Update to roll out today via Google Play

BlackBerry has taken to Twitter and announced that we'll be seeing an update for BBM sometime today. The update should address emoticons in status updates, problems with web links, and more.

We're not sure what the "more" is about just yet, and not sure exactly when to expect the update, but it's always good to fix issues and keep users happy. You can look for the update, or install BBM from the Google Play link above.

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john_v says:

Nice to see that they are good with the updates but I honestly hardly ever use it anymore. Hangouts is just better IMO

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ya3goub says:

I tried hangouts and didn't like it, even turned it off for sms. Now I'm looking for a way to delete it.

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sidds18 says:

BBM is BBM no matter what.

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CountryDevil says:

What is this BBM you speak of?

Come on now, your obviously more than old enough to know what bbm is

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

He's just trolling in a failed attempt to try and seem witty.

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Cory Roy says:

Judging by the screenshot, it looks like the persistent notification is still there.

Paola1993 says:

You can hide it

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alc2077 says:

There's an option to now turn it off in settings, this was the #1 reason that held me back from installing it on my phone until the option to hide it became available. I dislike persistent notifications...

grydlok says:

Not enough to make me use it again.

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TLB69 says:

Will you be my BBM friend?

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NoNexus says:

I talked to Jenny and she said she would. #8675309

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

jd914 says:

Don't know anyone that uses BBM even cross platform BBM. I wonder what the real numbers of actual cross platform users are?

TheStoryUp says:

Nobody seems to really know but BlackBerry, and they probably won't release the numbers until the next earnings call on March 28th. Last time the numbers came out it was 80,000,000 with 25,000,000 iOS and Android users.

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Seems to have fixed the issue of contact images not showing up, at least for me.

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KidAndroid says:

Hopefully they fixed the battery drain that occurred in the first version they put out. I uninstalled it about 2 weeks after the release because it just killed the battery on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 and even worse it seemed on the wife's S3. I guess have to try it again on my Nexus 5 and see if it is fixed or if it was just the devices I had installed it on.

Dr. Triffid says:

I installed it because my brother had a BlackBerry. Then I found out he had never used BBM once on his handset, so we went back to e-mailing each other.

sibeans says:

Great update, BBM seems to be more optimized and snappy. Channels has been a great addiction to the BBM crack!

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New update on point much smoother

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SBucKets33 says:

Very addicted to BBM. Keep the updates coming! Works good on my Moto X, still has a long way to go though. Channels needs major improvements.

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JR A says:

Nice decks! Technics MK2 or MK5? I should've never gotten rid of mine, those are collectors items now!

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kinster02 says:

I don't know anyone who wants to use or even try that's a big "PASS"

From my Note 2 to you