LG Optimus G Jelly Bean update

It's been a couple days now since the AT&T LG Optimus G got a mysterious Easter update. Today we've got something just as unofficial, but much more recognizable. Android 4.1.2 has begun to push out for the LG Optimus G on AT&T. 

AT&T's PR says no official update has started, but that's in disagreement with our inbox -- and with AT&T's own community forums, which sport several folks saying they're getting the 336-megabyte update to Android 4.1.2, Build E97020j.

If you've got an AT&T Optimus G, now would be a good time to check for an update. Just sayin'. 

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Mramos860 says:

YES FINALLY! hopefully the stupid glitch in the stock texting app will stop. It takes me about 1 minute to create and type a brief message that should only take me 10 seconds

Timelessblur says:

and sadly on day 1 it is already 4 months out dated. There is no excuse for being at this point 10 months behind. 6 months is the max.

Sadly failorla is not being used as a weapon to speed this crap up. if anything they are making it easier for everyone else to drag their feet.

Mafiatounes says:

Still i think LG is speedier than ever, previous devices where left behind when it came to updates.. I hope LG keeps improving the software quality and gets quicker in software rollouts (They always had awesome hardware and terrible software).

Weird that AT&T's PR is saying there's no update since on the XDA forum this morning an anonamous employee said this was coming in the next day. Sure enough, a few hours later the first reports came in that it was true.

Ezye1313 says:

I can confirm this and when you thought it couldn't get no smoother it does!

Mramos860 says:

Very Half Baked Jelly Bean Version. It lacks the Q Slide Features shown off in the international Optimus G with Jellybean. Only AT&T would do this to their customers.

sRedwolf says:

For what it's worth the same issue exists in the Sprint version as well as the one on the Canadian carriers.

sRedwolf says:

Does it cause problems with gmail for any of you? The Sprint and Canadian JB roms don't play nicely with the latest gmail app (4.3+)

Just out of curiosity - Open your inbox, open any email then press the back arrow in the upper left corner to return to the inbox. On mine (Canadian carrier) it will crash consistently.

Mramos860 says:

Yeah mine fore closes too. Just use the back button on the capacitive keys

Mramos860 says:

Yeah mine fore closes too. Just use the back button on the capacitive keys

MikhailK says:

Downloading now on my Optimus G!