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AT&T this morning dropped word that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will be available online and in stores this Friday, Oct. 4. The Note 3 runs $299 on contract; same price for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.


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AT&T's Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear available Oct. 4


This is a better title for this article: AT&T's Galaxy Note 3 available Oct. 4. Who cares about the Gear, really? $300 for a smart wearable when there's still a lot of work to be done in that area? The Gear is easily overpriced by $200. I'll be getting the Note 3 on Sprint though so keep the news coming about the Note 3 and it's carrier availability.

Only a few days to wait for the Sprint model. I am getting mine at best buy and saving the 50$ overcharge that Sprint is hoisting on us

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I'd say who cares about the announcement of a carrier-independent item for sale at a carrier?

Also, this article is saying that a Phone on contract is the "Same price" as the gear, which is misleading because the gear doesn't require a contract.

Still curious to see how many it sells, though I thought the Note wouldn't sell and people are all over that pocket buster.

If the Pebble SmartWatch is $150, why would you think the Galaxy Gear (GG) would be $99?

The materials used (soft touch back, and a metal and sapphire glass front), and the overall style on the GG clearly look better than the Pebble. The screen is full color as opposed to the e-ink of the Pebble. The inclusion of still and video capture using the camera, and full touchscreen capability as opposed to button navigation used on the Pebble, appear to be what's driving the price $150 above the competition. The GG also has 4gb of internal storage for music, gallery, and the voice recorder.

I think when people automatically jump on the band wagon and say "it's too expensive" I wonder if they've really explored the devices current and future capability. There are a few things I wish it had right out of the box, like email notification (seems so basic that I'm not sure why Samsung left that out?), but for what it can do on this initial launch I'm excited to get one and use it.

I understand that the value of tech is all subjective in the end, and it depends on what the end user needs or wants. But for those who think the GG is overpriced at $299, just remember, that a base model DVD player used to cost $600.

I for one will be purchasing a GG. I realize the price may be somewhat inflated for some, but then again, that's the price we early adopters pay so that OEM's can keep making this stuff and drive the price down for the average consumer in the years to come.

Oh man... I wanted to love this phone. I really did. But after phones like the HTC One and the S4, the screen isn't that impressive. And the faux leather pattern on the back of the phone... This does NOT feel like a premium device.

Flame me all you want, but I've played with the Note 3 quite a bit since we got it in. After being an HTC One owner, and now having an iPhone 5s... I need something that feels like a premium device, and this does not. Sorry Samsung.

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I would rather have function over form, and nothing out beats this in function.

To each his own though

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I'd rather have form and function! Can you imagine that!

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

The screen on the note 3 is better than the s4. I don't really like the HTC one. But that's the great thing about android, you have choices and not stuck with one phone to choose from.

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I have to agree. As a Note 2 owner for nearly a year, it just started to feel huge and clunky. Went to the HTC One and couldn't be happier. The Note was in that odd size after getting the Nexus 7, where it was too big for a phone and too small for a tablet.

The size held me off the note 2, but this year I want the 'extras' like the s pen and some of the built in productivity stuff so I am just gonna have to adjust.

I am sure it won't be hard

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My wife is petite and she loves her Note 2. You will adjust fine if that's what you want.

Yes I had a pre order for a note 3 and after seeing so many videos although the specs are amazing it really looks like more of the same ....I played around with the htc one and it spoke to me as a person and not the phone geek side of me.. I love music and I also tune into FB and Instagram so BlinkFeed is amazing for me .... I have 14 days to return the htc one and by that time the note 3 will be out .... As of now (after 48hrs) I think I'm staying with the htc one ...and see if Samsung updates touchwiz with the GS5 in 6mths and does something about the plastic ...and then I can upgrade again on the new upgrade programs

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The plastic is here to stay. Might take other forms but it will be there. Unless they make the battery non removable, then they might go to a better material

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I don't mean to flame you, but you said you got one in? Are you a tech blogger, store employee or European/Asian customer who received this ahead of united states?

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There's a question I hadn't thought of. With the new back, is it just as easy to open and swipe out the battery?

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I had fine into the AT&T store near me to play with the note 3. My initial reaction was disappointment with the screen. They had it next to the s4 and the G2. Nothing to talk about, maybe it was the blue generic background but the screen didnt pop at all. The other two 2 scream. I'm using a g2 waiting fir the note 3 at the moment. May keep the g2

Based on what?

What other device are you aware of that is comparable for a less expensive price?

Actually, the Smartwatch (SW) is a good alternative.

The Sony offering while costing less at or around $160, nicely constructed, and useful on any Android device, offers some useful functional over the Galaxy Gear (GG).

The SW cannot make calls like the GG. However, It does allow the option for the user to accept or reject a call. It appears to lack a microphone for voice talking or recording a memo.

The SW has no camera so you could not take a still photo or record video.

However, it's much more universal in that it can be used with any Android phone, and has the added benefit of NFC.

Both devices have some really nice features, and a potential buyer couldn't go wrong with either one.

I know some stores already have them in and on display. The ATT store I stopped at this weekend had a working white Galaxy Note 3 on display.

How come Samsung market the phone with snapdragon processor and when you get and look for it it's there's. Shady

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The more I look at that horrid design of pleather and stitching (lol) the more I will not be buying this phone. Samsung, your design choices are appalling and laughable. Please look to HTC and Apple and come up with something premium.