BBM for Android

We're getting our first look at the popularity of the recently released BBM for Android. Fresh out of the gate, the Google Play listing has placed the app in the 1 million to 5 million category. Those are total installations, and not "current" installs, so you've got to keep those numbers in context. Still. More than 1 million installs — and potentially as many as 5 million (we've got an e-mail in seeking more specific numbers) in a day is nothing to sneeze at.

Additionally, BBM's garnered more than 87,000 star reviews on Google Play — with the vast majority a full five stars.

A pretty big caveat, though — remember that there's a waiting list. So you can install the app, but you might not be able to use it just yet.

It's also worth keeping in mind that BBM doesn't work on nearly 30 percent of existing Android phones. BBM runs on Android 4.x, which as of the beginning of October made up 69 percent of active devices, according to the Android platform versions chart.

But either way, it's pretty damned impressive for BlackBerry — and for what many of us consider a dying platform.

Update: BlackBerry has made it official — more than 10 million installs on iOS and Android. We don't get any more of a breakdown than that, but BBM's already climbing the charts.


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BBM bests 1 million installs in its first day on Android


I signed in with my email at the start and still dont have my invite...Just wanted to try it out and they wont let me

Ditto. I have a feeling a large portion of those download numbers are just from curiosity. It would be interesting to see active users in a months time.

In due time people will jump on board and start using it. It was just released yesterday. Give it time.

Remember BBM already has about 55 million active users on Blackberry alone and I think BlackBerry only has like 5% market share.

Can't edit my previous comment.
As of May, BB was claiming 60 million BBM users. Their global market share was 5%. As of September, BB market share was at 3.26% per, which means a loss of 34% of their market share. How many users do you think that is? How many of the folks downloading BBM jumped ship in the last few months because BBM lost its exclusivity? At this rate, BB will be competing against Symbian for position in market share penetration in less than a year.

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I signed up yesterday and I was able to Create a BBID today and I haven't received any e-mail from Blackberry yet.

Try to go to the BB app, write the e-mail you signed up with and click next.
It worked for me.

BTW, my co worker pointed out, Gmail is marking all of the invites as SPAM. I checked and sure enough both of my invites were in my SPAM folder so you may very well have received the email but never saw it because it was marked as SPAM.

Check your spam folder... For some reason gmail threw it right into my spam folder. I got my invite like 2 hours after DLing the app and didnt realize until 3 days later when I checked my spam folder.

It worked for everyone by the end of the day. Did u try registering cuz that's what I did and I was taken to the login/create BBID page right away. Give that a shot if you haven't.

Did you notice the reviews in the Google play? Very spooky... nearly all of them say the same thing!"Thank you so much blackberry team I was waiting for this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth (sometimes 'Just kidding it sucks')".

Very crazy....

1mil, I wonder how many waiting in line like me...
Had to uninstall..

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Just force close BBM and reopen the app to bypass the line. I read it online and it worked for me

The one million number includes all the refugees from the sinking Blackberry ship.
The number isn't that impressive.

Its not that attractive for those who have not used it in the past, and who use IOS or Android apps to do the same things. Its like those apps you thought you could never live without when you switched from Apple to Android, but quickly forgot about afterwards.

Pan, meet Flash.

I got my invite yesterday afternoon and have been stuck on setting up bbm screen forever on my galaxy note 2 no matter what I do. WiFi or mobile network. Uninstalled, force closed , restarted, nothing works almost 24 hours later Smh.

That's really strange. I'm using the email I signed up with for like 6 months ago. I wonder if it has something to do with the data connection or something. Ima pull my battery and sim card for a few and see if that helps.

I had the same issue on my Note 2. I got to create my BBID, but, right after that, I got stuck on the setup screen. Here's what I did:

1. Rebooted my phone. When BBM came up, it was then stuck on "Opening BBM".
2. Opened Application Manager and force-stopped BBM.
3. Went into the app drawer and tapped BBM. The app came right up, and I was in.

One thing I did in the middle of all this was to check the e-mail account I used as my BBID. There was a verification message that I had to click through. I'd do that while waiting for your device to restart.

Not working. It simply keeps booting me back to the thanks for downloading,line has been made blah blah screen enter email. Enter email it says it'll send an email when I get to front of line with hen doesn't go beyond screen if I hit next but instead if I switch apps then go back it stays on setup bbm screen.

