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We were there when Google showed off the power of Android 2.2 and Froyo's new Just-in-Time compiler -- think zoom zoom! -- but you know the old saying ... trust, by verify. And so we shall. Above we have the Nexus One with Froyo, the Evo 4G with Android 2.1 and Sense, and the Motorola Droid with Android 2.1. Ran them all through Linpack, and the numbers hold up. We're seeing scores on Android 2.2 that are 600 percent or so higher than on Android 2.1. And this is in a pre-release version of Froyo, without any of the optimizations that we're likely to see from the ROM chefs out there. Booyah.


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Benchmarking Android 2.2 (Froyo) and the JIT against Android 2.1 (Eclair)


Really appreciate you guys. I'm hitting the site multiple times an hour just to stay up to date. EVO lands in my hands tomorrow. You're a great resource and any concern I had about leaving the PreCentral community has passed. Glad you're all connected.

My incredible is doing the same as yours over and over . Also faster than the mighty Evo lol

Cause you have half the things in the background shut down ;)

Notice the Evo has live wallpapers running, syncing numerous mail and twitter feeds, and chances are has market, browser, etc etc running in the background. The two phones will preform basically the same.

I have all of the Above running on my Droid Incredible and just got 6.7. I ran Neocore and got 25.4. Since I'm sure people will call "BS" I took a picture with my cam of the Neocore results.


I'm not trying to start an argument here, but it so far it looks like the Incredible is faster than the Evo4G/Droid.

The Evo and incredible run on the same hardware. Only difference is screen size.The Incredible and Evo are both faster than the Droid, the only other reason I can think of for the Evo getting slower is because of its 4G radio.

FYI, Bonnie Cha from cnet and a couple others have mentioned that the Incredible feels snappier than the Evo 4G. I'm not saying the Evo 4G is slow, just stating the facts.

SENSE as simple as that... yes it has stuff running on the back ground so it makes it slower... wait till we put stock 2.2 on it... it's going to fly! ;)

That's the first thing I thought of. I can't wait to get my Evo, and a lot of people have tried to sway me to liking sense. I haven't, I'm open to it...and if there is a device that Sense will be best on I'm sure it's the Evo. But as soon as a stock ROM is available I'm going to jump all over it, HTC widgets be damned.

Is that because of the Droid's CPU architecture?
I think I read somewhere that it has a separate GPU amongst other things.

Lol just got 13.3 flops on my rooted Droid with jit not touching the n1 but still makes the evo look bad

Am I to understand that when the Evo gets upgraded to 2.2, it will get the JIT processing capability? All in the software? Amazing!!

Good looks and charm? :p Actually, I think I may be running Kmobs' kernel on it. I can't remember what I do to these phones anymore. Lol

What's going on here, the evo is suppose to be a power house..and it can't even beat the droid?? not sure how i feel about getting it anymore

definitely doesn't make the evo look good....

dont buy it, it'll save me the time of waiting in line to get mine =P

what happens if you disable sense on the htc evo? will that impact the performance of the benchmarks?

if i remember correctly, the neocore result was 26.7fps on a nexus one with android 2.1... don't expect the htc evo will get a nice boost in fps with the 2.2

everyone here is saying they can't wait to get 2.2 on their Evo, but don't expect it anytime soon.....take a hint from the Hero, it's gonna take forever!!!!!! :( and the Droid is getting it before the Incredible, however nobody knows even when the Droid will get it "in the near future" as they said!!! thank god i have a Nexus!

i get the feeling that when the Evo and Incredible get their taste of Froyo, the Nexus One will get Gingerbread...lol!

I just downloaded linpack and my droid incredible is hitting 6.985 to 7.095 mlops. I'm sorry, but that evo is just to damn big. I would hate to have to try to carry that thing around in my pocket, that would just suck. I love my incredible!!

Hero + Sense + OC and I get 30fps... Beezy got 33fps

:P Whats wrong with you captain slow!

...just got 34fps

LOL at Gundam! "Shining finger!!!"

Anyhoo, anybody else think that the screen on the EVO looked brighter and clearer? I know, I know, its probably the video, screen settings, ambient light, and so on; but I think it looks better :D

I talked to a Google developer yesterday that said 2.2 was coming to the Evo on June 20th :) Of course he had an Evo with 2.2 on it already, he couldn't stop talking about it.

I really hope your telling us the truth and not pulling our legs..i just really hope your right..god i hope your right..lol

Pre-Android (no pun intended) I was camp WebOS and nearly all of their updates were about speed, performance, battery life and enhancements. Never did I experience an increase in battery life or notice any significant speed improvement worth mentioning. So naturally I was skeptical about 2.2's possible 5X speed improvement but i'll be damned... I see it. It's ****ing fast all across the board and the browser on WiFi runs AMAZING.

You know, the N1 isn't the biggest and best anymore. And it's even got a couple of quirky downsides to it's hardware. But you know what? Despite all of that, owning an N1 feels like sitting in the first seat up front on a roller coaster ride. I enjoy that kind of thrill :)

I ran Linpack on my Evo and I came out with much higher numbers.


Average of 6.8847 MFLOPS.

yup same here... i get 37-40 mflops in Linpack on my none rooted evo. and a avg of 1300 on quadrant standard (full benchmark). My highest was 1365.