It's Friday, and we're trying to power our way through to the weekend. Chances are you are, too. Let's help with that. This morning we're giving away three Lloyd mugs. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. We'll close things down at 5 p.m. Eastern time, and notify the winners the weekend.

Free. Lloyd. Mug. (Coffee/Bailey's not included.) Good luck, everyone!

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I bet some hot Earl Grey tea would be nice in a mug like that.

kcn711 says:

love it

DocToxyn says:

My coffee would taste so much sweeter from this mug. Not to mention showing off the best Android Site in my Apple dominated office.

brendanl79 says:

Oh boy! I would LOVE a free Lloyd mug! Thank you for the opportunity, kind sirs!

bold1193 says:

Awesome mug!

3.juan4 says:

I need a mug to rival my girlfriends mug.

camiller says:

Please! I promise to only fill this mug with fine coffee made from freshly ground coffee, roasted locally. If it were on my desk today it would be Ethopiean Yergichef!

Tim8002 says:

Mugged that Droid!!!!

crgbrstl says:

Mug please

Irvgotti says:

Now this would save the day during a 12hr work shift.

huynhp says:

a nice mug for work! :)

kill4food says:


bryanc28 says:

Please??? Need a new coffee mug for work.

nicholasbgr says:

Do want!

Jonesy1366 says:

I am a total nerd for swag, winning one of these would be awesome!

BDain says:

A great way to go green! No more styrofoam cups!

TransBat says:

An LLoyd Android mug would be the perfect thing to help me through my long, sleepless nights with my first child due in a matter of days!

Davyes says:

Me me me!!!

r1fo says:

In the eternal words of Mario: Here we go!

ehall1957 says:

Nice coffee mug...

db36 says:

ooh i need this! i'm tired of cupping my hands for coffee.

navynuc730 says:

Two of my favorite things...androidcentral and coffee!

tyson.clarke says:

I want the mug to fill with Apple juice, so I can spit the Apple juice, on Apple fans as they come in my store.

I will actually ingest Android....juice. Liquid Jelly Beans and Ice Cream Sandwich

mathematiker says:

My coffee will taste better! I want an android-based coffee maker, too!

Ryandroid86 says:

ooo. I can use this for a nice cup of tea

sakasune says:

Free mug! Free mug! Free hat...I mean, free mug!

psipher says:

thanks for the giveaway.

dakid2k6 says:

Would love to have it and show off how android rocks and sheep's don't.

danfinger says:


HarleyChick says:

Yeah, hand over the mug.....NOW!

kilen71 says:

Yes!!! This would be so awesome for my morning coffee. And afternoon coffee. And night time coffee!!!

readhpr says:

That would certainly brighten up my office.

robnaj says:

I like it.

RandomSF says:

I'll drink to that.

azjerry says:

Sure hope I win!

babowling says:

I want one! Instead of my morning "Cup of Joe" I could have a morning "Cup of Lloyd"

Hooray! More stuff for my desk. Good thing it's huge.

gagb1967 says:

Oh It would look SO GOOD in my Desk! Some of my "i"coworkers already envy my GNex, they would die when they see it!

baronofbeer says:

Awesome mug!

XenIneX says:

Coffee and Android. Usually the start of a good day. Usually.

onsoku says:

This cup will be the most significant cup I would ever use, besides the one I received after climbing Grouse Mountain. Because I'm a sailor, and REAL sailors don't wash their cups [we like to grow our own penicillin]; Lloyd would get pretty damn dirty, but would never catch a virus!


ttriplett1 says:

Well if you're giving them away, why not?

This would make an excellent addition to my desk next to my EVO 4G LTE

afranci703 says:

Would love to drink coffee out of this every morning...Right in front of the all the Apple fanboys...

BaMaDuDe87 says:

Delete me please

RasJacob says:

I like coffee (and Lloyd).

scraptacular says:

Yay! AC & Lloyd swag for me!

briang23 says:

I work in a restaurant so my work week is barely getting started

tmitche2 says:

Cool mug, I would love one please!

xnewethicx says:

COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This would make a great replacement for my "I'm Drinking Pee" mug... (Management HATES that one)

Awecome mug to put hot chocolate into.

gpaoli815 says:

Give me, Give me, Give me.

