AT&T LG Thrive

Well look what just dropped into our inbox. A happy Android Central reader just sent us a slew of pics of the LG Thrive -- the prepaid version of the LG Phoenix, both of which are AT&T's version of the venerable LG Optimus One (see our full review). The Thrive is a "Go Phone" -- you pay for service in advance -- and it's a mere $179.

You can pick one up on Sunday (the Phoenix will run you $49 with a two-year contract). Or, you can head on past the break and check out a whole mess 'o pics. Thanks, anon!

AT&T LG ThriveAT&T LG Thrive

AT&T LG ThriveAT&T LG Thrive

AT&T LG ThriveAT&T LG Thrive

AT&T LG ThriveAT&T LG Thrive


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AT&T LG Thrive hands-on


Today is April 17 & the LG Phoenix made it onto AT&T's website BUT the Thrive didn't. Did AT&T change their mind about putting this phone on their GoPhone prepaid service?

so my fiance is on a family plan with her mom... if i buy this phone and put her sim card in, is going to affect her plan? She has No data on her plan, just unlimited text.

Her mom has an iphone on the plan...

So are they going to automatically add a smartphone plan to their account if i get her this?

After removing the back cover of this phone there is a rectangular piece of blue tape at the bottom, inside of the phone. Is this tape just part of the packing protection or does it serve some other function?