The AT&T HTC One X reviews are in (wait, ours wasn't he only one?), and one thing is abundantly clear -- this is one beast of a phone. But now the real work begins. We're finally able to talk about this bad boy, and that means it's time for some serious discussions in the forums. And discussions are already under way. Here's a look at but a few of the HTC One X threads you need to be paying attention to:

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mhmmdy123 says:

Hey PHIL, wait until we see Sprint new Evo! At lease Sprint has expendable SD card, and it has the same processor.

GioTech says:

And it's fugly as hell on the back, and not unibody, and unless you live in Texas, have fun on Sprint's slow as balls 3G data network :)

DWR_31 says:

I guess we like fugly, non-unibodied, 32Gb expandable memory phones, here in TEXAS!

Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS.

Now let me open my kickstand, and LEAN, the way we do in TEXAS.

kinster02 says:

I will be getting the new EVO as always and I refuse to switch carriers for a phone...Sprint works for me in Hawaii.