I'm not too much of a coffee drinker, but my girlfriend LIVES off of it. It's her birthday too, so this would make a nice (even if a little late) addition to her birthday present.

If you're reading this, I love you Chelsea!

zero3187 says:

I want a free Lloyd mug :)

sdc5364 says:

I love coffee

jaimepar says:

I need this for work.

7590steve says:

That's awesome. I want one :-D

mauidiver40 says:

yes please

YBCold says:

I just dropped my mug the other day! This would be a perfect replacement!

unglued94ta says:

Not trying to be comment # 666

jschmitty21 says:

Nice Mugs!

knartfokker says:

Mug goooood.

Yell0w says:

Would love to win this!

jrw says:

That's a schweet mug :-)

antar8543 says:


alter3d.c0re says:

Pick me! I desperately need a mug that screams my devotion to the Android ecosystem and its community!

Awesome! I love AC! How about a T-shirt too? :)

SeanBest says:

OMG that is... AWESOME!

homieelee says:

more coffee!!

Would drink my coffee in pride with this mug!

CryoGear says:

New default mug!!!! Nice addition to my Android obsession, erm collection.

draken says:

Can never have too many mugs, especially one with Lloyd on it...

physphil says:

One please.

jasenjr3 says:

Why do I have to scroll down so far to comment :(

Watcher07 says:

Me and Lloyd go way back, went to different schools together...

mathiasjk says:

I'm going to win that mug. Because I can!

dhunter756 says:

I really need a mug. I'm drinking from disposable cups these days.

Dist says:

Mmmm.. Mug..

Doan says:

I don't usually enter novelty contests, but this is something I can actually use!

Here's my comment. Nice mug!

Nice mug! I would definitely put it to good use if I won it.

dave99999 says:

Sounds good to me

KatC2 says:

I need this! I'm tired of drinking out of a beer stein in the morning :)

Shoesmom says:

I would love to share my morning coffee with Lloyd!! Pick me!

mitchstehlin says:

mug backwards spells gum.

Can't think of a better way to start my morning then coffee with Lloyd !

billy5274 says:

Pick me, pick me! I would love a new mug to use in front of my iphone friends.

I would LOVE to show off my Android pride with this mug!

EpicAl says:

The perfect thing to hold while perusing AC in the AM. Sign me up!

AstroValia says:

IT'S FRIDAY!!! It was so hard to get up this morning, can't wait til I finish class and get to visit my family for the weekend.

kmiman says:

Lloyd mug is so cool!

I'd like one!

SunburstPB says:

I want my Lloyd!

FNPonderous says:


bozstuff77 says:

I would love a mug from my favorite website!!

Rab95 says:

Yes please!

Thanks for the contest.


I can has mug?

bb17592 says:

60% of the time I win the Lloyd mug EVERYTIME!!! But no really, I'd love to have Lloyd on my desk.

2gerry says:

That's pretty cool mug. I'd love to have one.

Wyatt says:

Coffee will taste just that much better now.

Nexuslover27 says:

I would drink coffee every morning just because of the mug!

jedson01 says:

pick me!

dkear says:

Yes please!

JTDavis86 says:

As much coffee as I drink, I NEED this mug!

gimmie the llyodster PLEASE!

Sh3ngLong says:

Pick me, pick me!! I'm known to walk around the office with a mug always in my hands, so if you pick me, it's like 24/7 promotion for you guys. :D

napmonstr says:

lloyd can help me keep warm during the coming winter months :D

cgg074 says:

Three words: I WANT IT!!!! :)

tetsuo says:

sweet, i need a new coffee mug for my desk here at work!

mijarro says:

I want that mug!!!!!

sitsambry says:

I would love to be bringing back my coffee to my desk with this. Would probably get a few looks from the apple fanboys

djsindt says:

Sure. I could use a new coffee mug.

k1ing says:

I love Lloyd and I love free stuff. So this is great. MOOOORE free stuff!

djoneal says:

nice to start my morning with Loyd in my mind!!

Steve Pixley says:

Lloyd on my htc homescreen meets Lloyd on the mug

CaliberSRT4 says:

I need coffee

NOLA2NC says:

I'd love to sit my new RAZR M inside of the mug while it charges!

