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The official ASUS Shop website in the U.K. has just put its dock for the Nexus 7 available for purchase for £24.99. Well, sort of. This fits in nicely with previous rumors and pre-order pages we've seen that pegged the release for mid-January, but there's a catch here. Although the product shows up when searching for it directly or browsing through its listing for all Nexus 7 accessories, any link that you use to go to it or view the product description either results in an error or redirect to the home page.

(Hi, everybody! Phil here. The direct link to the dock works fine for me. That's why there's a bit of confusion. But since it works for me, I assume the problem is with the rest of you. Now, back to our story.)

If you're bold and want to go straight from the search listing to putting in your cart for purchase, the Nexus 7 dock will set you back that £24.99 (plus £6.00 shipping.) When moving to check out with the dock though, it lists a delivery delay of two weeks as well. We're not entirely sure what's going on here, but if we had to make a suggestion we'd say wait this one out a day or two and see if things get ironed out over at ASUS Shop.

Source: ASUS Shop UK; Thanks, @SteveEdson!


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ASUS UK puts Nexus 7 dock up for order at £24.99 ... sort of


Stateside folks who want to order this be sure to order one of these as well.

I ordered an International Version HTC One X dock from the UK and delivery was pretty quick, and I had this converter ordered ahead of time ready for it's arrival.

Phil's link didn't work for me.

I live in Russia, so I was wondering how much it would cost to me.

$1.00 insurance + $84.83 shipping + $39.99 item price.
Kinda sucks to pay twice as much for delivery.

Am I the only one that can't figure out why these companies can't or don't release accessories for their products when the product is released? Why does it take 6 months after a product launch to get this out? I would have definitely purchased it when I got my Nexus 7, but now I have little to no interest in it.

I know I sure can't. My guess is that it's considered small change to a company as big as ASUS but that kinda flies in the face of the idea that companies get a huge mark-up on accessories, so it's very much worth them either making them directly or licensing out the rights for others to make them.

Is it possible to connect the docking station to your tv so the audio can be played trough the tv speakers? If possible, which cable is required?

As my Nexus 7 now has a dodgy micro usb port from all the constant, plugging and unplugging, this dock has been a much wanted item since before xmas. It's kinda maddening that not only is not still not in my hands, but that other third parties haven't jumped in to make one. The only ones I've seen make use of the USB connection, not the pogo pins.

I'm about to start looking into how hard it is to actually get hold of these pogo pins, whether they're proprietary or a standard or what. I'd like to get a bunch and make quite a few of my own docks so I can always have a place to set the nexus down and know its charging without any faffing about.

I don't fancy spending 6 x £25 on simple pieces of plastic.