do you people think all this is "free"? Use the damn app if it's so irritating.

Your dumb if this makes you mad.

Where is this all button you speak of?? I don't see it anywhere.... Never mind. I see it now. I swear that wasn't there until I refreshed the page.

Yeah, I don't complain anymore once I realized I could make it all go away with the click of that All button.

I don't see any All button :( I can't even get the drop-down page selector, so I have no choice but to read through each one. Or not read the article, which is what I chose.

Using Chrome

...aaand after I posted that, the all button appeared :) i bit buggy, I guess it didn't think I was logged in.

If you don't log in, you can't even see that ALL button. Well, it took me 05 minutes (no decimal) to figure it out.

I demand my 05 minutes (no decimal) back.


Totally agree, what the hell are you doing AndroidCentral!!! I thought the post was buggered at first, took me a few moments to realise there was a button to press to start to read the article!

all button wasn't there originally,
Androidcentral was one of the last sites that didn't throw click bait titles, slideshows, and sponsored links everywhere for profit. not anymore it seems.

But sadly, this is the way the internet works these days. Maybe offer an Android Central Premium for those who are willing to monetize directly.

It's all about page clicks and ad revenue. Just be glad AC gave us the "All" button. One site I visit (though no as often as I used to), makes you click through several pages before you even see the first page of real content. And no "All" button at all.

And that's really the answer to most of these complaints. One more click is a bit of a hassle, but that's really all it boils down to. If you're logged in, the button shows up. I agree the slideshow layout isn't ideal yet, but we've got our guys working on improving it.

Completely agree. And, it isn't even a slideshow (which I wouldn't mind). It's a brand new webpage, which refreshes and kicks me back to the top of my browser.

The new design is horrible, and these slide shows are annoying as f***. Get your s*** in order or I'll be visiting this site less and less.

I'm not thrilled about this new format either, but I don't hate it... I can always press the "ALL" button and 'go back' to the old layout, after all. But I would have preferred if the slideshow was an embedded one, something that I can cycle through but doesn't refresh the entire page every single freakin' time.

Came here for this. Honestly the only worthy android website is Android Police. These link/click baits are not user friendly and are RSS feed incompatible.

Nothing in this world is free. If you like the site and want them to stay around, they have to make some money. Suck it up, and stop whining!

From your post: "Agreed.... To whom it may concern... QUIT YOUR BITCHIN! Don't use this site or any other site if you don't like it."

Agree with others, slideshow button things is so annoying. I am sure the reason for less comment is only because people have seen those slide and button...and said....aaah....forget it. Need to redo changes to get more traffic that's all I can suggest.

I've been playing piano tiles with my kids. They keep trying to beat the master but it always ends in terrible defeat

Posted via Android Central App

So, this is actually a tough situation I've been in over the last few months. Bad games get popular. Boom Beach is a fair example. Another is this Kim Kardashian one that's tearing up the charts. I got an e-mail about it before launch, and as you can imagine, I wasn't too interested in it, but clearly there's a lot of public interest in that sort of game. Do I write about it in that situation? Just a news post, or save it for the round-up, or ignore it altogether?

Gee, didn't you recently say "To whom it may concern... QUIT YOUR BITCHIN! Don't use this site or any other site if you don't like it."
The door swings both ways.

Oh yeah, Kim Kardashian ain't making its way into the round-ups, but stuff like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans have made their way into the comments for other round-ups, and I'd put them in the same category of quality.

I agree with those commenting about how horrible the new layout is, it's even worse on the phone - and this is suppose to be at site that understands mobility.

Back to topic: The Walking Dead: Season 2 is the best game of this month

Walking Dead is for sure high quality. The episodic content I have trouble wholeheartedly recommending though... I tend to hold out until the full season is done before considering it a complete product.

Taht is a fair point. But TWD Season 2 did come out this month for android after a long wait. it's there in the play store and each episode is pretty awesome in them selves - so I'd consider it a complete product from launch with updates coming like any other game

Yeah, that's true. It's a grey area. In any case, worthy of the honorable mention at very least. Season 1 was fantastic. Hoping once Republique wraps up its season it'll launch on Android.

For those that cannot see the ALL button, it only appears when you log with your username and password. When it shows, it appears in the slideshow navigation bar.
I logged to say goodbye to the site when I suddenly saw it.