AT&T's pre-paid GoPhone customers are in for a nice little treat: their monthly data allotments are going up, but their monthly cost is staying the same. Starting April 25th, GoPhone's 2GB $60-a-month plan will be bumped up to 2.5GB, while the $40-for-250MB plan will double to 500MB. Additionally, those on the larger and more expensive plan will gain mobile Wi-Fi hotspot support at no additional charge. And if you happen to be wanting to buy your smartphone from Wal-Mart, GoPhone shoppers there will have the option of a $45 monthly 1GB plan.

The prepaid smartphone selection on GoPhone is admittedly fairly limited. On the Android side you can choose from selections like the AT&T-branded Avail 2, Z998, and Radiant, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Express and the Samsung Galaxy Note II (though the latter is both only available online and sold out online). Those interested in Windows Phone have the choice of a Nokia Lumia 520 or a "certified like-new" Nokia Lumia 520 (though at $45 it's a hard price to beat for the budget-conscious smartphone buyer). And, of course, you can bring your own AT&T-compatible device as well, if you're already in possession of such a device.

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AT&T GoPhone adding more data to smartphone plans


Like, wtf.... $60 for 500mb?? I thought that my country (montenegro) was expensive when it comes to mobile plans but this is unbelievable... We get unlimited Internet for 15 days for 7 euros (1gb at max speed)... Which is about 14 euros (about $20) for 2gb a Month..

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Oh my...
My 10eur/month for unlimited data transfer and unlimited speed with in hsdpa/3g network seems cheap after reading this article about at&t's robbery...

I've been using GoPhone for a couple years and use my own unlocked phones. A little more data will come in handy. I might actually switch to the $45 plan for 1GB as I never use more than that a month anyway.

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Wow! That's ridiculous! I pay €9/mlnth for 3GB lol perks of living in a small country (Slovakia)

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I don't get the phones I always want and I pay out the butt for service, but I love having unlimited data with unlimited hotspot on Verizon.

this is pretty great. full speed lta with low pings for 60 bucks a month. i am paying 45 bucks a month on aio for 2.5 gigs high speed then unlimited after that. i really never go over 2.5

LTE on Aio is throttled to 8mbps. It's fine for me since that's sufficient for streaming high-quality video.

The bigger issue (and really the only problem I have with Aio) is the high ping. It's usually in the 190-210ms range.

ya sometimes the pings can be a killer but most of the time im on wifi...I can totally deal with it and i do like the unlimited data after the 2.5 if i go over. can still stream netflix and music

Yeah, it's a minor annoyance at worst. And considering that I'm paying $65/mo for 7GB of data (I don't have access to wifi for most of my work day, usually), I'm hardly going to complain.

AIO messed up somehow and I'm getting 7 GB for $60. At least that's all they charged me for my last bill. Hehe

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That happened to me, too. I think there was a month lag in getting the $5 autopay credit going. It wasn't applied to my first bill after they announced the credit, so they applied to months' worth of credits to the following bill. You'll be back to paying $65 next month.

Hey what data speed do you get on the moto x on AIO? And what carrier version moto x are you using?

Cricket (formerly Aio) caps LTE data at 8mbps, and HSPA at 4mbps. Any phone that works on AT&T's LTE bands will work with Cricket and will get you those kind of speeds.

you may be able to stream music, but their is no way your doing netflix on the paltry 128 kbps that you have when you go over 2.5GB

i totally can. not the best quality but netflix adjusts. Not saying its the best option but its pretty great for 45 bucks a month!

Without buffering?
Still not sure I buy it but I'll give it a try just to see what happens during the last few days of my billing cycle
I'm curious

The high ping time on AT&T mvno's totally cancel out the benefits of LTE.
That's why I left Net10 today actually for MetroPCS
T-mobile coverage in fine in my area and I get a nice 50ms ping and 2.5 GB of data for $50
My mother is on GoPhone though, if T-mobile wasn't good where I live I'd probably go to GoPhone
I can't abide 190 - 210 ms pings, it's like being on Verizon 3G again.

