There's a new update available for AT&T LG G2, and it fixes something that went wrong with the last update. If you'll recall, back in February the AT&T LG G2 got its first taste of Android 4.4.2. Unfortunately, it seems that that update to KitKat also introduced a few bugs that made things less convenient for Google+ and Google Wallet users.

Specifically, it made the Tap & Pay option for Google Wallet disappear. Now, with a 5.59MB update (679MB if you somehow haven't updated to Android 4.4.2 yet), that is fixed and all things are right in the world.

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AT&T LG G2 receiving update to fix previous update


Now they have to fix the new bugs. Some calls keep going to voicemail since update

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Now all is right in the world. Honestly I never encountered these bugs. But I don't use g+ (often) or gwallet for tap to pay.


Mine does that too, and its my second device. So frustrating. Unless there is super good lighting, it is lag city, and then the pics are super compressed and crappy.

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AC can't point out the obvious. AT&T wanted ISIS only updates.
Sorry but you can't sidestep a sidestep.

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Not terribly surprised the bugs appeared in Google's services. Who'd have thought OEM and carrier tinkering broke Google software.

Because Verizon is still trying to figure out how not to let Google Wallet back on their network.

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