Support for larger Android tablets finally arrives in the BBC's streaming app

The BBC has updated its iPlayer app for Android, bringing support for 10-inch tablets for the first time. The new iPlayer version 1.7.0 has just landed on Google Play, allowing larger tablets like the Nexus 10 and Xperia Tablet Z to enjoy the full iPlayer experience. In addition, the Beeb says it's tweaked the phone and 7-inch tablet layouts, though we're not noticing any huge differences on our own devices.

Download support -- long present in the iOS version of iPlayer -- is still absent, but a note in the changelog reminds users that the BBC is working on bringing this feature to Android.

Hit the Google Play link up top to grab the new version of iPlayer. You'll also want to grab the BBC Media Player companion app for video playback.


Reader comments

BBC iPlayer app updated with 10-inch tablet support, UI tweaks


The BBC still live in their own software past. Have you ever tried to use iPlayer desktop? Probably the worst software on the planet.

iHate the name. These companies need to be more creative and stop piggybacking off Apple's name scheme when they're not even related to or for Apple products.