Another group of markets that can now take advantage of increased speeds and coverage

Earlier this month AT&T pushed over 400 LTE markets nationwide. Since then it has continued to launch new markets at a steady and often surprising pace, in an attempt to cover practically every part of the US with its LTE service. Today AT&T has announced that it is making its higher-speed data network available in nine new markets. Those of you in the following areas with LTE devices should see the network lighting up now:


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AT&T launches LTE in 9 new markets across the country


I agree Lynchburg va 45 mins from Roanoke va which has it 45 mins from Charlottesville which has it. You have to go through me to get to both. Yet I have nothing.

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Is AT&T going on the assumption you would take the interstates to go from Roanoke to Charlottesville, thus not prioritizing Lynchburg?

I am not aware of the demographics in that area, so this is more of an open question to you than a definite reasoning by me.

i am frustrated too that Lynchburg not having LTE yet. recently i saw at&t installing a tower near my office and inquired the at&t office about it and i was informed(unofficially) that Lynchburg would soon have LTE sometime between December and February and coverage is gonna get stronger than now.

Can't wait to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Nexus running on T-Mobile to the unlocked Nexus 5 running on AT&T. LTE, Kit Kat 4.4. + Google Wallet. Looking forward to that day.

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Joplin has had LTE for a couple of weeks now. I guess they just wanted to get more locations updated to LTE instead of announcing just one or two.