Same here... Im stuck on the "setting up BB" screen, nothing works even if I got my email. Let me know if you found a solution? Im on Android S3.

If this helps, I haven't received an email either, but I kept hitting the button periodically where it says to click here when you receive the email and after about an hour or two it worked and I was able to set up my profile and moved forward to install the app. It has worked since.

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No it's all the CB members spamming Google play store. If you click on the names most lead back to Blackberry device or non at all. They really shouldn't do that.

Weird, while you're right, there are a few "canned looking" responses, these seem to be confined to the first page and maybe 4-5 reviews. If you take the time and go past the first page, there are a lot of unique reviews endorsing and highlighting the benefits and problems.

BS, It goes a lot further than that. I just went through about 12 pages of reviews all similarly worded. The terms smooth and UI show up in just about every review. I have never seen that before on the play store. There is something odd going on.


Hmm we must be reading different review pages.

Also, there is no way there are BlackBerry employees making these posts.
Yesterday the all knowing Android community said there was only 2 employees left, and that's why there was a waiting line.

So which is it then?

Also Astro turfing? Like Googles' Billion activations, yet I guarantee every single person on here has activated at least 3-5 devices some even more.

But it's ok, no one wants this app anyway, especially the 10 million users who already downloaded it.

Face it, you're all wrong. It's ok to be wrong.

"The terms smooth and UI show up in just about every review. I have never seen that before on the play store."

Perhaps that's cause you've only downloaded android apps before...Maybe instead of ignorantly bashing it with out basis, you should actually download it and see for yourself?

Yes, BB10 UI is good

Just like all you BlackBerry users blindly bash Android and/or call it malware-infested?

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Here is my question, have you tried it on Android yet? Do you know how smooth the UI is? Have you thanked the Blacberry team? Fact is a majority of the 5 star reviews saying the same thing is not a coincidence.

But by all means, take it as a shot at the BB 10 UI....somehow.

Now please go back to Crackberry and circlejerk with your friends about the 10 million downloads (up a bit from 1 million, btw).

I noticed the same thing. It's clearly a canned response that seems to be commimg from overseas.

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Ah, I'm glad someone else noticed it. I thought it was just me. I didn't read through the comments before I posted mine !!

Most of them are the same words exactly. It's really weird

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Where is the benefit of using BBM... I feel comfortable to say that at least 80% have been fine and moved on, why go back? Just seems like another messaging app at this point...So why the hype?

You see the same thing from Iphone users that switch to Android.

Desperate for way to run their familiar apps. 6 months later, they can hardly remember what it was they were looking for.

Thanks for sharing that. Not a BB user in the past (Palm OS/WebOS here), so I've been wondering for months WHY BBM was so important.
No article ever speaks @ it's irreplaceable benefits, so I never spent time to find out.
Basically I assume that is just the old way of doing things that people cut their teeth on a decade ago and would rather not learn a different way. Software that takes cutting edge devices and processes and steps back into the past seamlessly.
Yeah, sounds about like how most users give up their old way kicking and screaming. Kinda like the built in function that allowed Win 7 users to make the OS function like XP.

I notice how all the reviews are the same too, plus I think a lot of the reviewers are from other countries.

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So, is this just like Handcent or Go SMS then? I guess I am not seeing why this is such a big deal. It doesn't really look much different than sending a text using any other messaging app.

Its more like imessage for iOS. Its a messaging app, not a texting app. Or even think of it like Facebook messenger.

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Or think of it as Google whats the point of this app and why are we getting excited?

It was once the Holy grail of messenger apps. And still is outside of North America.

I used to love it back when I had a contact list on it. The profile picture/status was Instagram before Instagram was around.

Was fun and exchanging pins was the best way to get a random girls contact. A girl will give a pin way before a phone number because I'd she wants she can delete you and your gone forever.

I want that back, so please everybody let's use it! It's useless without numbers

Profile picture and status was once exactly like instagram. People would put up a picture of themselves, a meme, funny pictures etc on a daily or semi daily basis. And you have an "update feed" in BBM showing peoples name and picture changes as they come in. And a daily comment along the lines of facebook status's. This was before twitter was anything big I think.

So no its not sad to compare the two, they are one of the same.

Unfortunately BBM could have been much better with the profiles (I could go on and on which spots that could be improved) and if somebody of vision was directing man power over at blackberry back then we would have had this cross platform and a much improved profile/instagram like experience in BBM long ago.

