Amongst the slew of hardware announcements at Amazon's event yesterday was the confirmation that Whispersync was expanding to more of Amazon's services, such as Audible. The new feature, dubbed Whispersync for Voice, will let you sync reading/listening positions of a book if you own both editions. In addition, it will sync bookmarks and notes across devices. However, it doesn't appear to sync listening positions across devices, which is what I was really excited about. I listen to my audiobooks on a variety of mobile devices and would like not to worry about what position I'm at on any of them. This is a step forward, but I hope to see a full sync option soon. To download the free app, hit up our Google Play Store link. 

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bblande says:

Wow, that guy looks very angry. Y so serious??

ScottColbert says:

Probably because he passed away a few months ago. Fantastic book, and a nice update.

holdfast96 says:

I'm angry over the fact you dont know who Christopher Hitchens is ;-D.. youtube him,you won't be disappointed!

bblande says:

I see he was some atheist guy...but why is he so angry??

arjman22 says:

He was a magnificent beast ! I miss that guy!

Revyloution says:

Your'e misinterpreting his look. That's his serious face, not his angry face. He was much more than just an 'atheist guy', he was well respected by journalists, politicians and authors the world over. I'd heard that he's met every president of the USA since Nixon. Check out some of his writing, you wont be disappointed.

moosc says:


Bizarre that they didn't add cross-device place syncing for audiobooks. It seems like a no-brainer and it's my number one ask (and I'm sure I'm not alone).

amidsin says:

I'm also very excited about Whispersync for Voice since I very much enjoy both reading and listening to books.
Just to clarify for people who are also interested in this feature - even in those cases when both Kindle eBook and corresponding Audible audio books are available, Whispersync for Voice is not always available for such pair. For example, for the audio book shown in this post (Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens), such synchronization is not available.
Whenever synchronization is available, it is explicitly mentioned on the kindle ebook web page of that book as "Whispersync for Voice".
A couple more examples:
- ebook with Whispersync for Voice -
- ebook without Whispersync for Voice -

vicw926a4 says:

It seems incredible to me that they would synchronize between audio and text, rather than audio between devices.

There have been many times when I would have been happy to resume listening on a different device, but the thought never entered my mind that I needed or wanted the crossover capability they have conjured up.

jimbojack says:

I can confirm that syncing is working great between listening devices on Android at least. I have successfully synced my location many times in the past 24 hours (since the beta release) between my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. I've since updated to the market release to confirm it works there also, which it does.

Audible did confirmed to beta users that this feature is only available to users of the Audible app. So it won't sync with an Audible book on a ipod or kindle, if those are your preferred listening methods.

I for one have dreamed about a day when I could sync between audio and text so am quite excited about this new feature. It currently only appears to be available on and not so I guess the wait isn't over for some of us.

Good luck enjoying your books in new ways.

EDIT: Audible introduced single file downloads at the same time as Whispersync voice and Whispersync will only work if you have the single file version of the audio book on both device, so a delete and re download would be required. Reading in the beta group I'm also not sure if the IOS update has pushed yet as users are reporting that they're still getting multi part downloads on their iphones.

vicw926a4 says:

Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, it does nicely synchronize between Audible apps on different devices. I can undertand how the aricle missed that critical point, since Audible didn't mention it in their description.

In any case, it is a great enhancement to a valued app.

vicw926a4 says:

Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, it does nicely synchronize between Audible apps on different devices. I can undertand how the aricle missed that critical point, since Audible didn't mention it in their description.

In any case, it is a great enhancement to a valued app.

derickso says:

Completely agree we need cross-device Audible sync, I should be able to listen to my book on the drive in to work, sit down, and immediately resume it on the web at the same spot, which syncs to my phone when I get in the car for the drive home.

rattlehead02 says:

Now maybe they can fix the Audible widget. Just about every other time I go to hit Play on it there's no book loaded. And it's not just between phone restarts. I can be listening to a book on my way in to work, and when I try to resume on my way home it shows no book loaded up. Yet when I open the Audible app it takes me straight to the book. It's really weird and annoying.

Mac58 says:

What I do not understand is why Amazon will not give us an app for Amazon prime video but they give us a app for everything else... I just cannot figure it out. Yet all other platforms (iOS, PS3, 360, etc) all have the amazon prime app

JeffGr says:

I'm betting an Amazon Video Player for Android is coming soon. The description for the Kindle Fire HD includes the following quote: "The books, videos, apps, audiobooks, games, and music that you buy for your Kindle Fire HD can also be enjoyed on Amazon apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, game consoles, TVs and more."

bboykin87 says:

There is definitely cross device sync, and you don't have to have both devices with the single file, but it does seem that you have to have the entire book on the device with multiple files. I tested this myself and it synced between my Gnex and iPod touch perfectly.