It's Friday, and we're trying to power our way through to the weekend. Chances are you are, too. Let's help with that. This morning we're giving away three Lloyd mugs. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. We'll close things down at 5 p.m. Eastern time, and notify the winners the weekend.

Free. Lloyd. Mug. (Coffee/Bailey's not included.) Good luck, everyone!


Reader comments

Because we can: Win a free Lloyd mug



My coffee would taste so much sweeter from this mug. Not to mention showing off the best Android Site in my Apple dominated office.

Please! I promise to only fill this mug with fine coffee made from freshly ground coffee, roasted locally. If it were on my desk today it would be Ethopiean Yergichef!

An LLoyd Android mug would be the perfect thing to help me through my long, sleepless nights with my first child due in a matter of days!

I want the mug to fill with Apple juice, so I can spit the Apple juice, on Apple fans as they come in my store.

I will actually ingest Android....juice. Liquid Jelly Beans and Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes!!! This would be so awesome for my morning coffee. And afternoon coffee. And night time coffee!!!

Oh It would look SO GOOD in my Desk! Some of my "i"coworkers already envy my GNex, they would die when they see it!

This cup will be the most significant cup I would ever use, besides the one I received after climbing Grouse Mountain. Because I'm a sailor, and REAL sailors don't wash their cups [we like to grow our own penicillin]; Lloyd would get pretty damn dirty, but would never catch a virus!


COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This would make a great replacement for my "I'm Drinking Pee" mug... (Management HATES that one)

I'm not too much of a coffee drinker, but my girlfriend LIVES off of it. It's her birthday too, so this would make a nice (even if a little late) addition to her birthday present.

If you're reading this, I love you Chelsea!

IT'S FRIDAY!!! It was so hard to get up this morning, can't wait til I finish class and get to visit my family for the weekend.

Pick me, pick me!! I'm known to walk around the office with a mug always in my hands, so if you pick me, it's like 24/7 promotion for you guys. :D

I would love to be bringing back my coffee to my desk with this. Would probably get a few looks from the apple fanboys

I'd love to sit my new RAZR M inside of the mug while it charges!

...minus the coffee of course. Thanks!

if i win i'll use this as a pee mug, so i dont have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

What's better than coffee in the morning? Coffee in the morning in a Lloyd mug! Hoping to get one here :-)

I want Win This Mug Beacuse Its Good Drink This Mug Coffee Winter Time When Im Are Ice Fishing Here Finland Some Time we Hava Here Lapland Temp - 40 C

Pick Me!!! Everyone here at work is sweating their new iPhone 5, and being one of the few andriod users here, I could use a nice androidcentral mug to remind them how silly their purchase was!

I'm surrounded by iPhone users in my office. A fine mug like this would go a long way toward showing them who's the boss!

I would've posted sooner but I've just woken from my nap. Couldn't find my coffee mug this morning. If only I knew somewhere I could get another one...

I wasn't going to enter this contest once I saw that coffee and liquor were not included. But then I figured, what the heck--another coffee/Bailey's container is always welcome at my house!

this would be a GREAT addition to my android stuff around the house. Could sip coffee all day while looking at the site!! ;)

I was mugged years ago, @ gunpoint; thus, experience shows I'd much plrefer this method! Plus I'm a huge Android fan, so Lloyd could become my go to icebreaker.

I’m a big Android Fan, and this mug would look great on my desk at work, and for all those Apple fans at work, suck it up, Android rocks.

My son's going through a "robot phase"......And i just recently got the S3....Iphone mutineer here.....He'd get a kick out of the mug, and use it daily for milk, juice, etc. Hey, better than sitting on a shelf collecting dust, like my iPhone!!!

yesterday Phil said if we didnt have a lloyd t-shirt or something lloyd that we cant come back. so how about you throw that mug my way!

I would LOVE a ANDROIDCENTRAL.COM mug, I would go great while I weer my favorite Lloyd shirt at the office!

I need a coffee mug, I've been destroying the environment by using a paper cup. Help me save the environment please.

Ok, I really want this mug on my desk. It's awesome.
Yah I know I should get out more...

If your looking to send one up to Canada, I'm your man.



I always need a new coffee mug. Because Android and Coffee are made for each other. Just... not in the exact same precise location. That wouldn't be so cool.

It's a nice looking mug, and I'd have liked to have one.

Wish I saw this BEFORE 5:00pm, instead of an hour after.

Oh, well. Hope the winners enjoy them.

(Now at 2 edits. Maybe someday my keyboard will type the letters I think I'm hitting.)

I am a TRUE lover of coffee as my poem will prove.
From this cup from which I sip
My coffee, bringing to my lips sweet pleasure
With a capital CAF, and a lower case fiend,
An aromatic treasure, black milk I'll never ween,
The best from the breasts of mother Columbia.

Pick me please! I love Android too! <3 :-)