AT&T mark the spot app

Heads up AT&T subscribers with an Android phone -- now it's your turn to help AT&T keep tabs on its network.  Mark The Spot is the popular app originally for the iPhone that fires off some information and data about network errors you might be experiencing when you run it.  This sort of user input is probably pretty helpful, and all conspiracy theories aside should be quite valuable, so if you use AT&T and often find yourself with less than perfect service, grab it and spend a minute improving things instead complaining about things online.  OK, complain all ya want, just be sure to report it directly to AT&T, too.

While it's not the most exciting application in the world, it's refreshing to see Ma Bell didn't forget about it's Android users completely.  The app is free of course, you can grab it here if you're using AT&T: [Market Link | AppBrain]


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AT&T releases 'Mark The Spot' (aka black hole) app for Android


Does something like this exist for Big Red? Contrary to the ad campaigns I do drop a call from time to time.

Really? I only drop called in my little subterranean bunker, and to be honest, I don't expect cell phone towers to be able to reach underground.

I hope they have a very very very big dot for Mid-Town Manhattan because they are going to need it. That is why i left AT&T because my phone didn't work at all around there in the day time. But I did fall in love with Android when I switched!

AT&T needs to get their Android phones publicized and supported anyway. When their exclusive contract with Apple expires, they'll get killed if they don't have a viable smartphone alternative.

Nothing like using your paying customers to basically do field testing and reporting for you. It's a nice sentiment, but shitty nonetheless.

If they wanted to do it right they would have automated the collection and reporting.

That said, I wonder if this app will further flood the already broken ATT network with even more traffic. At least for the iPhone users around here they would spend most of the day logging issues with this app!

This was released not a day too soon. I think we know who the major network cloggers are or will be. Maybe this will show Att that cap limits will not solve the clogged network, it is the sheer number of iphone users to blame.

In spite of all the smartass remarks about At&t, all my dropped call issues have disappeared since I've switched to a Nexus One and just use the iPhone as a iPod Touch . Its not ALL at&T's fault.

AT&T subscribers will be using this app all the time o am sure of it lol., what a Crap network they have !!

I've been with ATT for over 8 years and have had excellent coverage where ever I've been. I just wish ATT would increase the network capabilities...maybe now with all of the itoys being released.

There is a pretty big flaw in this app. If someone cant get data how are they supposed to submit this to at&t?