BBM update makes attaching photos and files simpler

The cross-platform BlackBerry Messenger app has received an update today. It's not too big an update but it does seem like BlackBerry has made it simpler to attach photos in BBM. Currently, by default, when you tap the paper clip icon to attach a photo, the voice note option is selected. You then had to tap the picture icon to then get the option to attach one. Now, it defaults to attaching file or photos when you tap the paper clip icon.

What's new in BBM?

  • Simplified flow for attaching pictures, files and other content to BBM chats
  • In app upgrade notifications helps users to download the latest version of BBM
  • The ability for users to rate their call experience for BBM Voice calls

Let us know of what you think with the new BBM update.


Reader comments

BBM update makes attaching photos and files simpler


I use it everyday on my Android phone. Especially for Channels.

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It's always amazed me how on any tech blog the comments on BB related articles almost always trumps any other article. Not bad for a dead horse.

I'm just here for the popcorn

That's because it's fun to poke dead horses. Have you never poked a dead animal with a stick? BEST. FUN. EVAR!!!

Please, pass the popcorn, when you're done, lol.

I know I use BBM with my family, friends and co-workers and you are so correct. People here see BlackBerry and go nuts. But I can't fault them too much as their comments clearly shows the lack of critical thinking.

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Would it be so difficult for them to offer something basic, like landscape mode? Good grief! Every other messaging app out there does.

And I'm still trying to get my head around the persistent BBM icon in the notification tray. I understand that it's there to keep Android from closing BBM if memory gets too low, but, if that's so, why don't other apps, such as Hangouts or even Facebook, have similar icons? Are they at risk of being closed down as well?

As a BB user I can sort of agree, but it's a communication app first and foremost, in landscape it makes no sense.

When BBM is in landscape and the KB is up, you only see one message, the most recent sent or received in the thread, and this is actually 2 lines at most. While it might be ok on a Galaxy Mega, for the vast majority between 4-5" it's really not ideal. I understand that you may not want to be told how to use your phone, which is why you have an android and not an iphone, but in cases like this it makes sense to omit it. the most efficient and ergonomic way to type currently is in portrait. It would be kinda like wanting to drive your car sideways, it would give you a larger view out the front and back, but the steering wheel it best accessed and used when facing forward.

I would like Landscape mode to be available for my Galaxy tab 3 7.0. That would be nice. Kind of a pain to always have to turn it to type.

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I would like to see them update the app and use the Google UI. The Blackberry port just isn't that appealing because it doesn't fit the Google UI.

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I'm still a bb fan even though I don't own any of their products nor use this app. It was like wrestling with an angry monkey trying to get others to use this app with me. I only had two people that were willing so I deleted it.

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I don't use Snapchat or Whatsapp, so because I don't use it should I say it sucks? My entire family, friends, and co-workers all use BBM. We count on it for it's reliable message delivery and more importantly the group functionality. Being able to share private family photos within our group is awesome! Not to mention sharing calendars and lists so we're always connected and on the same page. Stop hating on something just because you don't use it.

I hope blackberry survives and all the haters can suck it, I have android now but will go back when the passport is available, long live blackberry

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I am right there with you. When there's a post about Blackberry in AC, all of these people just hate. I use BBM like a champ on all my devices (different and can't wait until the Passport.

Loving BBM. There were a few bad updates but this one and the last before it seems to be solid.

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Been using BBM for Android since Official launch. Have tons of friends and family who are BB owners. This made it possible for me on my Android phone to join in with them. I don't see myself becoming a BB user, but BBM has been a great tool for me.

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Terrible update , sometimes fails to load and I've suddenly lost all contact and data, I'm considering getting rid of it. The process of asking friends and family to provide their BB pin is too tasking

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