Wow... you might be the biggest, saddest BB fanboi (Crackbaby?) of all time. The way you talk about BBM, you'd think no one would ever need any other part of the internet.

Why do you have such a hard on for BB? They just gave out a free app. Stop complaining.

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

BB I have nothing against (aside from the same sort of sad pity as I held for Palma's WebOS disintegrated). BB and BBM fanbois on the other hand raving on about how amazing BBM is without having any edge feature wise (and several missing features) are another matter.

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It's hard to compare it to either iMessage or Facebook Messenger (on Android), since both of those do integrate texting. It's easier to compare it to WhatsApp or the like.

Hmmm, 87,000 reviews, most are 5-star ratings? And how many of these people are actually real?

Go through the reviews and tell me if you notice anything fishy:

"Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth".

And how many of these "unique" reviewers posted that same review word for word ?!?!? Hey at least if you're going to make fake reviews or bloat the rating, at least make the reviews unique (or at least gramatically correct). And I've never seen so many people overuse the word "smooth" !!!

I find this plain creepy. Either a bb website is telling people to paste that in or BlackBerry is faking reviews and downloads. Or a BlackBerry fan is faking them, or a BlackBerry hater is making them and framing BlackBerry for making them

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

This is similar to a technique used by businesses to boost their Yelp! ratings.

They pay oversees companies to fluff the ratings. Not saying BB is doing this, but it appears someone is doing something along those lines.

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Yes. Reposting my solution from a few posts up...

I had the same issue on my Note 2. I got to create my BBID, but, right after that, I got stuck on the setup screen. Here's what I did:

1. Rebooted my phone. When BBM came up, it was then stuck on "Opening BBM".
2. Opened Application Manager and force-stopped BBM.
3. Went into the app drawer and tapped BBM. The app came right up, and I was in.

One thing I did in the middle of all this was to check the e-mail account I used as my BBID. There was a verification message that I had to click through. I'd do that while waiting for your device to restart.

I have done all of that. Including reinstalling the app and clearing the data and force stopping it. I went through the whole waiting process and created an id and everything.

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"BBM get 1+ million installs. Most installs attributed to the years of almost daily press coverage by Phil Nickinson of AC."

I really do love Phil and the writers here at AC. But this single app has gotten truly absurd amounts of coverage here. It's a messaging app. It's made by the company that made that phone you used a long time ago. This app deserves its very *first* coverage, starting tomorrow, with an actual review.

I was going to mention something similar. Although it is getting a lot of coverage, it isn't positive coverage. To me, all of Phil's articles have a negative vibe to them, like he wants them to fail. Although I do usually completely agree with what he says so it's not like he is being dishonest.

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Why are people so excited about BBM? it's not like anyone who used to have a blackberry still has one.

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I was put on a waiting list and the persistent BBM notification was annoying/useless so I uninstalled it. By the time I get the invite I will probably not bother reinstalling it though. Another Blackberry fail

You could have just selected for the notification to be "off " in the settings.

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

A million downloads in a day, not taking into consideration the amount of people put on the waiting list doesn't seem like much of a fail....

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

The waitlisted folks are counted in that number. You get waitlisted when you download and try to set up the model.

This was the main feature I missed when I left BB. Now its back I guess a nostalgic feeling in a sense but also I liked the platform! So BBM: 7A9A4F81

Does the 1 Million downloads take into account the people that also uninstalled it 10 minutes later? Like I did.

Finally got on and made my id. Then find out the one person I wanted to use this with went iPhone and imessage. Go fig.

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Can you ask a girl for her email at a bar and and add her on hangouts? Hell no. Can you ask for her pin and exchange over NFC, hell yes and it works much better then a phone number

Not all of us need to give our PIN to random girls at bars like certain folks on here.

I really don't find BBM very useful. Hangouts works much nicer, and everyone I need to talk to, is in my Google contact list. And being a Google product, Hangouts is integrated into Android a lot better (especially with notifications)

THANK YOU! I you need PIN to get a girls info then you are wack....step your game up! Also you are correct about Hangouts....hence why I dont understand why people are so happy about this BBM thing. It's just another isolated messaging app that will fade in time. The download are there now but how many people will use it as their daily driver for messaging when there are so many other options?

Yea, girls LOVE dudes that exchange BB pins via NFC at the bar.

