Transformer Prime

ASUS is pushing a minor OTA update to Transformer Prime users, which brings the promised face unlock feature as well as a few bug fixes. According to ASUS' Facebook page, the update brings the system to ICS, and includes the following changes:

  • GPS dongle fix and local notification
  • Ethernet UI support to set Ethernet connect policy when screen off
  • Add system bar lock settings for showing/hiding system info
  • Enable face unlock feature
  • Support Bluetooth HDP
  • Third party app upgrades
  • Other bug fixes

We're hearing from users on both sides of the pond that the OTA is ready and waiting for them when they check, but if you're the unlucky sort like I am and never get OTA's on time, you can grab the files directly from ASUS here

We've heard that this update is rootable if you're into that sort of thing, but just in case I'm going to recommend that you run rootkeeper prior to updating just in case. Of course if you're not running stock software you won't be able to flash the update at all and will need to wait for updates from the folks who built your ROM. If you hit any snags, or need a bit of help, be sure to holler in the forums.

Source: ASUS on Facebook (1), (2)


Reader comments

ASUS Transformer Prime sees a minor update, brings face unlock


Despite the small revision number, this is actually one of the more major releases the Prime has had since the ICS upgrade. There was a lot of collaboration between Nvidia/Google/Asus trying to resolve "hang" issues with this release, and just generally improve the responsiveness of the tablet.

They worked to fix some of that with this update but they are currently working an another update that is supposed to better address browser issues. This is a combined effort between Asus, Google, and NVIDIA. According to what was posted on XDA, the next update goes into testing next week.

Agree that the browser lag really kills the user experience on the Prime; it's noticeable since so many Android apps aren't optimized for tablets and that pushes users to just use the web version, which would be a whole lot more acceptable if the browser was responsive.

I'll be loading this tonight after work but I'm really much more interested in the Infinity at this point, since the iPad managed to lure me back with that gorgeous screen. And tablet apps.

I have found that this update has made the launcher laggy again and definitly not as smooth as it was before. I wish they could make it as smooth as my Slider. The browser is better but not much. I feel the face unlock is a waist of space.... The time waisted on that could have been put to making the launcher and other transitions and animations smoother. Also the SLEEP DEATH issue is still not fixed. My Prime still did it twice today...... I got the update last nite....

Did Asus fix the GPS issue for unit's currently shipping, or does even a brand new one also need the dongle? I'm hoping to get one to use for school so am hoping they did a hardware revision to fix newer units.

Anybody else use this with the keyboard and lose the touchpad and cursor? Keys work fine for input but no cursor/touchpad.

Update - Disregard. I located my problem and as usual, it was user error.

Wow.. this update seemed very comprehensive. Took a while to install. But my Prime is running extremelly well. Chrome actually runs great now! Everything is very smooth and buttery fast!

But especially web browsing.. it is much improved.