Beautiful Widgets

Free basic version of the popular app, augmented by in-app purchases

The Beautiful Widgets team has launched a basic free version of its weather and widget customization app. The basic app can be augmented by in-app purchases, allowing users to choose and pay for the features they want. Through these in-app purchases it's possible to individually unlock every feature contained in the full version of Beautiful Widgets. Purchases are made using the "Gold" virtual currency through the GetJar service.

Speaking of which, the paid version of the app has since become 'Beautiful Widgets Pro,' and is still available to download for anyone wanting the full experience in a single download.

Today's developments are also good news for users in countries where paid Google Play apps might not be available. Developer LevelUp says both versions of Beautiful Widgets will maintain feature parity in future releases.

You can grab the new, free Beautiful Widgets using the Google Play link above.

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return_0 says:

Thank you!

Jon_Doh says:

This used to be a great app, the best. But starting about three updates ago the app became very troublesome. The location for your city would be off as in on the other side of the planet. The widget would show the moon when it was noon outside. The weather would be totally off and worse you would all of a sudden notice your battery draining super fast. Your phone would be hot and when you checked running apps Beautiful Widgets would get highlighted in red sucking up a bunch of ram along with the battery.

The developers have known about these problems for months - just read the reviews. Their response is always the same -"don't post bad things on Play, but go to our website and open a support request." I did and it was ignore. Twice. For whatever reason they've chosen to ignore these problems and every update only introduces a problem that didn't exist before, while not addressing the previous problems.

It's no wonder they've resorted to giving the app away as I would guess sales have fallen through the floor.

dratsablive says:

I have been using BW and have not experienced any issues with it as described by John_Doh. Had it on my Atrix, now my S3. Love the customization options it provides.

hermond says:

I agree 100%. Fancy Widgets is great.

TweeterNote says:

I have Nexus 4 and for about a month and a half, it has been a major suspicion that Beautiful Widgets may be causing auto shut downs, approximately once a week. I contacted Google and they are more than willing to rule out a defective device by sending me a replacement. However, I do insist that besides being a huge battery drain, it also causes instability. I have posted on the forums and have come across similar stories from others. I would recommend to anyone interested in Beautiful Widgets to try out the free version instead, otherwise, just stay away completely.

harryg27 says:

HD Widgets is the way to go.

geoff5093 says:

Agreed, I love it on my homescreen. BW always seemed to use a lot of the battery.

squiddy20 says:

Just curious, is that French in the screenshot?

SkinsFan1987 says:

It is. It translates to "clear sky".

Jorodan says:

Yes ;)

deadlock4400 says:

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the information.

Looking cool. Lets try.

Fairclough says:

Good find! was trying to find one similar to the paid one but free weeks ago