Aviate anticipatory launcher leaves beta for all

Yahoo has relaunched Aviate, the Android home screen replacement software that it acquired in January, adding in a number of new features.

The app also gets a slight name change to Yahoo Aviate for its reboot. Among its many new features are "favorite" which are supposed to automatically suggest a user's most popular contacts so they can quickly be contacted with a swipe of the screen.

Yahoo Aviate also offers user a one page look at a user's daily smartphone activitues such as their alarm clock, weather and news reports, their daily calendar and more.

According to Yahoo, the new Aviate is supposed to anticipate the needs of each of their users via "machine learning and predictive technologies". Some of those features have been added to the home screen thanks to the work of the Incredible Labs team that Yahoo bought in February.

There's no word yet when or if Yahoo Aviate will be coming to other platforms. At the moment, it's only for English language-based Android devices, and free from Google Play.

What do you think of this new update to Aviate and do you think Yahoo is making the most of this home screen replacement software?

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Aviate anticipatory launcher leaves beta for all


I've just reinstalled this for the first time in many months I had it on my Nexus five and now my Note 3 (CM powered Beast), I'll give it a few days to "learn" so let's see what's changed. Its smoother that's for sure on initial use.

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Agreed. Nova/Apex + Google Now. You know you can find what you want all the time, not just when someone thinks you want it.

I installed it but upon launch, I have to create a reservation and wait for a code to actually use it...

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Aviate's features come at the cost of all your awesome widgets that you have on your homescreen. That's a high price. You can still have widgets in Aviate but there's very little room and you have to slide open a drawer-thing to look at it.

Not for me either, I use too many widgets!

Part of the description on the Play Store:
★ If you are looking to make heavy customizations to your phone, this is not the launcher or homescreen for you. But, if you're looking to simplify your phone (and life!), you've found the right app.

I used this for a day months ago and didn't like it. I've only tried the new version for a couple of minutes but I have to say I think I like it. I'm going to give it a shot and if no I'll go back to action launcher. It seems to be a lot better than before I must say. I also love how it is a perfect demonstration of options of various launcher on android we have.

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Downloaded it. Wasn't that impressed. The widgets on the home screen shrink to thin screens that you can't see. The favorites are nice. The organization is a great feature but I think I'm just too comfortable with Action Launcher.

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It would be nice if action Launcher eventually added categories to the left side of the home screen with widgets and apps

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I love this launcher. Every time I try to go back to Touch Wiz or a different launcher, I return to Aviate. It works just fine for me. I like the new changes with this update.

I have been using Aviate for months now since it first came out in Beta. I have used several types of launchers and this one is my favorite. The biggest reason that I like how it organizes my apps. I don't use many widgets, just weather and calendar. I really don't use the predictive apps feature but it's nice when I do need it. I'm definitely liking the new update. I was worried when Yahoo acquired Aviate they would change it to push yahoo content but it's gotten better with every update.