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AT&T has added another two cities to its next-generation network expansion. Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn., join a whole host of other cities, in a network that AT&T claims covers over 275 million Americans -- over 3000 more cities and towns than Verizon if you can take AT&T's word for it.

Those are cool numbers and all, but what really matters is that its available in all of the places that normal people live, work and visit. Until LTE becomes as ubiquitous as EDGE is today -- or heck, even HSPA -- we're not quite ready to get too excited about two more cities coming online.

Source: AT&T (PR Newswire) Memphis, Birmingham

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bduran727 says:

GAAAHHHHH! Get it to Fresno, please!

Chocu1a says:

Interesting. I live in the Memphis area. I will check with my friend who is on AT&T. He has a LTE capable phone. I would like to compare it with my Verizon LTE service

Joe H. says:

So far, from what I've seen online, with tests comparing the speeds, AT&Ts is usually faster. I'm assuming that's because right now, there's less LTE devices using AT&T's network than Verizon's. And they'll balance out more evenly over time. But then again, I'm not expert, just my guess

SoreAintya says:

Both carriers LTE speeds will drop drastically in the next few weeks, once people get that shiney new iTurd in their hands..
Enjoy the speeds while you can I say, it'll soon be over.

cbtaylor23 says:

Noticed it last night in B'ham, long time coming!

craigdolson says:

I have had this HTC OneX since the launch weekend. Looking at the recent list AT&T put out of what they will cover by the end of the year, Rockford, IL is not on the list :(.. I'm surprised they haven't closed the gap between Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison & Rockford.. Combined, a lot of people in those towns... However, Sprint who traditionally sucks has Rockford on its road map for the end of this year, along with the other cities mentioned.. Wonder if AT&T has spectrum issues out here?

Droidtology says:

LTE just turned on in Honolulu.

hypnero says:

LTE must of just got turned on in Portland cause Im getting 20mb download speed.