...minus the coffee of course. Thanks!

captain_dl says:

Coffee me!

kanyewest says:

if i win i'll use this as a pee mug, so i dont have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

pappy53 says:

I need a new mug!

cenderl says:

i love it!

turtle357 says:

I would love to show this off to my co workers and their iphones. :)

I want this mug so it can stick out in a cubicle sea of iphone lovers!

ceriem says:

Morning coffee will be so much better with this.

mgsfoxhound2 says:

sweet i would love a mug : )

MrSherms says:

Yes please!

Happy Friday *and* National Coffee Day!

fsv57 says:

I like it!!!!

SamTime says:

A Lloyd mug would be bad ass!

Droid_B says:

I have just the right person in mind for this.

cae2685 says:

I just found a nip of Bailey's in the cabinet last night... this is destiny.

gkaminski91 says:

I feel my coffee would taste better in this mug. Also, my office needs to change coffee brands.

joeythehobo says:

My iOS using team will really love me toting one of these bad boys around =]

jesipr09 says:

What's better than coffee in the morning? Coffee in the morning in a Lloyd mug! Hoping to get one here :-)

skidiver says:

This would look cool next to my Android neon light!

way2broke says:

SUPER CHARGE my day with Lloyd droid, Android Central mug...good luck too all!

mzanette says:

I like coffee.

karikemi says:

I want Win This Mug Beacuse Its Good Drink This Mug Coffee Winter Time When Im Are Ice Fishing Here Finland Some Time we Hava Here Lapland Temp - 40 C

Lloyd would look fantastic at my work desk holding my pens and scissors. MUCH better than my ugly metal holder.

vejandla says:

Need a Mug... Thanks..

j-war says:

This would look good on my desk.

chram893 says:

Llyodified coffee in the morning? Sign me up!

brehmwt says:

Pick Me!!! Everyone here at work is sweating their new iPhone 5, and being one of the few andriod users here, I could use a nice androidcentral mug to remind them how silly their purchase was!

fla82685 says:

Free Mug for me! ill take a picture of it if i win and send it out to ya guys

dboftlp says:

That is an awesome mug.

vividrich says:

Now this is a cool mug! Want!!

vividrich says:

Now this is a cool mug! Want!!

Morbo#AC says:

Free Lloyd swag is always appreciated!

wag375 says:


pdl2mtl90 says:

Sweet, count me in for a chance!

Consequence says:

Would love a new mug!

holycrap8 says:

Ac mug ftw

Dame95 says:


jimig1 says:

I could use a new coffee mug

enb123 says:

I'm surrounded by iPhone users in my office. A fine mug like this would go a long way toward showing them who's the boss!

Floridadomer says:

Would go great with my Loyd Shirt!

patruns says:

I never turn down a free coffee mug... :)

Seegar says:

I could use another mug. I only have one in my apartment ;)

hammerbeard says:

I would love to get extremely belligerent from what I place in this mug.

johall15 says:

I could think of nothing better to drink my morning joe out of!

Lloyd is awesome.

cweb69 says:

I would've posted sooner but I've just woken from my nap. Couldn't find my coffee mug this morning. If only I knew somewhere I could get another one...

Devinator says:

Should sell these in the shop if you don't already.

cbtaylor23 says:

My odds are not looking good.

teecrisp says:

Lloyd the android!

franky311 says:

Love this site. I'd love a Lloyd mug.

hornbroo says:

I hope Lloyd likes Coffee!!!

y0jimb0 says:

yes please

maxpayneisme says:

One mug to rule them all

360Mobiles says:

Maybe this will get me into drinking coffee :)

jean15paul says:

Yes please

Zulu Warrior says:

I'd love a new mug!

dilagable says:

Drink 2 cups every morning. Would be much better than my "work logo" cup I use everyday.

Joker35 says:

Lloyd would look great on my coffee table!

FordsCapri says:

I don't always drink coffee, but when I do, it will be in this mug.


blak8830 says:

never enough mugs around


madj42 says:

Sure... why not.

kraski says:

It'd be awesome to have a Llotd mug!

kendallc123 says:

Sweet! I would love a Lloyd mug!

