BBC iPlayer site. Android app coming soon.

The BBC has announced that it'll be launching an official iPlayer app on the Android Market later this week. While Android owners can currently access the service through their web browsers, the new app will apparently provide a flashier UI and better touchscreen integration.

According to the Beeb, the app will allow live TV and radio streaming -- something not possible via the current web interface -- as well as the same catalog of catch-up TV found on the iPlayer website. As with the iPlayer mobile site, viewers will need Android 2.2 and Flash Player 10.1 to get in on the action.

As ever, the iPlayer is free to all TV license fee payers in the UK. The BBC plans to launch a subscription-based version of the service to viewers in other countries later this year. [BBC Blog]

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Someone please ALERT PHIL... because when HP drops some new Devices today Android love could take a hit. Especially since alot of android users are very FOND of WebOS... but just hated the hardware.... **Warning Shots**

Dhamp2g says:

No matter how much I or anyone else loves webOS u can't go with any if the products bcuz it has very small development and its gonna stay that way unless millions upon millions stat to migrate to it. That's why I'm gone for good.

tekhinator says:


beatleshelp1 says:

Shame it needs android 2.2. Just one of those things I suppose.

Top Gear! (the UK one, not the POS US version)

It will just be a web link 'with a pretty picture' most seem to think. read the comments at the bottom of the blog and what others are saying

zerocool418 says:

This is so cool but to bad I can't use it, I got a Fascinate with Andrid 2.1, awwww : ( so sad.

icebike says:

free to all TV license fee payers

That bit is something folks in North America have a hard time understanding. You need a license to own a tv set in Britain.

iPwn says:

You seem to be having a hard time understanding too. "It is not, however, required for those possessing a TV set". According to the wiki page, it's only required for "live television transmission." You don't need a license just to own a TV set.

Anyone can have own a tv set. It is just for live transmission of TV. If you only ever watch catchup tv you don't need one.

Also worthwhile to point out that BBC channels don't have any adverts... that's commercials for you 'merkins. They pay for the content from the licence.

Hence why they have some pretty good tv in the UK.

Alex Dobie says:

Some. We have our share of crap TV too, and a lot of it is produced by the BBC :)