Yahoo's Aviate launcher (you do remember that Yahoo bought it, right?) today announced that it now supports icon packs. In fact, it supports the same icon packs you're used to with other launchers, including ADW, Apex Launcher, LauncherPro or Nova.

Dive into the settings menu, hit "Set icon pack," and you're on your way.

Source: Aviate blog


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Aviate gets support for icon packs


I gave aviate the ol' college try for 2 weeks. I liked it but it could just not get my location right, I always had to keep setting it manually which defeats the purpose. Icon pack support is great though. Every great launcher needs it.


Didn't like aviate that much besides I work about a mile from where I live and it never got the location right, uninstalled after about 3 days

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I really liked it, but the inability to add folders to the favourites is too limiting. You only have ten apps on the homescreen max.

I tried Aviate, wanted to like it and do feel it's a neat launcher... But, still doesn't match the benefits offered by Nova.

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Hi, can anyone send me a code fort Aviate :) ? It seems to be a pretty launcher.

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