Yeah but it is a Nexus, it will just feel entitled and not really appreciative

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i believe Straight Talk makes you go through a different proxy vs. AT&T GoPhone which is AT&T proper. hence - your speed and coverage may suffer.

I'm not even sure where straight talk throttles LTE. I can say you'll probably get the fastest LTE speeds with go phone. They don't throttle like Aio our straight talk, and you also get access to all of AT&T's roaming partners as well.

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Sweet! That $40 plan just got that little data boost I needed to make the switch from the $60 down to $40.

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I have been really happy with ST ATT coverage and service, but their $45 plan is really a $50 plan after taxes and such. I wish they would go all inclusive on price like some other prepaid plans. Which leads to my question...are the gophone plans all in on price or do they add taxes on top? Thanks!

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you pay tax on the refill card if you dont by from calling mart. plus calling mart has those deals 10% off all the time. 54 bucks flat for the $60 plan. not to bad but extra work

Really happy with AT&T go phone. I have the current $60 a month plan so I guess I can now get 2.5 gig and hotspot.
I use my Nexus 5 with this and everything is great for me.

1. GoPhone $60/month plan. Credit card auto-refill. Easy and simple.
2. typically, i get 20-30Mbps down and 8-18Mbps up. But sometimes speeds are much higher. LTE is near ubiquitous.

Is your cost on the autopay credit card plan, just a flat $60 each month, with no added fees or taxes?

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$60 + 6% State Sales Tax + $1 "911" Fee = $64.60/Month TOTAL.

these taxes and fees are MUCH cheaper on Prepaid vs. Post Paid. look at your Post Paid bill and compare.

Thanks for the detail. I'm currently averaging about $82/month total on Verizon - 450 plan + unlimited data, so I could probably save about $17 on the GoPhone plan. I average about 400 MB/month and have only gone barely over 1 GB in one month, so I'm not too upset about losing the unlimited plan.

Depends on The kind of service you want. I'm positive you'll be getting service quality with go phone that is close to post paid service with AT&T. You get much more priority on towers since it's through AT&T proper.
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US prepay plans are EXPENSIVE. Here in New Zealand I get 100 minutes, free SMS and 500 Meg for $19.

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I love the pricing of this plan and the 5Gb, but I am considering AT&T more and more, because where I work right in the middle of Manhattan, I can't get a signal to save my life.

Straight Talk $45/month for unlimited talk, text, and 2.5 gigs of data. I'm on wifi most of the time so that's plenty!

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I left US Cellular prepaid 6 months ago, bought a Nexus 5 and have been on $60 GoPhone plan since then and love it. I usually use 1 to 1.5 gb data/month but it'll be nice to have the extra 500 mb in case I need it. And my speeds typically run 40 to 50 down and 20 up, with around 50 to 60 ping. As a plus, if I drop into the AT&T Store and pay with the kiosk it's a flat $60, NO taxes! I have no reasons to change at this time.

Fine. Now they just need to sell phones where it's actually worth using that extra data. That overpriced Samsung Galaxy Express and the ZTE phones in all their never-to-be-updated Heartbleeding Android 4.1 glory, aren't going to cut it.

4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus (480x800) 240 dpi
1.52 GHz Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon Krait CPU
Adreno 225 GPU
1 GB Ram
5 megapixle rear Camera w/ led flash
1.5 Mp front facing camera
5 GB internal storage
MicroSD (upto 32GB)
Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
3G 4G LTE, GPS, WiFi with Hotspot support , Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Samsung Kies & S Beam.
Accelerometer, Proximity, Light, Orientation sensors with compass
It's really a great phone for the price! I love mine!
Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p on AT&T's 4G LTE Network

Tethering seems to work fine, but the HotSpot seems to crash my HP dv6000....
Pulled as much as 72Mb/s :) pushed 10Mb/s....
Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p on AT&T's 4G LTE Network