The LG G3 is now available on AT&T, and if you get one you can also get an LG G Watch for 50% off. The deal is also good with the purchase of a new G Flex, cuts the price of the G Watch down to just $115, requires you buy a new G3 or G Flex, but considering how much we liked the insane LG G3, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Getting that LG G3 from AT&T will cost you $199.99 up front with a two-year contract, or you can get it for nothing down and $29-a-month for the next 20 months through AT&T Next. Or if that's not your thing, the AT&T-flavor LG G3 clocks in at $579.99 off contract. The LG G Flex, meanwhile, is $299.99 with a contract, $31.75/month with AT&T Next, or $634.99 without a contract. It's a flexible phone, and so is AT&T — regardless of which way you go, adding the Android Wear-powered G Watch to your cart sees 50% knocked off the price. That's a damned good deal if you're in the market for a new smartphone. If you're in the UK, there's a similar promotion going on there too.

If this is the kind of deal that strikes your fancy, know that this deal is scheduled to run through 11 September, 2014, so you've got plenty of time to figure out what you want to do. Or you can use that 50% off on an LG Quick Circle case. Your call.

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AT&T LG G3 now available with half-off G Watch


You can get 50% off multiple accessories from AT&T, I think you just can't get multiples of each. I got 50% off the watch and the Circle case.

Should there be any concern read into the fact that LG is giving such a big promotional discount right at the starting gate for two of its flagship products for the season?

I would think if the pre-orders for the two devices were both bonkers from the day they went live, LG would have no interest in leaving over $100 of revenue on the table... Thoughts?


LG isn't giving the discount, AT&T is. It's not really any different than when VZW had the M8 and S5 BOGO a week after launch.

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Easy way to deliver a blow to both Motorola and Samsung's watches. A lot of people seem to be interested in the G3 might as well have complete a mini ecosystem especially with the watch specs being so close to each other. My thoughts they might be wrong though.

They want people to start walking around with the watch. Instead of throwing out expensive advertisements, they can give discounts to customers, they are trying to get word to mouth out by getting people to actually use the watch.

Basically. Advertisement costs way more to do then just discounting. Att will do anything to keep its customers due to this and give insane discounts.

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Also, if you add the G Watch and two other "accessories" of any kind (most conveniently priced at only $5), you can get 25% off your entire order. G Watch + $5 random accessory + $5 random accessory = $179.25 for entire order.

Tipped this to AC and DL earlier this morning but they apparently didn't pick it up.

Edit: DL put it up. Note that this is for only the G Watch, nothing to do with the G3.

I just bought the watch using my AT&T premier account for $148. Total $177 after overnight shipping and tax. They do count this as an accessory and my FAN account get's 35% off. Greatest deal I've gotten this year.

The hardware on this device really interests me BUT the OS skin totally turns me off and NO I don't use launchers or root to make up for the OEM's short comings. If It's not what I want out of the box then I'm not interested and unfortunately this device has that major short coming.

This is a very interesting stance. It's like you don't even want to use these devices? Would you go as far as to not even change the wallpaper on this device? Or the ringtone? This operating system was designed to be customized... Why would you subject yourself to this, given that it is extremely easy these days to implement simple customization or find resources to learn how to?

Put a launcher on a Samsung phone and you still have touchwiz, right?

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Agree with the others that I find this puzzling. To each his own but you're really missing out on the true power of android over other mobile operating systems. With 3rd party launchers bringing the ability to fully leverage screen real estate (reduce icon sizes, eliminate padding/gaps between widgets etc.) not to mention gesture support the usability of the device from the home screen/launcher perspective is significantly improved over stock.

Used to love to customize my nexus one back in the days. It's now 2014 and I pretty much outgrew all that.

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Nope, just went and the people in the store didn't even know it launched today. Willing to drop Sprint this very second but I'm not going get with another incompetent carrier. Fucked any-which way I go.

Stupid AT&T cancelled my order last night saying I need to go to a local store. And then they don't even know if local store can do Pre-order... wtf!?

Something to keep in mind, while it's available today it appears it won't ship until Friday. Even with overnight shipping we may not have these until Monday.

Mine shipped at 635 EST it is presently in Texas
I called on the phone this morning and got the phone for 530.00
And the circle case for 30.00 and free overnight shipping