AT&T LG G2 Knock Code

A quick heads up for those of you rocking the LG G2 on AT&T: If you haven't already noticed, there's a system update waiting for you. And that 39-megabyte update brings forth one of our favorite features of the year — Knock Code.

Knock Code expands on the "Knock On" tap-to-wake feature by adding in the ability to tap in a pattern, adding in another level of security. Give it a whirl and see what you think. And swing by our LG G2 forum if you've got questions.

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Damn. I have been waiting for this since forever!

Phil! If i have an unlocked AT&T LG G2, can i get the update just by inserting an AT&T sim card on my phone?
I don't want to reinstall the whole software again just to get knockcode.

JSG59 says:

Hey Phil, I just found the galaxy s5 active on ebay, I posted a thread with screen shots on the galaxy s4 section in the forums, go Che k it out!!

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Jdane07 says:

Way to be relevant.

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Seriously? Why not stay on topic?

Hey I just found an amazing new pen for work! It writes so smooth!!!

I'm sorry, I had to do it!!

gatorboi352 says:

Lock screens in general are so silly. Nobody cares to get into your phones, people. Except maybe your untrusting significant other.

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deku13 says:

Get a job with confidential info that comes and goes through emails and you would think differently

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verpeiler089 says:

Are you that stupid? Just imagine what someone could do if you loose your phone is extreme... mails, messages and calling some expensive numbers.

Dizfunctions says:

How ignorant. If your phone is a BYOD for your work, then you'd be singing a different tune.

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deecoop0351 says:

Great I take any update I can get. Plus it's not a bad feature at all

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jernavy says:

Try to update and I get "device not registered" already went to at&t about this and they said oh its normal. No, no AT&T its not normal

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11719dan says:

I get the same crap, You have to log into lg web site and register phone

jernavy says:

well at least it sounds like an easy enough fix. I will look into this tonight at work! thanks! been waiting for Knock Code.

Works good!


I still have to try it out. Now if we could get LG to backport the new UI. :)

So when will the g3 coming to your stores huh...

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Dizfunctions says:

Can't wait until T-Mobile gets this update!

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flip805 says:

Ditto! I want me some knock code awesomeness.

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ki11ak3nn says:

Hopefully when this comes to T-Mobile we'll also get a fix for Google Wallet tap to pay like AT&T did.

buffdaddy72 says:

Hoping this feature will be on the Sprint version soon.

mrrobotanger says:

It seems really slow. Like a looooooong lag between entering the code and actually unlocking the phone. Can we get some scientific testing of this? A speed test? Phil?

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Seixip says:

Man, I was really hoping this update would give us the multitasking button!

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Since installing this update, I am no longer able to access the camera from the lockscreen or add / remove lockscreen widgets. This is the case no matter what lock screen security settings I use. Anyone know if there's a fix for this? I have found nothing.