"just go to setting and enable NFC"
"go to settings, then to more settings, enable NFC so I can send you my BBM pin. No no the gear, now more settings, see where it says file/data transfer? Now enable that, accept my file transfer and we can chat"
"enable what to get your what?"
"my pin baby so we don't have to exchange phone numbers"

Nice work bro.

I'm positive, your success rate is less than ZERO, using this method. Stop trying to make excuses for people to download this app. If BBM is truly worth its merit, then no one needs an excuse to download it. Period.

Dont get upset because you guys are old and dont get touched by females anymore.

Im speaking from experience, from a canadian city where blackberries and BBM was huge!

Because girls are hanging onto their BlackBerries and/or downloading this app just to give their PIN out to losers?

Sounds legit...

Cant figure out if you guys are trolling over here at android central or just cant grasp a simple concept of exchanging a PIN when meeting new people vs a phone number. It goes for meeting guys or anybody in general. Social networking.

Ill just assume you guys are all smarter then you seem and just trolling lol. And no I'm not a blackberry fanboy. I'm picking up a new phone asap, probly a nexus 5. assuming the android central reviews go well. Im not a "prosumer" as they are ni focusing on

We're only "trolling" because we're constantly being trolled by all of the BlackBerry fanboys, every single time there's ZOMGBBM4ALL news, lol.

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No I get it. But it's no different from giving out a username for a chat app.

It's also not how I engage people. I prefer more mature, adult procedures. I don't try to bed people who would give me sex before they'd trust me with their phone number, and I don't try to score numbers from strangers.

I've been getting my bbm on and the app is a joy to use. It's gonna be interesting to see how long it takes BlackBerry to add the killer features, screen share and video chat. The app is butter smooth though and the messaging is as good as bbm on a BlackBerry device.

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I have multiple devices that I use from multiple platforms. I never feel threatened or spew hate towards a platform. I don't want any company to die. The competition results in better devices for us. That's a good thing.

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"Prosumers" is the correct term, since BlackBerry users are, by default, more sophisticated than Android and iPhone users.

My Source? The reliable, indisputable CrackBerry forums, of course!!


I'm in but don't have any friends on it, or doesn't it detect them automatically? I know you need their pins, but thought it might tell me who to ask.

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No that's kindoff a unique, intentional feature. You only have on your list people who you intentionally gave your pin too. Not like whatsapp going into your contacts list. Or other apps going through your email contacts.

You can share contacts though from person to person.

I mentioned this once or twice already but think about meeting that girl at the bar. The pin system is great, I miss those days lol!

I love how an app's shortcoming is called a feature. Having to ask everyone you know for their pin is a shortcoming.

How is he a troll? He's an Android user at Android Central. He's not a BlackBerry fanboy; deal with it.

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I'm in but don't have any friends on it, or doesn't it detect them automatically? I know you need their pins, but thought it might tell me who to ask.

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Friday headlines :

One million BBM uninstalls in one day

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Of course, there is the small difference that if you activate an Android phone then you aren't likely to uninstall Android and use something else. Whereas you can certainly do that with an App.

Yes, the Billion Activations includes 3 for myself (soon to be 4 when the N5 comes out). However, if you do just a tiny bit of internet searching, you'll see that globally the number of active smartphone users is expected to hit 1.4 Billion by the end of this year with almost 800 million active Android users per ABI Research.

Assuming you're serious...
1. That's a pretty small number of users.
2. Pretty sure it's by device, not by ROM.

It won't download on a friends ICS htc

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

RIM needs as a fish needs water. It needs to be successful for them to be relevant.
How they'll transform the success into sales of hardware is all I wait to understand

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Um can someone help me? I turned on "Security Question in Invites" in the options.....but where the hell do you go to set a security question?

Decided to try it out. Got in line, then accepted. Went through setup and it kept disconnecting after 10-15 minutes of stalling. Then, it kicked me completely out. Opened back up, and they put me back in line.

This is reminding me why I left BlackBerry in the first place. They are a truly abysmal company. They fail at almost everything they do.

Are most of the installs from the 90% of reviewers that have THE EXACT SAME REVIEW WORDING? You know, all the ones with middle eastern names?

Almost seems like they hired a company in India to load up the reviews with positive reviews. Pretty comical.

" Thanks blackberry Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth"

damn near on all the five star reviews

Why is anyone actually using this crap? Just get people on board with hangouts...

