If you've got a few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket and would love to get some Beats Audio sound playing in your house instead of just in headphones, this may be what you were looking for. The Beatbox by Dre is a high quality portable speaker that allows you to stream music from your Android device via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, priced at $399 it does make it something that is not practical for everyone, but if you really love music and the quality that Beats offers, you will want to check this out. So, will you be grabbing one of these, or would you rather a more moderately priced alternative?

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Beatbox by Beats now available for $399


A more moderately priced alternative would be the {Audio Engine A5}
bookshelf speakers. Twice the build quality and twice the sound quality.

Actually most all of the Beats products score very low with true audiophiles. Sound and Vision magazine, Stereophile, What HiFi,
The Absolute sound. etc etc.

They all say the bass is way over pronounced, overshadowing the sound
quality. This is of course for the headphone line of Beats products.

I completely agree, while they do make bass sound "good" they totally nerf all other sounds. It really is an abomination to the quality of sound the artists want to be heard on their tracks.

May as well get a SONOS where you can stream everything from it without having to connect anything to it for the same price.

I have the regular beatbox and for what I use it for, it suits me just fine. Sure I overpaid a little because of the name but it does have nice sound. The one thing I did notice is some of the sound quality changed depending on what I was listening to. If it was something I downloaded, the sound seemed better than something I uploaded from a CD. I have a set of the Tour earbuds as well and the same applied. To draw a comparison, I also have a set of Klipsch S4 buds, which are absolutely fantastic. Both sound great, but it just really depends on your taste in EQ.

I have the Bose Soundlink which is great. I use it with both my phone and tablet. Watching Netflix movies from the tablet using Soundlink is really great!

If want something to listen to I hook up my phone or tablet to my receiver. More options and cleaner sound.This would be good for the garage though...if it were 3.99

Might almost be alright if the price came in under $50. But it's probably only worth 3.99