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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the LG U.S. National Texting Championship? Our pal Stephanie -- aka the LG Girl -- gives you a backstage look at the tech that keeps the thumbs tapping on the LG DoublePlay.


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Behind the scenes with the LG DoublePlay at the U.S. National Texting Championships


I think this says something about our culture that there is such a thing as a National Texting Championship.

And nothing good.

Wait what?
1. Satellite connections are 22k miles and as such have a delay of 1-2 seconds.

2. Text messages are not sent immediately, they are queued and sent with the synchronous packet that is sent every 5.12 seconds. This is the little piece of data that looks for incoming calls, voicemails, etc, text messages are just tacked on to the end of the packet.

So a combined varitaion of 7 seconds?
Sure as hell doesn't sound "real-time" to me.

Stephanie the LG girl > Carly the T-Mo girl! ;P Regardless, these girls are the only good thing going for either company (LG smartphones suck as does T-MO service). It is rather amusing there is a national texting championship! Notice how most contestants are young? LOL

Whatevs, if the frikkin Scripps Howard national spelling bee can be on espn every year let those kids enjoy they're texting competition lol