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Note that if you had a BlackBerry with a BB ID previously, you should be able to skip the waitlist if you use that ID's e-mail and password to sign in. I didn't "pre-register" but was able to start using BBM right away yesterday. I left my last BB back in May, FWIW.

Installed on SIII & SII with no problems. However kik does exactly what BBM does in this iteration! Unless more facilities mafe available on android it will die!

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Just like you're almost perfect in everything you do @dec....SMH

Honestly I wish Android Central would just post things about Android only. I get sick of seeing all these negative post about a BBM, or Blackberry for that matter. You get people who have a bad experience but then you have people who have a great experience. Why can't there just be a post with legit pros/cons and that's it??? Why all the bad talk about Blackberry?

Now: I got the service last night and it took an hour to get it after I submitted my email address. So far my battery life has not changed...but then again I don't know what my battery life is because I'm always on the go so I stay connected. One thing I did notice is that I put my phone in 2G and tried both What's App and BBM. Both were able to send/receive messages but it took What's App a couple of minutes longer to send a picture message than BBM. That is the only test I've done so far so I will try another test today. Just the fact that I have family in Brazil makes BBM worth it for me.

As I said if the extra features arent delivered, folk will leave in droves!

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I signed up around 230 pm pst yesterday and still no conf email. Anyone in the same boat?

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I'm now finally up and running. I got the two contacts back that I had during my BB days. They are my closest friends, so it really doesn't do much since we see each other a lot. I've been asking my iPhone and Android friends if they will install BBM. Only 1 friend will try it out. Everyone else said "no way".

I can foresee this getting unistalled in a couple of weeks.

Other than that,
" Thanks blackberry Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth" :P

So many bitter android fan boys it's ridiculous. Anyhow.. look at it this way. Based on the number of those who are glad to have it compared to those of you who wish it was dead.. your number is actually irrelevant. In other words.. you are all irrelevant. However.. empty barrels do make the loudest noise so do keep whining if it makes you feel relevant. Lol

Nobody wishes BlackBerry or BBM were dead. If anything, it's BlackBerry fanboys that wish Android were dead, simply because we don't prefer the BB10 platform.

You sound like a "Pot, Kettle, Black" kinda person, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

You're just an irrelevant fanboy dude. I for one love android and so do many others that use bb10 and we are glad that our z10's etc.. can run both BlackBerry and android apps. However.. you just go day and night looking for negatives to say about anything BlackBerry all the time. Hope you're having fun lol. What does the cake in your face feel like right now tho? #BBM4ALL except you of course cos no know u hate and would never use bbm. We will tho. Lol

If BBM or the BlackBerry 10 platform works for you, then that's good. I'm glad, there's a choice for you.

To be honest, most of us "troll" these articles, because we know what's about to happen: BlackBerry article, on any site other than CrackBerry, equals BlackBerry fanboys trying to "convert" other users to their platform, and/or bashing others, after failing to do so.

Respect my choice and I'll respect yours.

Posted via Android Central App

Who is wishing it was dead? I think it's a useless app and even I don't wish it was dead. I wish it was useful and relevant and brought something new to the game to make other Apps step up their game. However, it does not, even though trolls such as yourself come over here to make nine posts over the span of a few months all about how OMG AMAZING!1!! BBM is, when it's not bringing anything new to the table and is missing what many of us would consider to be basic features.

PS - No one gives a flying fudge about Blackberry's security. None of us are messaging people about top secret missile plans or our plots to kidnap the Lindbergh baby.

PPS - Comments about relevance from a BB fanboi... If that were any more ironic there'd be a song about it.

"Read the comments"
Anyone who tells people to read the bottom half of the internet for anything other than laughs is a complete idiot.

If you think the NSA can't infiltrate BB you're deluding yourself. What the NSA does, on principle, is reprehensible. In reality, I care more about the ants I stepped on during my walk into the office than what the NSA might read in my IMs, emails or other communication. The reality is, it doesn't mean a damn thing.

I'm confused about what you said about the comments, I meant the comments from the link, anyway.

The fact that you don't care about your privacy is the main problem in the US. That's why you lose more freedoms everyday. I'm not going to explain it cause it would take forever. I'm just suggesting you research it yourself. Start with Noam Chomsky it's a good start.

For some reason, I feel bad for the small pumpkin in your profile picture, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

I meant the comments from the link. Comments on news articles are pretty much the vilest, most useless thing on the internet.

