Over at LevelUp Studio they have been hard at work in their continued development and support of a highly popular application we have all grown to know and love, Beautiful Widgets. Lately there have been a slew of updates, which we have not covered, and for those that may have missed them, some of them include:

  • Ability to customize color of widget text
  • Show four day weather forecast
  • Hide background / adjust transparency
  • Download various weather skins
  • Custom live wallpaper

This custom live wallpaper takes your standard grass live wallpaper and adds a very nice touch, showing current weather conditions as long as you have Beautiful Widgets installed on your device. If you don't have it installed, the wallpaper will still work, except you will only have the sun and moon animations, and it will not adjust to your current weather conditions. If you have the Beautiful Widgets, be sure to check out this latest update, and if you are interested in purchasing, be sure to check it out in the Market.


Reader comments

Beautiful Widgets gets update - new live wallpaper to accompany it!


I suppose they didn't fix the issue with the mounting sd card, right?
Once you mount your sd card, the skin reverts to the default one, since all the downloaded skins are on the sd card, but its not smart enough to figure out that the sd card has been inserted and restore the skin.

What the hell does that have to do with this Post? I hate people like you, always looking for an opportune time to complain about something!

You may wish to install the Anger Management app. I hear it's excellent for preventing overreactions to online comments that are srs bsns. ;)

get the hell off his back. He has a legitimate complaint about the software. I for one, thank him for sharing his concerns so that I know that if I experience this same bug, I'm not the only one.

Besides, you are literally complaining that someone else is complaining. Stop your hypocritical whining.

Why is it a big deal anyway. I had noticed this on my droid and on my incredible. The once the SD card is unmounted, it goes back to the skin it was on before. Not a BFD.

Wow, easy there. I was just expecting this issue to be solved because it looked like it was ignored. I do like the new improvements but that's a major issue i'm talking about. I'm sorry but it doesn't work on my phone. That's why i complain. Jeez, relax friend!

It can't be "fixed" because the skins are stored on the SD card, so its looking there for it, the Android OS cannot see your SD card when its mounted so that is why it disappears. It has nothing to do with the app itself, its the android OS that makes this happen, so don't complain about it. Would you rather the skins be taking up valuable space on your app memory? I don't see how this is a big deal to you anyway.

I understand the inner workings of the situation. All i'm saying is that the app should be aware of this and when the card is reinserted the skin should appear back, even if its not instant. You can verify the state of the sd card in the code. Have i made my self understood now? :)

He didn't say it was a "big deal", he just mentioned the problem. If anything, it seems YOU are the one blowing things out of proportion.

It's just a comment. Why is it such a big deal to YOU?

I suppose this does nothing abou the horrible oil spill that we will be feeling the effects for decades to come. j/k

has anyone tried this? I'm one of those odd guys that like to have the current conditions on my screen. This sounds right up my alley but was just looking to see how well it pulled that off.

I got it shortly after it was released, and I am loving it. There is a bit of lag sometimes (depends on the animation of the background), but it updates as quick as you have the weather updating in BW.

They just released a new version this morning that lets you control the CPU intensity of the background. You can set FPS, add/remove the grass, and enable/disable different animations. I hadnt noticed it being too much of a battery hog yesterday, but this just takes it a step further to make sure it isnt.

All in all, I am extremely excited about it. I didnt put my phone down for an hour or so after I got it, just watching he animations (lame, I know).

I still have version 2.35 installed, which was the last version that resembled HTC Sense before HTC forced him to change it. I think it looks awesome.

Is this version worth finally updating?

I also would like to know if it works on the HTC Hero. I have the Hero from Sprint and have the 2.1 update. It doesn't come with live wallpapers enabled, so I was wondering if this required that feature or if it provided this independent of the stock live wallpapers feature.

I asked LevelUp Support for an answer to this and this was their response:

yes you need live wallpaper support and the hero does not support them unfortunately

It'll probably work fine on HERO. I've had "BW" for several months but stopped using it for all but the Wi Fi & GPS toggle widgets post Android 2.1 update because I like the HTC Sense weather animations so much. But I think I'll give the update a try now that I'm not nearly so mesmerized by HTC's widget. I'm really tired of HTC's clocks anyway.

I'm still using the HTC-like version of BW. I just haven't been able to find a skin that looks as good in the newer versions yet :(

Maybe the additional features will finally get me to upgrade.



I tried a quick set up of beautiful home during my luncbreak and, long story short, have not yet been able to access and install a live wallpaper to Sprint HERO. When I tap the button to "get live wallpapers", I get 404 page not found.

I'll keep trying.


Based on some skimming of LevelUp's web page and twitter page, I'm guessing that the Android market is filtering my HTC HERO as one of the phones that does NOT support live wallpapers as, apparently, live wallpaper support is a device specific feature. A sad fact probably known to everyone here, except me. LOL!

What's really funny is, I vaguely remember reading about this issue around thetime Nexus 1 came to market.

Has anyone else noticed that using that live wallpaper significantly adds some lag to the nexus one on 2.2?

I'm having trouble using the skins that I have downloaded for my Sprint Hero. They are on my SD card but that is the only area where I can view them. Does anyone know how to apply them?

So does anyone know the steps for getting the skin shown in the pic and for it to work with the live wallpapers?

I have a Moto Droid with 2.1, and I have purchased the Add On

I dont see anywhere the options for the wallpaper