AT&T tells us that they have turned on LTE in and around Jackson, Mississippi today, bringing high speed data access to the Jackson metro and parts of Hinds County. AT&T currently has LTE deployed in over 75 markets and continues to roll out more, trying to keep pace with Verizon's year-long head start with the new 4G network.

AT&T offers numerous LTE devices, including some great Android phones like the Xperia Ion, the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) and the Motorola Atrix HD

Anyone in the City of Soul seeing outrageous data speeds, like the one pictured above from Chicago? Fire off in the comments and let us all know. 

Source: AT&T

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svargas05 says:


Holy crap that's fast!

dmm5157 says:

Waiting patiently for AT&T to bring LTE to Tallahassee, FL. You'd think the capital city would get a little love, but no lucky yet.

I ran tests while in Orlando at topped out as high as 71Mbps, and never hit lower than 35 Mbps. Battery life was pretty good, too (GS3). No worse than when in Tallahassee.

that's 59 kbps, not MBps.... smh

terrycanfly says:

59000 kbps is just short of 59 mbps so yes 59 mbps is right.

I know that but he had said MBps not Mbps, so he was not right.

svargas05 says:


people freak out because I used all CAPS. HA!

That's 59 THOUSAND kilobytes per second. With a comma, not a period. :-)

phillysdon04 says:

59259 KB = 57.8701 MB Google it

ray2k6 says:

It's 59259 Kb not KB, Kilobit is not the same as KiloByte, about 8 times difference.(1KB=8Kb) The B and b are not the same. The real download speed in MB or Megabytes would be 7.23MB

Exactly! seems most people don't know the difference and use MBps Mbps and KBps and Kbps incorrectly constantly.

Storm24 says:

My friend's Note was getting between 20-24 down consistantly. I have a GNex from Verizon and get about that or just a bit less. I will be moving over to ATT when the new Nexus devices come out because I am tired of Verizon choking every device.

Gimik says:

Wow. If they have LTE in Phoenix, I'm sold.
edit: and according to their map, I'm in!

scottbeamer says:

I'd have thought Jackson, MS would have been one of the last places to get LTE.

tewest86 says:

Why? It has a metro of 500,000+. Is it not big enough for you?

drtechnical says:

Little Jackson, MS not only has justifications for LTE, but also has interesting connections to wireless and tech history:

1: located at the intersection of two transcontinental Interstate highways.
2: capital city of MS.
3: former headquarters for LDDS/MCI/Skytel (yeah, all of which were rolled into Worldcom, an unfortunate period in history which we don't much like to talk about).
4: remember when HBO ran a loop of Steadicam video shot from a bicycle between movies? Only the earliest HBO test-markets saw that, one of which was Jackson.

but most importantly, it now means I can stream high-quality audio at bad-fast rates during my weekly commute between Baton Rouge and Jackson. Woo-hoo.