Like I said, in principle, what the NSA is doing is reprehensible. It needs to be stopped on principle alone. In practical application though, it doesn't mean a GD thing to me.

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Do you want to know the real reason BlackBerry is failing in the consumer market? It's because it's too secure and the NSA can't crack the encryption. The global elites do not like people to have privacy. This is one of the reasons that Google, Apple and Microsoft all attend the Bilderburg meetings. Why do you think there is so much bad media about BlackBerry? The MSM also attends these meetings. To my knowledge BlackBerry is the only smartphone not hacked by the NSA. Idk just a thought.

It can and does happen, if your to blind to see it you should educate yourself. Ya my post is a little out there, but it could be one of the reasons, and stuff like this happens all the time by corporations and MSM

That's funny, considering the NSA and other US Government agencies, amongst other entities, comprise BlackBerry 's core enterprise customers in the Americas region.

No offense, but, where were you, when BlackBerry was the go-to platform? Were you peddling this agenda, then?

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"t's also worth keeping in mind that BBM doesn't work on nearly 30 percent of existing Android phones. BBM runs on Android 4.x, which as of the beginning of October made up 69 percent of active devices"

I think it's more than that, I tried to download it today but was met by a "Your device is not compatible" greeting...apparently it won't work on my HTC Desire C running Android 4.0.3.
Whatsapp works fine as did Viber when I tried it...any other phones it doesn't like ?

Not available on tablets at all. You can sideload, but if you have to sideload, that's a fail in my book.

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It'd be nice if it was working on install and there wasn't this 'waiting line' BS. SMH.

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Just tried it, used my old BB ID and no waiting at all, it just immediately put me in. I don't have any contacts left now though.

I'm sure many will delete it the day after installing it. I did, this app brings nothing original. The only thing all this hype brings is a battery drain on your device...

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Could someone please explain to me why I would use this over using Google Hangouts, which I have been using for group chatting now since it was messenger? It's quick, smooth, I know when people have seen my messages, pictures, yada, yada, yada...

Cos the whole world don't really care. Even fb messenger is used more than it. Gtalk/hangouts, yahoo talk and Hotmail messenger all lost their mojo and lost their appeal ages ago. No doubt they are good but people just don't care so are not willing to take them seriously. The same way BlackBerry 10 is good but due to the old bbos failings people just don't care thus, BlackBerry 10 is suffering too. Only the hardcore geeks like me.. and maybe you refuse to accept it and want people to use bb10, hangouts etc b4 dismissing them. We'll hello.. no thanks. They seem to have moved on to iphone/android or Bbm/WhatsApp etc. Let's just accept it. I for one have only 3 contacts that I see logged into Gtalk..always set to "away" and they never chat via it. They always use bbm on their BlackBerry for some reason. Now that bbm is out for android they have all installed it as of yesterday and were so excited about it. That's life.

Your post literally makes no sense, you argue in one direction, then the other. We know you're a BB fanboi, so we know what you're trying to say, but you sure don't make it easy.
As for Hangouts being dead... All I can say is wow, you have really lost touch with reality. If only 1 in 10 Android users use Hangouts (and a lot more of them do) then Hangouts would have twice the users that BBM does. That's not counting iPhone users or folks who use it just through Gmail.

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Lol. You're obviously thick so let me help you out.

The way I feel about BB10 as an OS is the way you obviously feel about Hangouts as a messaging app. However, majority of the regular users out there don't give a toss about BB10 as they would rather jump on the bandwagon and use IOS or Android because they have that clout that BB10 does not have today thanks to BBOS and BlackBerry's inept management. Thats the exact same way those regular users could give a toss about Hangouts when it comes to messaging apps despite how good you think(or know) it is and would rather use BBM because it carries that clout that Hangouts just does not.

Understand now mate? Possibly not.

Am I missing something? Why are people making a big fuss over BBM? It's just another instant messaging app. What sets it apart from all the other IM apps in the market other than that it's on multiple platforms.

Nice app but all my friends are still on WhatsApp. It's too late for BBM can do anything of it as of now, good its here as, better now than late.

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Is it me or service is unreliable? I remember using BBM on blackberry and having really reliable and fast service.... not so on this Android version

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Early 2013, RIM changed its name to BlackBerry Limited, because their Research is no longer in Motion, with their last product being the Limited BlackBerry - RB

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