Mach751 says:

ahhhh o: this is so cool , I just made my Android Central Profile just for i can ut my comment in!

wpavlik2 says:

Extremely cool mug! I would love to have one, please!

michael13162 says:

This would be wonderful on my desk!

alex954 says:

I would love an Androidcentral mug!

kgh00007 says:

Coffee time :)

Brophen says:

WOuld go great with my coffee AND my android shirt. Which probably has coffee on it as well :P

myriad46 says:

Could there be a better way to start the day, than with a warm cup of Joe shared with Lloyd?

kwright817 says:

Nice mug for my mug!

Jbairdjr says:

I would be the envy of all of my co-workers. Please send the mug my way!

andino says:

Would love to have one of these on my desk to go with my gnex and nexus7

Fnord says:

Yes please

GreyRogue says:

I wasn't going to enter this contest once I saw that coffee and liquor were not included. But then I figured, what the heck--another coffee/Bailey's container is always welcome at my house!

cjlosh says:

Lloyd and Me every morning. What could be better.....

I'm always looking for leetest mug for my cup 'o joe - being an avid Android'aholic, this is it!

DrewJaeger says:

I'd love a mug. Thanks!

leroytorner says:

This will come to Paraguay!!

frettfreak says:

this would be a GREAT addition to my android stuff around the house. Could sip coffee all day while looking at the site!! ;)

Most excellent...I would like some Lloyd flavored coffee...

raulce91 says:

Don't forgot the kahlua with it


dcstix says:

A mug for my mug please!

SupermanPJs says:

Been needing to replace my coffee mug. What an opportunity for Android Central to help a guy out!

shavedbg says:

may i, please? :-)

burger30 says:

Sweet looking mug!!!

Spacedogxo says:

Sweet relief

RastaDroid says:

I'd love to make this mug my new favorite mug to drink my mint tea or hot chocolate out of!!!

gmanmao says:

Size may be too small for my coffee habit but free is free.

duncelump says:

Mug please!

ajay85 says:

I'll take me a shiny new mug.

Classic Rank says:

Coffee AND Android. Nice!

oxidax says:

gimme it!!!

TheBigFerret says:

I will give Lloyd a good home, and I promise to never fill him up with apple juice.

CruiSin says:

I need a mug for my officemates to be jealous of.

hotdoggnboi says:

would love to have one of these to help me wake up and start my day.. and end it as well. :D

Quikstep says:

This would be a nice companion on a morning stroll past the Apple store.

gbold3 says:

Would make an excellent addition to my never ending Starbucks collection!

kcls says:

Me please!

rlwzuniave says:

I was mugged years ago, @ gunpoint; thus, experience shows I'd much plrefer this method! Plus I'm a huge Android fan, so Lloyd could become my go to icebreaker.

cessnao3 says:

Sweet mug!

tkullgren says:

I'll give him a good home!

Murci3lago says:

I'll definitely walk around the office with this mug. Lloyd!!

crazace says:

Pick me! Pick me!!

I’m a big Android Fan, and this mug would look great on my desk at work, and for all those Apple fans at work, suck it up, Android rocks.

dbarrera#AC says:

Excellent for Mondays! And Baileys is the way to cope it!

Mr_Twist says:

Yeah coffee time with Android :)

fredknex says:

I literally have no coffee mugs

bigrobsf says:

Must. Have. Mug.

NickA says:

Great mug!

Grey_girl says:

Coffee coffee coffee!

ikaru says:

I heart everything android!

Chura4u says:

Just Comment :)

Eleni 22 says:

Love this

DRAZY says:

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but any beverage would look good in that mug.

ant says:

Winner over here!

PeterPhan says:

What happened to the Nexus 7 a week giveaway?

Announced, and then...nothing!

ulmerj79 says:

Sure ill take one.

photojoe22 says:

This would make my week. PLEASE I need this.

Fedway says:

Lloyd me! Thank you.

alantsay says:

Lloyd is so cool... want it accompany my grad school life :)

oemoreira says:

I'd like 1.....

chrisfl1963 says:

Nice looking mug, Great for the National Coffee week!! Today free 20oz coffee at 7 Eleven, 12 oz at McDonalds.

Zurp says:

Coffee would sure look good dripping down off that cup while in my hand.

