Beautiful Widgets

Our man Jeremy broke the bad news to us this morning: As you can see above, Beautiful Widgets is no more. It basically made your Android home screen look like HTC's Sense UI (which you get on the Droid Eris and Hero lines, as well as on newer Windows phones), but it seems developer LevelUp Studio got a nastygram from some HTC suits. Can't really say that surprises us, but it is disappointing given how much you (and us) loved it. Sorry, everybody. [Twitter]

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How would you backup an app?

gbhil#AC says:

adb pull /data/app/*.* /location_to_save
adb pull /data/app-private/*.* /location_to_save

Anonymous says: sitting here on the couch waiting for fedex to drop of my droid...i was looking forward to downloading beautiful widgets!

some one needs to come up with something comparable

champion6 says:

Damn. What a shame!

beautiful widgets is nice..but if you mainly want the flip clocks just get the weather widgets-donate its like $2 i think it was..well worth it.

cj100570 says:

I honestly don't see what grounds HTC has here. It's s flip clock, which the clock on BW doesn't do, and some animations on the screen showing the weather. There are numerous flip clocks in the android market and at least the wether channel, if memory serves me correctly, has animated weather in their app. I know it's easy for me to say it but I think he should ignore them and keep making and distributing through direct download if necessary.

I love the app because it integrates weather a quick link to my calendar and alarm clock all in one useful app. it is a beautiful app.

the donate version of weather widgets does the same thing..minus the calender..but i bought beautiful widgets since its cheap and being harm in having it for later lol

PortareAF says:

Fun while it lasted, at least we still have the Widgets for now, Until 2.1 drops anyway, and it is no longer compatible with Droid. :(

Anonymous says:

hopefully he can change it around to be just as beautiful but different enough that the suits from HTC would STFU

Carsti says:

That HTC, that is ripping off the iPhone UI for years, even dares to talk about copyright issues... the nerve.

cursiv says:


Jeremy says:

Grab the last update that is posted now and back the app up with "appmanager" or "ASTRO file manager"... if you want to keep it...

Anonymous says:

What about weather widgets it does the same thing

Anonymous says:

I use the weather widget which is basically the same. It is a shame though. It was a really nice developer.

Miguel says:

I read about this app late last week but held off on buying. I just bought it and backed it up because I heard about it being removed because of the C&D.

kg says:

the weather widget - donate does the same thing just not as pretty.

Adeeezy says:

I love the Beautiful Widgets.. I am glad I download it and pay for it well I can.....

Ted says:

How do I backup the widget in the first place? I don't have any idea what files to copy etc.

jhalsey205 says:

To backup, simply use a "backup manager" app. I use the backup feature in Astro File Explorer: Menu/Tools/Application Manager

Adiliyo says:

i really don't see what grounds HTC has to threaten him, the artwork was his own and it's not like HTC is offering their version of it on marketplace.

i say, just change it so it doesn't look like a flip clock, since it doesn't flip anyways i would be happy with a normal clock!


Mr.Miagi says:

Make it the clock that is on the android 2.0.1 lock screen! Then HTC cant say crap.

foghorn67 says:

Yes. That clock rocks.

amayes says:

well this is sad, i was going to pick up a Droid next month and this was one of the big apps that pushed me over the fence to get the Droid.. i really like the Sense UI but the Eris hardware is sad.. what to do now?

aharr80 says:

So does this mean the widget is going to be pulled from the phone on a one time sweep? Then once we load the backup we are good to go? I really do not want to lose this widget

Bako says:

Sometimes the widget still has to load weather animations from a server, despite my having had it on my phone for a few weeks. I guess it only downloads them as needed. I'm concerned now that if there's a weather animation I haven't used yet, it won't be able to get it, if this guy pulls down support for the app.

Then again, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I already have the "rainy" animation, so I probably needn't worry.

johnolesen says:

just backed it up. if i back it onto my SD card, can I install it on someone elses DROID?

Anonymous says:

This is BS. What ever happened to, "you can't copyright a look and feel"

Troy says:

oh boo hoo, cry me a river. If you want your device to look like a Hero then buy a Hero!

Anonymous says:

You're an idiot

NetFreeze says:

Just downloaded a copy of Beautiful Widget, can't seem to find the flip clock! Does anyone know how to change to it?