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We're still fully expecting to get our hot little hands on the LG Nitro HD tonight in New York City. To pass the hours, though, AT&T's offered up its own video hands-on with the phone, with its 720p display and LTE data. It'll be available Dec. 4 for $249 on contract.

Check it out, and check back in tonight for all the live coverage!

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El Cantante says:

Sexual chocolate

Bullit says:

Menstrual pretzel. Whats your point?

btc0526 says:


El Cantante says:

Nevermind, guy


Nah .. I will never buy another LG phone.. till they get their shit str8. (Updates)

erwaso says:

At 249? So they think its much better than the cheaper vivid and skyrocket?

Sniper1087 says:

it has an HD Display 1280 x 720 and 329ppi yes is better in the display, everything else is the same.