Aprohaska says:

My son's going through a "robot phase"......And i just recently got the S3....Iphone mutineer here.....He'd get a kick out of the mug, and use it daily for milk, juice, etc. Hey, better than sitting on a shelf collecting dust, like my iPhone!!!

Onefrink says:

I would love a lloyd mug.

alexnaoumi says:

yesterday Phil said if we didnt have a lloyd t-shirt or something lloyd that we cant come back. so how about you throw that mug my way!

nick0810 says:

Cool mug! Would love one!

He's got a Lloyd mug? Know where I can score some?

kevin5377 says:


DefTek says:

Nice mugs...

MissingMoJo says:

Me Want Now!

mjoforiam1 says:


Antaurean says:

Lloyd would look good sitting on my desk!

Hate coffee, Love Android... conflicted! Oh well, still would be fun to have the mug.

Andrew4life says:

Baileys not included? That's okay. I've got some. I just need the mug.

EdgarA63 says:

I would LOVE a ANDROIDCENTRAL.COM mug, I would go great while I weer my favorite Lloyd shirt at the office!

Awesome contest!

ejweber says:

I want one!

Bjspina1101 says:

Cool Mug.

atlas9171 says:

Can never have too many coffee mugs

Teniferman says:

Coffee... yummmmm...

Salutations Gamer,

DO want win

jimtravis says:

Be a nice addition to my Lloyd hat, and pin.

Copernikus says:

Just got home to see a great mug up for grabs hpe I get in in time for a chance

direflail says:

free mug plz kthxbai

Froojr says:

Phat Lloyd in my hand...
Muggin' at the possibility, I am.

mostlywords says:

I need a coffee mug, I've been destroying the environment by using a paper cup. Help me save the environment please.

ayOteddy says:

Mmm.. Lloyd mug would just make my day

ctk4949 says:

Mug Me!!

skippa2011 says:

i'd like one

heloplan says:

I want that MUUUUUUG!

cool mug. i want it

ollieb123 says:

This will go perfectly with my new Nexus 7, now my go-to device

robayala says:

Niiiiiiiice!!!! Pick Me...

BenKilar says:

Because I can post a comment an possibly win free stuff.

Lovecore says:

Finally the weekend.

Shiftastic says:

That mug is amazing. Would love to win it

motoGEEKer says:

Can a geek get some love here??? I wants pretty please.

Ok, I really want this mug on my desk. It's awesome.
Yah I know I should get out more...

If your looking to send one up to Canada, I'm your man.



fbcregan says:

Android Coffee... Yes.

dancing-bass says:

I always need a new coffee mug. Because Android and Coffee are made for each other. Just... not in the exact same precise location. That wouldn't be so cool.

spensergig says:

It's a nice looking mug, and I'd have liked to have one.

Wish I saw this BEFORE 5:00pm, instead of an hour after.

Oh, well. Hope the winners enjoy them.

(Now at 2 edits. Maybe someday my keyboard will type the letters I think I'm hitting.)

murnja says:

Android coffee mug? Yes, please!

spoocobra says:

Finally my own mug compared to the wifes 40+ mugs lol

starlinxrick says:

This could be my very first Lloyd!

yocubed says:

ooh Kahlua and Bailey's

yocubed says:

ooh Kahlua and Bailey's

Debbieg says:

Pick Me!!!!

agzgarcia says:

Lloyd I have a nice spot for you in the Napa valley !

kenn23 says:

pick me!

chefparker says:

Stand Tall, Stand Proud ...awesome Lloyd boost up my entire day

jsh611 says:

Mug Me!!!!

PieSkizzle says:

Coffee keeps me going through the day

ZoretMan says:

needing u!

taran says:

Am I too late?

bgbagz says:

I need another Mug... someone stole mine dang nutball

15israellai says:

Am I late?

DavidJ726 says:

Nice looking mug

I am a TRUE lover of coffee as my poem will prove.
From this cup from which I sip
My coffee, bringing to my lips sweet pleasure
With a capital CAF, and a lower case fiend,
An aromatic treasure, black milk I'll never ween,
The best from the breasts of mother Columbia.

Pick me please! I love Android too! <3 :-)

richar524 says:

Good contest...:-)