AT&T Optimus G Pro

Optimus G Pro preorders start May 3

AT&T this morning officially announced the LG Optimus G Pro. It'll be available starting May 10 for $199 on contract. Preorders kick off May 3 online. (Looks like what we heard a few weeks back about a May 10 AT&T launch was right on the money.)

We're no stranger to the Optimus G Pro, having enjoyed the Korean version for a couple months now after its unveiling at Mobile World Congress. It's surprisingly svelte for a 5.5-inch device, and the 1080p IPS display is downright gorgeous. It's plenty snappy, too, with a Snapdragon 600 processor cranking along at 1.7 GHz. The 13MP rear camera proved to be decent enough as well. 

AT&T's version is sporting 32GB of total storage (actual available storage will be less, of course), and you can slap up to a 64GB microSD card in there for good measure.

AT&T's Optimus G Pro also will have that "Value Pack" update that brings features such as dual-video recording and that eye-tracking stuff the kids are crazy about these days. 

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AT&T makes its Optimus G Pro official, $199 on contract starting May 10


All i can see with these pictures is the back looks like a mix between the Galaxy S3 (camera/flash/speaker placement)and the Galaxy S4(pattern). Even the front looks way too much like the S4.

Meanwhile Samsung ripped off LG's camera software, which is much worse than making a phone that 'looks like' another. At this point there's not much hardware manufacturers can do to change the designs up.

That's not what I'm talking about. When LG announced the 'Value Pack' update that gave the international Pro features Samsung had announced at their big event debuting the S4 all of the Samsung fanboys claimed LG was ripping Sammy off when in fact the Korean G Pro had these features LONG before Samsung announced them for the S4. For the moron above me to complain the phones 'look alike' well of course they do. The average consumer can't tell one phone from the next because they're all black or silver slabs with no defining characteristics. Samsung copies Apple, they copy's ridiculous.

Between talking about Samsung fanboys and claiming that "Samsung copies Apple, they copy's ridiculous" its clear you're very unbiased.

Please enlighten me as to how Samsung copied Apple. Last time I checked, California's decision got overturned on a federal level. But maybe you see something unbiased people don't, so be specific. Aside from a home button --which LG also has-- there isn't a single similarity to the iPhone that isn't shared with other android devices. But by all means, troll on.

It was invalidated by a judge who is now working as an 'analyst' for Samsung making well over 6 figures. If that doesn't sound suspicious to you then you need to get your head examined. Samsung will owe Apple, and they will owe big. From deleting apps, the looks of their icons, the looks of the Note/Mail features, etc it all screams 'iPhone'. YOU need to take a look in the mirror and stop believing these lies.

"...judge who is now working as an 'analyst' for Samsung..." I have yet to find such claims anywhere. Most apple blogs don't even have any mention of this. However, the controversy regarding any Apple bias during the California trials IS well noted.

"deleting apps" yes, similar. After you go to "uninstall".

"the looks of their icons" You need to compare their icons to stock ones as well. Aside from the number instead of a calendar chart, the calendar icon is very much android. The phone icon is the only clear and shameless copy I see. Then there's the gallery which uses a border like android but a flower like iOS. Aside from that, most things are clearly much more android with some older gingerbread touches to the color scheme.

"Note/Mail features" Mail looks like a black themed android mail app but with the ugly touchwiz bar up top. S Note, as annoying as it was to use, was themed after a yellow notepad. I didn't realize Apple patented the color scheme of a common physical product.

I don't believe lies because I don't get personally invested in which company does what. Which is why you won't see me going around calling any company a copycat because of some pathetic grudge against them. BUT if I see someone do it, I don't mind calling them out. Guess where I'm basing my knowledge off of? Yup, ownership. I have Apple products and Samsung products. Sometimes I use TW roms, sometimes I go AOSP. I've never used a TW rom and thought "wow...this is a lot like iOS"

Same here. I was waiting patiently to see what LG was going to do but the weekend before last after using the One in store I had to have it. I love everything about the One, but if this debuts for a reasonable price off contract I may pick one up as a solid back up.

Agreed 100%! After YEARS of mediocre, uninspired yet frequent LG releases (Ally, Revolution, Spectrum, Spectrum 2,Lucid, Lucid 2, Intuition) LG FINALLY releases a device that's arguably better than Samsung's equivalent Note 2 and of course VZW doesn't get it.

At least LG didn't emulate Samsung's penchant for gimped internal storage. 16Gb on the Note 2 and GS4 is a total travesty. AT&T is getting all of the cool new phones and is the only one offering a 32Gb S4. Meanwhile, VZW hasn't released ANYTHING but junk since the Note 2 & DNA last November! That's an eternity in the smartphone world.

Fanboyism??? You'd have to be blind to not see that it looks like the Note 2. Did you watch the video above? Every feature they speak of was copied from Samsung.

I wouldn't defend Samsung too much on this. I'm sure they're selling away their patents and trademarks to help out LG. Just like they've been doing with the TV business and the PC business and the refrigerators, appliances, cameras, and on, and on, and on.

I'm sorely tempted to change out my One X for this, especially since the One X has always had issues with getting some push notifications on time...and for some reason Google Voice notifications don't work at all.

But I'm still afraid of all the junk LG put in that notification shade. Cyanogen, take it away!

Att will have the three best android phones on the planet! Nice. I love my sprint optimus G, lg is becoming a top tier producer!

People don't forget, what Lg calls "view talk", the New Blackberry Z10 already has. Write on one device and share the info on another, in real time.

Who cares in this age of Cell Phone Wars, Smartphone Mania. When Manufactures innovate to differentiate themselves from the rest, we the consumers are the winners. Let the Manufactures figure out the who's who of the patent ripoff artists. I don't think this rapid growth will sustain itself indefinitely, In the meantime, indulge in the Spoils of War.

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the informative post.

cool stuff from LG. if they could make it 1/2 months before oh!!!!

Thanks in Advance

This is in my opinion the best phone to buy that any US Carrier is selling. It has great specs and along with the specs the phone has plenty of int storage with sd card support. To me int storage is a major must have for any top of the line phone. The SGS4 is a great phone but after the OS there is only 9gb of usable int storage. You can not put apps and games on your sd card unless you root the phone and even if rooted the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS might not be able to move those files. LG has a great package here and AT&T has a winner. I hope other Carriers get this phone. My SGS3 has 32gb of int storage along with a class 10 64gb sd card. I am not going to buy the SGS4 with a pathetic 9gb of int storage, I'll just keep my SGS3 until something comes along that is better. IMO no top of the line Smartphone should have less than 32gb of int storage with sd card support. If no sd card then a minimum of 64gb of int storage. We pay allot of money and to add storage to a phone costs pennies.

Really seems like a great option for those wanting 5"+ phone. AT&T really has some nice phones to choose from.

LG has been releasing quite a few updates for camera and stability improvements. The last one recd was enabling dual camera/video pausing features. It seems LG has been much better esp coming from the G2X from mid 2011. This is an excellent smartphone & I enjoy using it although it's the imported model. No SPEN, for me, no problem. Keep it up LG, competition is good:)

Is Optimus a real word? Seems to me, LG should be paying royalties to whoever owns the transformers.