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If you frequent Reddit, you may be aware of BaconReader, a highly polished and fully-featured Reddit client for Android that launched late last year. Today sees developer OneLouder release a substantial update for the app, bringing some major improvements across the board.

BaconReader 1.25 introduces performance improvements, including hardware acceleration for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Honeycomb and ICS users will also get access to a scrollable homescreen widget, and the existing 4x1 static widget has been redesigned to better fit with the Android 4.0 design language. And Android Beam support has been added, allowing you to share Reddit posts over NFC the same way you can with videos, web pages and other content on certain devices.

It's great to see BaconReader going from strength to strength with each update, and we're sure all you Redditors on ICS devices will appreciate this latest update. If you've yet to give the app a try, we've got Android Market links to the free version after the break.


Reader comments

BaconReader gets major update, adds Android Beam support, scrollable widget and more


Yes, I think it is better. This was just a bug fix release too, and reportedly the next version will have a refreshed UI. The early screenshots look great.

It's hard to say. I still like Reddit is Fun, but Bacon Reader does have a bit slicker UI and it has the color-coded comment separation lines that really helps you keep track of the "conversation".

Also, baconreader has a widget. If you don't need a widget then I'd say you're fine with either.

Thankful for this update as my widget was freezing up on me. Always seems like devs are scrambling to update their support for ICS. Damn 1 percenters - I'd like a scrollable widget too.

try "Reddit Suited Up", its still in beta but has lot of other options including multiple account support, inline image and gif previews.